Comparison Of Uverse Against Satellite TV

If you live in an area where AT&T provides the local phone service, you may be anticipating the deployment of U-verse service to your area. Maybe AT&T U-verse is already in your area and you are wondering how it compares to the alternative choice, satellite television. In this article we will briefly compare U-verse vs satellite TV and see how they match up.

AT&T and their U-verse product is of course the new kid on the block. Uverse offers an innovative DVR that can be hooked into multiple TV’s in your house, and allows you to watch recorded content where you please. Dish Network offers DuoDVRs, and DIRECTV is finally getting on board this year with multi-room DVR devices this year. If you have a big family or multiple TV sets and want maximum flexibility, then the Uverse option might be better for you.

Uverse also uses a hard line to your home, with is the existing copper twisted pair that has traditionally been used for landline service. AT&T uses IPTV technology to deliver the signal to your home, along with high speed internet access and home phone service if you wish.  The Uverse triple play option is something that you can’t get with Dish Network.   Satellite TV companies rely on a small dish mounted on the side of your home with the signal beamed to you from outer space. So while you many areas have to wait for AT&T to deploy Uverse, satellite service is of course widely available to just about everyone.

Now when you look at the pricing structure and compare satellite vs Uverse, things line up fairly close. A little legwork is required though in this area, as there are satellite TV bundles that are discounted for one year while AT&T has some deals that give you a reduced price for six months. There are also additional incentives from Uverse as they offer cash back to new customers. Current U-verse deals can net you up to $350 back in promotional AT&T Reward cards, while satellite TV discounts give you several hundred dollars in savings over the course of the first year of service. The important thing to do is review what the regular prices will be month in and month out once the promotional prices have ended, that way you will have an idea on exactly what you will be paying for your cable television channels.  That way you will be able to determine if you can live with the price on an ongoing basis.

Now when comparing the content offered by Uverse and satellite television providers, you won’t find many differences.  The basics like TBS, TNT, ESPN, and CNN can be found with both.  The local networks you enjoy are also on both satellite and Uverse.  The only area where you might be dissatisfied with AT&T is in the area of premium sports packages.  Uverse does not yet carry the NBA League Pass or the NHL Center Ice packages.  Both of these are available on both Dish Network and DIRECTV.  In addition, Uverse doesn’t have the NFL Sunday Ticketpackage, though they can’t really be blamed for that as it is a DIRECTV exclusive currently.  You also will miss out on the MLB Extra Innings package and the MLB channel on Uverse.  These baseball channels are on DIRECTV currently but not on Dish Network’s channel lineup.

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