DIRECTV Channel Guides – A Few Resources To Review

If you already have DIRECTV, then you know it can be difficult to find the channel that you want to watch. If you have Dish Network or a cable television provider like Comcast or Time Warner, you might be wondering how the DIRECTV channel guide compares to what you currently have.

Instead of just giving you a brand new channel guide, here are a few of the best guides we have found on the internet. From here, you can compare how they are arranged and then pick out the one you like best for future use. So lets take a look at a few of the channel guides for DIRECTV.

The first guide we will offer is the official DIRECTV guide. If you are already a DIRECTV customer, you can also access what programming is on through your remote control by simply pressing the “guide” button on your remote control.  This one is best for locating the current programming on the internet:

Next up is a fairly good DIRECTV channel lineup guide offered by DirectSatTV.  They are a large reseller of DIRECTV and this will give you a good overview of exactly which channels are available in each particular package.  Mouse over links also provide you brief overviews of what is available in each package.

Another similar guide is offered by DIRECTV reseller DirectStarTV.  Again good information on channel numbers and which channels are in each DIRECTV package are provided here.

Finally, there is always Wikipedia.  The most in-depth information on DIRECTV channels is found here, though it may take you a few minutes to find exactly what you are looking for.  Hundreds of links to wiki pages on each channel are found, as well as a full DIRECTV international channel lineup.  Details on all of the 24 hour music stations as well as the DIRECTV on Demand networks is also found here:

If you haven’t checked out what DIRECTV offers compared to the Dish Network channel lineup or you cable company, it is good to review from time to time.  Companies are always looking to add more channel content for their customers, and generally you can get more for your money with one of the satellite TV options.  If you can’t find the exact channel at the price you want with DIRECTV, be sure to review the Dish Network channel guide to see if they have what you are looking for.

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