Xfinity Packages – What Does Comcast Have to Offer?

The latest name change in the pay television world comes from Comcast, as they are renaming their cable TV service Xfinity. Along with the cable offer of course you can also get their high speed internet service along with home phone service if you want. In this article, we will take a brief look at the Xfinity packages available and how they are priced for new customers.

Xfinity packages come in two flavors – those being the Xfinity Double Play and the Xfinity Triple play. As the names imply you are getting either two or three different home communication services depending on what you select. The Xfinity Double play packages are can either be cable plus internet or cable plus home phone service. These lower end packages start at just $69.99 for the Xfinity Digital Starter plus Performance internet access, or the Digital Preferred with Performance internet for $79.99 a month. The other option is the Digital Preferred plus Xfinity Voice, which is also offered at the $79.99 a month price point. All of these are promotional rates which are good for the first six months, after that you will pay the regular rates for service.

The Xfinity packages that most will be interested in are the triple play choices, and there are several combinations to pick from here. The Starter XF packages are entry level, the HD Preferred XF and the HD Preferred Plus XF are mid-tier combinations, and the HD Premier XF packages are the all inclusive packages offered to new Xfinity customers.

With the Xfinity Starter XF deal you will get basic level cable with about 80 channels to start with, and the Performance internet package along with digital voice service. The Xfinity Performance internet piece includes speeds of either 6 Mbps or 12 Mbps depending on the area you live in. One thing you do pay extra for with this option is HD, as they charge you a monthly fee. This is something satellite TV companieshave finally begun to move away from in recent weeks as there are now DIRECTV Free HD offers for new customers. This Xfinity package starts at $99.00 a month for one year for new customers.

The HD Preferred XF packages are similar to the Starter XF deals but they do have a few extras, one being high definition channel content at no extra charge. There are also no HD equipment fees with this Xfinity bundle. The channel selection is the main selling point here, as you get about 25 more channels than with the Starter XF package, and pricing here is $119.99 for the first year of service. For $20 more a month, you can go up to 160 channels with the HD Preferred Plus XF offer, which is $139.99 for the first year.

Finally, the Xfinity HD Premier XF package is designed for those who want an all inclusive type package. Your channel selection will be similar to something like the Dish Network America’s Everything package, with upwards of 200 digital channels including HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax. Pricing here is in the $180 range for one year, and then jumps to $200 a month at the regular Xfinity price.

All Xfinity packages also include access to thousands of on demand programs which can be accessed two ways. The first is through the regular on demand menu found with your Xfinity TV remote control. The other is through their streaming portal online, which is

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