DIRECTV Russian Mini Giraffe Commercial

Click here to see the new mini giraffe commercial.

One of the best DIRECTV commercials is now airing, promoting the Sunday Ticket deal with five months free of the Premier package.

The commercial is part of a huge advertising push for DIRECTV.  According to the Wall Street Journal, DIRECTV is pouring and estimated $100 million into this year’s NFL Sunday Ticket campaign.

The Russian “Opulence, I has it” commercial will be joined by eight other commercials this summer featuring the Sunday Ticket deal.   New subscribers get five months of free programming when they purchase the Sunday Ticket package.  Two year agreements are required for new customers.

Additional DIRECTVadvertisements supporting the Sunday Ticket package include a 40 page insert in Sports Illustrated and a targeted campaign at iPhone and iPad users.

But the latest DIRECTV commercial fails to answer one burning question….Where can I get my own mini giraffe?


  1. John,

    I think he is saying “I like the best” but he has food in his mouth….LOL on Greg Biffle.
    Oh and I have seen people asking on other boards whether Mini giraffes are real, because they want one…I guess some folks aren’t playing with a full deck of cards.

  2. What was the line after “Opulence, I has it.”? It sounds like, “I like the Biff.” as in he’s a Greg Biffle fan.

    Anyone know what the actual line is?

  3. I loved that commercial! I hope Direct TV makes more commercials like that one. The guy in the commercial did a great job! Much props to DTV. Peace Out~

  4. So you have to get on a list with Sokoblovsky farms to get your own mini giraffe. There are 311,000 on the wait list now. I guess I wont get one this lifetime!

    I think its a scam -

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these commercials!!! The little giraffe is adorable and Epic Win cracks me up, especially when he kisses the giraffe!

  6. As long as Direct TV airs these commercials of the lazy Russian billionaire, I will never subscribe to Direct TV. Ever. Why would ANY American fall for such ineptness?

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    Many thanks, Patricia

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