Brazilian TV Channels On DISH Network

Satellite TV is very popular in the United States with foreigners because of the various programming options. With your typical cable TV company, you might have four or five English packages plus a Spanish language option. With DISH Network, you can not only enjoy hundreds of English language stations, you can pick from a dozen different foreign language programming options. In this article, we will review the DISH Network Brazilian TV options which are broadcast in the Portuguese language.

One choice you can go with if you just want the most popular Brazilian TV channel is to go with the a la carte option and subscriber to TV Globo. Just like DIRECTV, DISH Network offers this channel on a stand alone basis for $19.99 a month. TV Globo is found on DISH Network channel 596.

Another option that closely matches what DIRECTV offers is the Brazilian Clube package from Dish. This package offers two Brazilian TV channels for $29.99 a month. TV Globo is included, as is PFC, a Portuguese-language sports channel specifically focused on soccer content for fans living in Brazil and the rest of the world. The BrazilDirect I package offers the same content on DIRECTV.

Now if you want the most Brazilian TV content, then the final DISH Network package is your best option. Offering the most Portuguese language content available in the States today, the Brazilian Elite package runs $49.99 a month. You will get TV Globo and PFC to start with, and then three additional channels are added. These include Record International on Dish channel 597 and RBTI on DISH Network channel 598. Both of these channels originate from Brazil and include sports, variety and movies of interest. Euronews on channel 784 rounds out the Brazilian Elite package.

While none of the Brazilian TV channels in this package are currently broadcast in HD, you can take advantage of the DISH Network specials being offered including their Free HD for life promotion. New customers get up the three HD compatible receivers and free high definition programming in English with a two year agreement and Autopay with paperless billing.

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