Reviewing Bright House Cable TV Packages

Bright House packages are similar to bundles offered by other big cable television operators like Comcast.   The main goal Bright House has in mind when setting up a new customer is to of course make as much money as possible from that subscriber, so of course their main offer is the triple play package.  These packages have been the bread and butter of big cable over the past ten years, as millions of Americans have gobbled up the high speed internet offers that come with their cable TV service.   Lets consider some of the basics on Bright House packages and what you can expect.

Bright House calls their bundles “Combo Packages” and like most deals that you get from a satellite TVor cable company the introductory prices are good for one year.  The main offer is the Bright House Combo Plus package, and it is your all-inclusive offer.

The Combo Plus starts at an introductory price of $109.90 a month and includes the three main communication services – Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Bright House phone service.   The Bright House Combo Plus normally retails for $139.95 a month, so you are getting a $30 a month, or $360 yearly discount as a new customer.

This Bright House cable TV package is pretty extensive, including around 250 channels when you count regular channels, 47 music channels, and HD content.  Like Time Warner, Bright House does not charge an additional fee for high definition content.  This package also includes free standard cable on additional TV’s in the home, but you may pay an additional receiver fee to be hooked up in other areas of your house.

Now if you don’t need home phone service, another BrightHouse package is the regular Combo TV Plus Internet package.  This package is offered at $89.90 for one year, then reverts to the regular price which is currently $101.99.  Here you will get all of the channels in the Combo Plus package, plus high speed internet service as well.  The Road Runner internet service included here offers speeds up to 10 Mbps downstream, as well as free anti-virus protection and up to 10 e-mail accounts.

If you aren’t hooked into the internet yet, but want home phone service, the best bet would be the Combo TV Plus Home phone service level.  This Bright House package is also offered at $89.90 a month, and includes the main digital cable package and unlimited calling.  Regular retail price is currently $111.94 per month.  Additional calling features are also included like three way calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and call return.

The final Bright House package is something to consider if you want to keep satellite TV from Dish Network or DIRECTV, and then get high speed internet and phone service separately.  The Brighthouse Combo Home Phone plus Internet is $69.95 a month to start, then goes up to $89.90 after one year.  Here you cut out the cable TV service and get the previously described home phone and high speed offers through the cable network.  This might also work for you if you are under contract with your satellite provider right now, but want to switch to Bright House down the line.

Bright House packages can also be customized based on your needs as well.  Road Runner Lite and Road Runner Turbo internet levels are available, as are all sorts of add-ons for your cable TV package.  Bright House does offer and extensive Spanish language package, as well as several of the premium sports offerings like NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice.  Bright House cable TV bundles are available in major cities like Orlando, Tampa, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Bakersfield California.


  1. I am currently a brighthouse customer, acct. # ******-02. My current bill is usually about 189.00 monthly and it’s my understanding froma recent mailing that that will raise by $10 soon. My question is, why as a loyal customer, do i never receive any special deals or offers to lower my bill? How can I lower my bill? I’m willing to let some services go, but I need to know what I can let go and what I am allowed to keep. For instance, I wouldn’t mind dropping CMX and Showtime, but I would like to continue HBO. ESPN, Lifetime movie network. Is there such a plan available?

  2. I recieved in my mail box an ac for $60 a mo for a year basic tv, epic which I do not know what that is and lightening 35 internet. What is the cost plus taxes equipment other fees.. Seems like a lot

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