FiOS Prime HD TV Package

The FiOS TV Prime HD package is the cheapest cable television package available from Verizon right now. But while the cost is fairly low, you won’t find the package lacking when it comes to content. In this article, we will review the FiOS Prime HD bundle and let you know what you can expect if you are considering a FiOS TV subscription.

The Prime HD package is regularly priced at $64.99 per month for 230 all digital channels. While this price is fairly consistent with pricing on something like the DIRECTV Choice Xtra package, it does have a lot of 24 hour music channel content, about 95 channels to be precise. These are made up of 47 Music Choice channels and 48 Urge Radio stations. That leaves you with about 130 regular local and cable TV channels.

Your local channels from NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox are part of the package of course, as are the most popular cable TV networks. ESPN, TNT, Discovery Channel, CNN and TBS are just a few of the popular national cable networks that are included in the Prime HD package from Verizon.  You also get access to the FiOS video on demand library with thousands of titles at no additional charge.

Now since the package is titled “Prime HD” you certainly would expect some high definition channel content, and while there are quite a few HD channels you probably won’t be blown away. Verizon advertises that you will get at least 40 HD channels with this package, but it may vary a bit depending on the area you live in. For example, when checking the 19064 zip code for Springfield Pennsylvania, 51 HD channels are available from Verizon with the Prime HD package.

While this package is comparable to what you would pay for a similar satellite TV package, you will get a better deal if you subscribe to other FiOS services. You can build your own FiOS double play or triple play package by adding in FiOS internet and/or digital voice service. Current FiOS promotional deals can get you into the all three services for just $89.99 a month, a $25 difference versus just the Prime HD bundle on its own. This is a reduced price offer, so when it ends you do have to remember your price will go up to the regular rate.

Overall, the Verizon Prime HD package compares well against cable services in the areas available. While it is difficult to make an exact comparison against similar packages from Xfinity, Cablevision and Time Warner cable, you can be sure that Verizon is watching their pricing structure closely right now. As the new kid on the block in the cable industry, FiOS has to prove itself on both the pricing and customer service fronts as customers will quickly jump to the competition if they are not happy.

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  1. To whom it may concern… What is the EXACT dollar amount for fees and taxes if I choose to go with the 89 dollar
    promotion. I live in North Kingstown. I ask because everyone, without exception, likes your signal, but complains
    about predatory billing practices. Their complaints are echoed by Consumer Reports. What will my bill be EXACTLY?
    Please and thank you. J. Wojciechowski

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