How To Get a DIRECTV Triple Play Package

DIRECTV has grown over the past fifteen years to become the largest satellite TV company operating in the United Sates today.  It is easy to see why, especially for sports fans as they offer the NFL Sunday Ticketpackage which has just started up again, along with dozens of additional options when it comes to sporting events.  What is frustrating though with DIRECTV, especially for rural customers is the fact that there is not DIRECTV internet or phone service.  Because satellite technology generally is a one way transmission, you can’t get these other services from the satellite provider.

But you can still construct your own DIRECTV triple play by relying on the other companies that DIRECTV has partnered with to offer these other services.

The first thing to do when constructing your own DIRECTV triple play package is to figure out which TV package you want from the satellite portion of the bundle.  The Family package is an very low priced option, but you don’t get many channels or any new customer discounts.   Most look to one of the mid-tier packages like the Choice, Choice Xtra, or Choice Ultimate packages.  All of these are eligible for the new customer discount which right now is $29 a month for the first year, or about $350 in savings off of your DIRECTV package.

If you want movie channels, you can either add them on as a la carte options or go for the gusto with the DIRECTV Premier package which has more than 260 channels total.  The best part about this package is that you get nearly 35 movie channels without any commercial interruptions.  This package is also  tied in with the current Sunday Ticket deal which usually runs from mid-summer until mid October as an enticement for NFL fans to try out DIRECTV.

Once you have selected the right DIRECTV bundle, then you need to determine which local partner serves your area for home phone and internet service.  DIRECTV has partnership agreements in place with all three of the major telephone companies in the United State today – Verizon, AT&T, and Qwest. In addition, the fourth largest telephone company CenturyLink has recently partnered with DIRECTV as they are in the process of merging with Qwest Communications and opted to go with them over Dish Network.

For most in the Eastern United States, Verizon communications is the dominant player.  You can order DSL and voice service from them to round out your DIRECTV triple play.  Many areas served by Verizon have been upgraded with FiOS TV service, but if you are set on the Sunday Ticket package you have to get DIRECTV to access this product, as it will be exclusive to DIRECTV through the 2014 football season.

You will find a similar situation when you get a DIRECTV triple play deal along with AT&T.  They of course have regular phone service and DSL lines in most areas.  In addition, they offer their own video service called U-verse TV, but you won’t get all of the features that DIRECTV offers so you have to weigh the pros and cons of the U-verse triple play in comparison.

Finally, Qwest and CenturyLink are primarily phone and DSL providers, so they are more than willing to combine their services to round out a triple play along with DIRECTV.  While CenturyLink does have a small IPTV project called Prism TV, it is much smaller in scope than either U-verse or FiOS from Verizon.

So getting your DIRECTV triple play bundle isn’t all that difficult.  Just be sure to check into the latest deals and promotions being offered by both DIRECTV and your local telephone provider to save some money compared to your cable TV provider.

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