Time Warner Deals – How Do They Compare With Satellite?

Time Warner cable (TWC) is one of the big players in the pay television marketplace. Only Comcast can boast more total cable TV subscribers, while Dish Network and DIRECTV both have more satellite TV customers. If you live in a Time Warner cable area, you probably are wondering if they are better than the satellite TV alternative. Their offers may be best for your situation depending on the Time Warner deals being offered at the time.

Current Time Warner deals offer the customer an incentive if they agree to stay with their service for two years, similar to the contracts that satellite TV providershave used for years. For example, in the Dallas/Fort Worth Market, Time Warner offers their triple play package with 7 Mbps Road Runner internet for $119.99 if you agree to stay with them for two years. If you accept the non contract offer, you get a lower price to start of $109.99, but then it goes to the regular rate during the second year. While the normal Time Warner rate is not quoted on the website, you can imagine it will be somewhere in the area of $150 a month or more when looking at comparable packages from other cable television providers. If you are seriously considering TWC, you may want to call your local office to get an exact rate quote, though the prices will be a little higher in all probability in a year.

By comparison, the Dish Network deals out there can get you started for as low as $34.99 for one year if you are looking at the America’s Top 120 with high definition. Time Warner’s digital cable package comes with more than 200 total audio and video channels, and they include HD in the price. Dish Network does not so you have to add $10 to the regular introductory price. The current Time Warner deal also includes a free trial of their DVR and HD Tier channels for three months. A Dish Network package that compares a little more closely is the America’s Top 200, which is $47.99 a month for the first year, then goes to $62.99 a month after that with HD channel access included in this price.

There are other Time Warner packages that are also available if you are on a budget, or just don’t need all of the features included in the top level offer. Again we will use the North Texas pricing for these examples, and pricing may vary a bit depending on which Time Warner franchise serves your area.

If you don’t need the 7 Mbps level of internet service, you can get the Time Warner bundle with 3 Mbps and save $20 a month. For $89.95 you still get the same Digital cable channels but a lower speed on your Road Runner internet. This package also includes unlimited long distance within Texas, but not nationwide. The lower lever tiers also do not have the 2-year price lock feature, so be aware that the deal they offer is good for one year only.

There is also the Time Warner Spanish package for those who are bilingual or speak Spanish as their primary language.  The Spanish package from TWC is El Paquetazo and blends channels from both English and Spanish.  Over 150 digital channels are included with around 50 in Spanish and 100 in English, with plenty of content for young ones as well.  Pricing one these Time Warner deals is similar to the previously discussed English packages.

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