Filipino Channels Available Through DIRECTV

DIRECTV and Dish Network battle for subscribers on many fronts.  One area where this battle continues to rage is in the foreign language marketplace, where both companies offer programming for those interested in alternatives to English packages.  Filipino satellite TV packages are an example of this.   Previously, we reviewed the Dish Network Filipino packages and in this article we will consider the DIRECTV Filipino options.

The main advantage DIRECTV holds over Dish Network in this particular market is by providing access to TFC (The Filipino Channel) which is probably the most popular Filipino language channel.  This channel is available in the following three DIRECTV Filipino packages.

Pinoy Direct is the most basic Filipino language option available from DIRECTV.  It includes TCF, found on channel 2060 as well as two additional foreign channels.  They are GMA Pinoy and MYX Asian American Music.  The PinoyDirect option is $24.99 a month in addition to the base programming package which we will discuss later.

TFC Direct is the second DIRECTV Filipino package and is offered for $25.99 plus the base package.  Here the GMA Pinoy channel is eliminated, and six other Filipino channels are added.  The other channels are Cinema One Global, Kapamilya Channel (KC), ABS-CBN News channel, GEM NET, and two Filipino radio stations.

The final DIRECTV option is the Filipino Direct package, which basically combines the previous packages together for $34.99 a month.  With this option you will get everything in the TFCDirect and Pinoy Direct plus GMA Life TV which is GMA’s second international channel and caters to Filipino women.  Now once you know which Filipino TV channels you want, you can decide which DIRECTV package is right for you.

To get Filipino programming with DIRECTV, you must first start with a base package.  The good news is you can take advantage of the DIRECTV deals that are available and get lower prices on an English package like Choice Xtra, or go with one of the alternatives.  If you don’t want a lot of English language content, the DIRECTV Basic or the DIRECTV Preferred Choice packages are $19.99 a month and provide limited channel lineups.  The Basic package is regularly priced at $19.99, while the Preferred Choice is discounted by $19 a month for the first year.  If you go with any of the other DIRECTV packages, you can enjoy a $29 discount off of the regular rates for one year.

You can also enjoy Filipino programming with a digital video recorder.  For $7 a month, you will be able to record and playback all of your favorite Tagalog and English shows with the digital video recorder provided with your satellite TV system.  This device gives you much more control over the commercials that seem to dominate the airwaves today.

Carefully reviewing both the DIRECTV Filipino options and the Dish Network options available will help you decide which Filipino programming package is right for you.

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  1. I already have Directv and I’m using the HD/Kaku dish that is hooked to the 8 port switch. I also have a directv international dish pluged into flexport 1 on the switch. What sat does it need to be pointed at for the phillipino channels?

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