DIRECTV For RVs – What Are Your Options?

If you own an RV, no doubt you are already aware of the long days and nights spent on the road. Because of the time investment spent on the road, you need satellite TV service in your RV to keep everyone entertained. Sure watching movies on the DVD player is an option, but after a while you will be longing for live television service from DIRECTV in your RV.

So what options do you have? How much is DIRECTV in a recreational vehicle? Is there a way to watch DIRECTV while on the road? Lets take a closer look at RV satellite TV service.

The cheapest DIRECTV RV option is simply to set up when you reach your destination. This can be done by using a satellite dish with one of your DIRECTV receivers with the use of a tripod. If you use your RV quite a bit, it might be better to get an additional receiver and keep it in the motor home all the time, that way your not always unplugging it from the house when you leave and when you get back home. With a setup like this you will have to also purchase a satellite dish, usually you can find one on Ebay or at a satellite dealer. Sites like can also help you in selecting an affordable tripod for your setup.

Now this is a fairly easy solution for those who just want to be able to watch DIRECTVin their RV once they reach their destination. Those who camp for several days at a time in one location will probably find this setup acceptable, recognizing that there is going to be setup time each time they move to a new location.

Now if you want the state of the art solution for watching DIRECTV in your RV, then there are two options available for RV’s, boaters, and even long haul truckers. These are offered by King Controls, with their King-Dome model, and KVH Industries with the TracVision models.

The King-Dome satellite antennas are small dome shaped units that are mounted on top of your RV. You can get a King Dome stationary models for around $1300, which work only when your recreational vehicle is stationary. King-Dome In-motion models come in white or black for around $1,500 unless you want to go with the Premium In-motion series 9762, which is currently has a MSRP of $2,299. Of course if you are buying a new RV from a dealer, you can often negotiate the RV receiver model of your choice into the price. These King-Dome models are also compatible with Dish Network and Bell TV service.

Similar options are available from KVH Industries with their TracVision models. The stationary R4SL model has a suggested MSRP of $999, down from $1299. In motion models from Trac Vision start at $1399 and go up to the top of the line TracVision R6 DX version which is $2299 and HDTV compatible.

As you can see, getting satellite TV in or along with your recreational vehicle can be a pricey proposition. Depending on your needs watching DIRECTV in your RV may not cost you a lot if you are willing to set things up in an old school manner, but if you want to watch on the go your going to have to pay for it.


  1. I have all the equipment currently installed in my RV. That is, a Direct TV receiver and a satalite automatic antena. I get a whole bunch of channels [stations] but not the local channels. All I really want is ABC, NBC, Public TV and CBS. How can I get these channels while at each of my travel stops? I don’t even want the rest of the junk that i,m currently getting.

    Thank you for the help
    Sheldon Ajax

  2. I think I’m going to get one of these for my airstream trailer. I do a ton of driving every year but for some reason I’ve never sprung for a satellite dish for my RV. It would be great to relax after a long day, or night, on the road and get some decent entertainment. Thanks for the inspiration to finally get it together and get one.

  3. I travel all over the country in my motorhome. What do I need to do to get the local LA channels in the different areas that I travel?

  4. I presently have a Direct Receiver and a roof mounted (dome) antenna. When we were “full-timers” we had Direct TV in the motor home. However, I bought a home and have not used the Direct unit for several years. I am very interested in your “pay-as-you-go TV. What should I do?

  5. I have all the equipment currently installed in my RV. That is, a Direct TV receiver and a satalite antenna. I get a whole bunch stations, but not the local channels. How do I get ABC, NBC, and CBS ( not neccessarily my home local stations). How can I get these channels while at each of my travel stops?

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