Dish Network in Your Apartment or Condo

Many cable television subscribers who live in apartments have grown tired of the high costs involved with their service.  But is there any option available?  What about satellite TV from Dish Network?

While this wasn’t always an option in the past, there are reasons to explore Dish Network for your apartment or condo.  Certainly there are not any guarantees, but if you at least look into the option, you may be able to kiss your cable television company goodbye forever and start enjoying the low prices and excellent picture quality offered by Dish Network.  Lets explore a few situations where you might be able to get a Dish Network subscription.

About 15 years ago, the FCC created some new rules for those who live in apartments and condos so they could get Dish Network with fewer hassles.  Basically, you are allowed to install or place a satellite dish smaller than 1 meter on an area you own or have exclusive use.  Generally, this means if you have a patio or deck that has a southern exposure, that is the best area to use.  Where it can get tricky is if you want to mount the dish on railings on the patio, sometimes the apartment complex can restrict you from doing this.  Your options in this case include buying a satellite tripod, or some have even put the dish inside their home, with it pointing through a window or sliding glass door.  Obviously not the best situation but it is an option.

Now if you don’t have an area like this where you can place the dish, or if your apartment does not have a clear view of the southern sky, you may have limited options.  Dish Network does have a program called Digital Home Advantage, or DHA.  This program is something that your property manager or owner will have to initiate with Dish Network and work with them to deploy.  Basically, Dish Network sets up a shared dish system and then residents can set up their own individual satellite TV package.  This program is mainly for high rise apartments and condominiums where there may not be any private areas where residents would normally install their own satellite dish.

Dish Network also offers a program called BULK Programming or Neighborhood Value Plan.  This is mainly designed for buildings where many residents are living in one area like dorms, nursing homes, or RV parks.  Check with Dish Network directly if you own or manage a facility like this and are interesting in bringing satellite TV service into the mix.

With Dish Network and DIRECTVboth providing alternatives to cable TV, there is certainly reason to look into this option even if you thought satellite service in your apartment was not a possibility.  Doing a little bit of legwork can result in getting better service and lower prices than your typical cable TV package.

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  1. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be seeking a satellite dish company within the next 2 weeks, but you have lost the running because you do not provide TV ONE as one of the options.
    You may want to consider doing this if you want to retain the business of people of color.

    Mrs. McMillian

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