How Much Does Sunday Ticket Cost?

With the threat of a lockout looming after the 2010 NFL season, many are looking to enjoy this season fully. What better way than to kick back each and every Sunday with the NFL package on DIRECTV? While the package is the priciest out of market sports bundle, it can be worth it for you depending on how you normally watch football each weekend.

Two different groups will be evaluating how much Sunday Ticket costs this year- those who already have DIRECTV and who have subscribed in the past, and those considering a new DIRECTV subscription for the first time. Lets consider the Sunday Ticket price cost for new customers first.

As a new customer, DIRECTV is ready to offer you a great deal on both the Sunday Ticket and the Premier package which is their top tier bundle.  If you haven’t ever subscribed to DIRECTV, (or if it has been a long time since you had service with them) then you can pay the Sunday Ticket cost of $300 and get five months of free DIRECTV programming.  The breakdown on the NFL package here is $59.99 a month over this five month period, which entitles you to 17 weeks of unlimited football action.  The Premier package is normally carries a $115 a month pricetag, so you can see the value DIRECTV is giving you with the Sunday Ticket deal.

Now if you are an existing DIRECTV customer, you are looking at a price of $314.93 as your Sunday Ticket price, with the option of breaking that into seven payments of $44.99.  That is the published price, and long time Sunday Ticket customers aren’t too happy that it is now over $300 a season for their football fix.  The one good thing about this year’s price is that HD access is now included, as prior to this year you had to get the Superfan package to watch the game in high definition.  In addition, you also get some of the other pieces of the Superfan package in the regular Sunday Ticket price like the DIRECTV Red Zone channel.

Negotiating on the NFL Sunday Ticketpackage has been a hot topic on forums like and  Generally in the past if you called DIRECTV and were willing to cancel the Sunday Ticket, they would be willing to knock some money off of the price in the form of bill credits.  While that may be somewhat of a hassle, it looks like it is the one way to reduce the Sunday Ticket cost for the 2010 season.

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