Satellite TV Packages – Things To Consider Before Committing

One of the reasons many people choose satellite TV is the low pricing structure.  While cable rates continue to rise year after year, satellite TV packages are both flexible and affordable.  Whether you are just looking for a basic programming package, all the way up to all inclusive options, you will generally find that satellite pricing is anywhere from 10 to 20% lower than a comparable cable TV package.  In this article we will briefly review the packages offered with satellite TVand what you should consider if you are looking to subscribe.

The two many players are of course DISH Network and DIRECTV.  Either option will provide you with free installation and hundreds of channels at a competitive rate.  While there might not be a big difference in the providers for many, others should closely compare DISH Network vs DIRECTV before jumping into a contract.  This is especially true for the sports fan who would be much happier with DIRECTV rather than DISH Network.

DISH Network packages start as low as $24.99 a month for the DISH Family and the America’s Top 120 bundle.  Its pretty easy to see how many channels you get with these satellite TV packages, as they are labeled America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250, and of course the Top 120.   The all inclusive option is the America’s Everything package which has nearly 300 channel choices including plenty of movie content.  Over 30 channels from premium providers like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax are offered here.  With current Dish package promotions you can save $180 during the first year when compared to regular pricing.  Add to that DISH Network’s low pricing structure overall and you won’t find a lower priced option in America today.

DIRECTV packages are similar to Dish in that there are several options to pick from, and as you move up the ladder you end up with the top level bundle called the Premier package.  This option includes everything just like DISH Network, and runs about $115 a month normally.  The lower tier packages from DIRECTV come under the “Choice” umbrella, as the Choice Package, the Choice Xtra, and the Choice Ultimate match up fairly well against the America’s Top series from Dish TV.   DIRECTV does offer more content in the Choice package, with 150 channel choices compared to the 120 or so offered in the Dish option.  Discounts on these satellite packages are better though, as there is a $29 a month reduction in price during the first 12 months before regular pricing kicks in.  Different offers on DIRECTV packages come out in the summer, as that is when the Sunday Ticket promotion kicks off and you can get a great deal if you are an NFL fan.

Additional factors to consider when building your satellite television package include high definition access and the digital video recorder.  Neither company offers these as part of the package, so you will be paying an extra $10 a month for HD, and around $6 to $7 a month per DVR.  Most subscribers just have on DVR, but you will also have to consider the receiver fees as well if you are looking to hook up multiple TV sets in your home.

One of the disadvantages with satellite TV  packages is that you can’t bundle multiple services together like cable TV.  DIRECTV does have agreements with some of the major telecoms like AT&T and Verizon that allow you to bundle with their services, but satellite technology doesn’t allow for home phone service.

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