Brazilian TV Packages Offered By DIRECTV

One reason to pick DIRECTV over cable is the foreign language programming options. While some cable TV companies have Spanish packages, most do not offer any other choices. With DIRECTV, you can get Brazilian TV packages at affordable monthly rates. Lets take a look at the Brazilian TV Channels On DISH Network options available through satellite TV service.

To get your DIRECTV international bundle started, you must first subscribe to a base package. If you have individuals in the home that enjoy English or Spanish programming, you can start with one of the regular DIRECTV packages. If this isn’t of high importance, there are international base packages that start at around $13 a month for a few shopping and religious channels. From there you can add on your Brazilian programming package.

The first two DIRECTV Brazilian packages are $29.99 a month, and include two channels each. The BrazilianDirect I starts off with TV Globo, the #1 channel in Brazil. All Brazilian packages from DIRECTV include TV Globo which is found on channel 2134. This channel operates 24 hours a day with top news, sports, variety and children’s programming. The other channel in this package is PFC, found on DIRECTV channel 2135. Over 300 live futbol (soccer) matches are featured yearly, along with in depth analysis of this popular worldwide sport.

BrazilianDirect II is also $29.99 a month, with the BAND International channel being substituted for the PFC Channel. Band International is on DIRECTV channel 2136 and features programming from the Bandeirantes TV Network. News, entertainment industry updates, music, fashion, and sports programming in Portuguese is all found here.

BrazilianDirect III is the next DIRECTV option, priced at $36.99 per month. This package takes the level two package and adds in BAND News found on DIRECTV channel 2137. Similar to CNN in America, this continuous news channel updates viewers with the latest happenings in Brazil.

Finally, the all inclusive BrazilianDirect IV package combines all of the channels discussed into one package for $36.99 per month.

One final option is available for those who are interested in just TV Globo or the PFC channel options. These can be ordered on an a la carte basis from DIRECTV for $19.99 per month.

All DIRECTV Brazilian TV programming packages can be ordered along with the regular DIRECTV deals available for new customers. These deals include free installation and HD equipment for those committing to service for two years.

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