Comparing DIRECTV to Mediacom Cable Television

Mediacom is a medium sized cable TV company serving customers in 22 states, and the 8th largest cable company in America. If they happen to be the company that serves your community, then you may be looking to compare Mediacom vs DIRECTV. With satellite service, you of course have to have a dish mounted somewhere at your home, while with a cable company like Mediacom, the coaxial cable used to deliver service is not as intrusive. But what about other factors such as price, bundling options, and HD channel selection.

DIRECTV vs Mediacom

Mediacom, like their larger cable television cousins like Comcast offers new customers the best deals. This is to entice people who already have satellite and people who have just moved into an area served by Mediacom. The current Mediacom deal is called the VIP pak, and offers three different services for $29.95 a month. Those services are Mediacom digital cable, Mediacom Online 12 Mbps, and Mediacom phone. A couple of things to consider if you are going with the Mediacom triple play.

One requirement is that you have to subscribe to all three services to get the $29.95 a month price on each service. Many today have cut off their home phone and just use their wireless phone, but with this particular Mediacom offer you do have to get all of the services. Another factor to consider at this price is good for one year, then it goes up to regular pricing. This can vary depending on where you live, so call Mediacom customer service to get an accurate quote on what the price will be after one year.

If you are comparing Mediacom vs DIRECTV when it comes to promotional deals, you will find a similar story with the satellite TV provider. DIRECTV offers are out there mainly to entice current cable TV customers and new movers to try out the service. Right now, DIRECTV will discount your package for 12 months by $29 a month. Other incentives include free HD equipment, both the HD DVR and HD receiver can be yours at no up front cost. Two year contracts are also a part of DIRECTV’s offer, so they are assured of getting at least one year of full monthly payments from their subscriber.

Sports fans will also want to compare Mediacom to DIRECTV as there are certain advantages with satellite television. The primary advantage is the NFL packages available on DIRECTV. NFL Sunday Ticket is of course only on DIRECTV, but also the NFL Network is not on Mediacom. Other premium sports packages found on DIRECTV but not Mediacom include the NBA League Pass and MLB Extra Innings. Mediacom does offer a sports pack for $3.95 a month, and also the Big 10 Network in states where those colleges have a presence.

Another consideration when comparing these companies is the amount of HD content available. While DIRECTV commercials are claiming they have the “capacity” for 200 HD channels, they actually have far fewer. DIRECTV’s HD count is at about 85 national channels including premiums, plus quite a few pay per view and regional sports networks. Mediacom covers about 45 HD channels in some areas. Not all areas will have the same amount of HD content with Mediacom due to network limitations. The nod goes to DIRECTV for more HD, though there is an additional $10 a month fee.

A final consideration when comparing DIRECTV vs Mediacom is access to On-demand programming. With Mediacom, you have access to 3,000 plus titles through their on demand platform. Like Comcast and Cox cable, the On-demand setup offered by cable television companies is superior to that offered by DIRECTV. You can get DIRECTV on demand, but you have to have a separate high speed internet connection from either your phone or cable company to access the content.

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