Is The Xfinity Triple Play a Good Deal?

One of the companies making news in 2010 is Comcast, as they are in the process of rebranding their cable TV product. The new name is Xfinity, which the company says is a reflection of their commitment to offer unlimited choice to their customer base. The Xfinity Triple Play is their premium product, a combination of cable TV, high speed internet, and voice service. In this article we will briefly review what you can expect to pay for this package of services, and consider if it is a good deal in the long run.

The basic Xfinity triple play bundle will get you into all three services at a low price, $99 a month for the Starter XF option. While you do get a low price here, you do not get a ton of channel content, only about 80 digital cable channels. While pricing may vary a bit in different areas serviced by Comcast, the Seattle Washington market gives a fairly accurate representation of what you will pay. In this area the Xfinity package is $99 for the first year, $115 the second year, and $130 after two years of service.

If you are wanting more from your cable bundle, you will have to open up your wallet a bit more and upgrade to the Xfinity HD Preferred XF triple play which has a promotional price of $119.99 for one year. With this offer, HD channels are included at no extra charge as well as more than 100 channels total. Starz is part of the package, as is the Xfinity on demand setup. Pricing goes up to $134.99 for months 13 through 24 and up to $149.99 after that.

Comcast also offers two additional Xfinity Triple play offers which will increase the number of channels as well as your internet speeds. These are the HD Preferred Plus Triple play and the HD Premier XF Triple play. All bundles include the Xfinity Voice option, which allows you to call across the United States and of course locally as much as you want.  Xfinity subscribers also can watch TV through the on demand setup or online through the website.

One Xfinity TV deal that has just been rolled out is the free iPod Touch offer. If you subscribe to one of the Xfinity Triple play bundle offers and sign a two year agreement, then you are eligible for a free iPod Touch. The Xfinity site does not spell out exactly which model is given out, but it does state that it may take up to 16 weeks to ship your iPod Touch, so patience will certainly be part of the equation if you are looking to take advantage of this Xfinity special offer.

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