The DIRECTV Choice Ultimate – A New Option With Movie Channels

The latest DIRECTV promotional offers were introduced earlier this month, and as part of the revamped offer there is a new package available. The DIRECTV Choice Ultimate package is now available to both new and existing satellite TV customers. Lets take a closer look at this satellite TV package and see what it has to offer.

This new package from DIRECTV takes the popular Choice Xtra package and adds in about 11 new channels. If you are not familiar with this package, here is an overview of the Choice Xtra bundle. Over the past year, this package has become extremely popular in that it offers over 200 audio and video channels at a price that is cheaper than most digital cable packages. One thing was missing though, and that was access to commercial free movie channels.

That has been solved to some degree with the Choice Ultimate package. For $5 more per month, you will get access to 11 commercial free movie channels in addition to the 200 plus channels in the ChoiceXtra package. Here are the channels included:

Encore Action
Encore Drama
Encore East
Encore Love
Encore Mystery
Encore WAM
Encore West
Encore Westerns
The Movie Channel -East
The Movie Channel -West

So you unfortunately won’t find any of the big name premium channels like HBO or Showtime. On the other hand, it is nice to have access to at least some movie channels that are uncut and uninterrupted. This new package lines up well with the Dish Network America’s Top 250 bundle, which is priced at $62.99 a month as the regular price.

The DIRECTV Choice Ultimate package is priced at $68.99 a month, $5 higher than the Choice Xtra package. New subscribers to the package can get a $29 a month discount, bringing the price down to a very reasonable $39.99 a month for the first year. If you are wanting HD access with the Chioce Ultimate package, add another $10 a month to the price.

DIRECTV is also now offering two HD upgrades with the Choice Ultimate and Premier packages. While in the past you could get one HD DVR, you would have to pay an upfront charge if you wanted another HD receiver. Now you can get both an HD DVR and an HD receiver at no upfront charge with the latest DIRECTV deal. This is a savings of $298 total according to regular DIRECTV retail pricing.



  2. I cannot find anything negative about our Direct TV Package. We enjoy it very much and thank you for the 3 FREE Months Package.

  3. I’d like to upgrade to “choice ultimate” and add HD for $10.00 per month. Is there an additional monthly cost for the HDDVR unit???


  4. We are Existing customers and have been for years. How do we get out free three month of extra channels, that your Thank you card you sent us tells us about???

    • I would also like to know how to get the free 3 months offer as a long time customer. Also, the same movies play over and over again and even though I have the Ultimate package I am often unable to find a new movie I like

  5. We are extremely pleased with DIRECTV. Will you please give us the exact date of the deadline for the free three months package of the 10+ movie channels with Choice Ultimate?

  6. I would like you to offer a TV program to cover travel to many countries arround the world. Showing how the people live,seight seeing,foods,enternment.culture, etc

  7. I agree with John Riley. Your programing is very poor. The same old stuff. I feel we are being taken with your pricing. Make an effort improve the service.

  8. What is the problem with the direct tv broadcasting. I just kicked out dish network and had direct tv installed today. I have 2 tv’s both new, one 37 inch one 47 inch, everytime i change channels i cant see the part of the screen (upper) that tells me what channel i’m on so i have to shrink the picture to about 2/3 its full size then find the channel i want then take the tv control and put it back on full screen, which also cuts out part of the picture. I had none of these problems with dish network, what is going on???

  9. I Don’t understand what you want in the web sit box.
    Direct TV you’ve been good to me buit I’ on a fixed incom and cannot affodr extra costs even thiugh I think it’s a good deal.
    Thank you anyway

  10. “DISH Network offers its customers the lowest all-digital price nationwide. DISH beats DIRECTV in pricing with Dish Network Packages Start At $24.99/mo. for 12 months with free HD for life.”

    DIRECTV, How about rewarding your loyal customers with a price break instead of more channels. Times are tough these days and priorities play a major role, so if push comes to shove I may be switching to Dish Network myself.


  12. We are enjoying the “thank you” of ultimate choice for 3 months. Especially the Starz Encore Westerns. Account Number 0*******

  13. If you’re going to send us mail of a special promostion (3 free months of over 10 additonal movie channels), I would think you could have a very clear address for us to scan to see what the channels are, and how we can activate the offer. Somehow we would like to know what the beginning and ending dates of the offer are.

    From all the other comments concerning this same comment, it must be that Direct TV purposely makes the “Thank you” offers very vague.

  14. your free offer of 3 months is a joke, instead of giving us something that we don’t watch any way. And you are SO THANKFUL how about a break on the price? By and large you service is good, But these free offers are an insult to my intelegence.

  15. I agree with Orbie Ellis, Bob, and mostof the others comments. If you can mail the special
    offer by mail two or three times. How about mailing the list of channels available by mail so
    we can view them if we wish??????????

  16. I appreciate the thank you card sent and received on feb. 14th. However the card asked me to check to view all my new additional channel choices available. When I entered that search choice I did not get any list of the new channels. When I went to my logon page I did not get any new info as to my packages change???
    Kindly requesting an update as to what this is all about?


  17. I ust got my thank you card on Feb. 15th and as Joe Schmid I went to the website and guess what I found the same thing he did. Nothing. What’s up

  18. Why Not honor the message you sent to everyone about the three months free with 10 free paid channels. This is so unfair to your coustomers. We pay for the use of the Direct TV and we didn’t ask you to send us a thank you note for years of service. This is so misleading to everyone. I’m ashame of Direct TV. I thought of Direct TV as a good service but we found that is just a scham.
    All I can say is Shame of Direct TV for lying!

  19. what is up with the so called ‘thanks’ card. it states that the service is turned but isnt!!!!!! are you not honoring it?? is it a scam? what is direct tv doing?

  20. We have enough TV to watch without the movie channels.please feel free and take it off anytime.

    Barbara Dimond

  21. the 10 free channels are already turned on. go to the encore channels those are most of the free channels also the sundance channels.

  22. these are the free channels which is already turned on. by the way the channels have repeat showings:

    Encore Action
    Encore Drama
    Encore East
    Encore Love
    Encore Mystery
    Encore WAM
    Encore West
    Encore Westerns
    The Movie Channel -East
    The Movie Channel -West

  23. dish has screwed up 3 of my tv’s , direct and dish are probably one company together they are both rip offs and con artists,all their family and high reps are out driving their beamers and porches and don’t give a crap about their customers or the prices or service they “try to provide” signed ‘GOING BACK TO FREE TV’

  24. re thanks card and 3 mo of free movie channels: my lineup card shows movie channels at 544 and 545,not turned on. sundance at 549,not turned on. nothing for the encore channels.?????
    could you let me know the channel numbers or if turned on at all. thanx

  25. I do not enjoy any additional channels. I don’t want to order flowers I never wanted. I do not see that I have gotten an “thanks” just a promotion for something I cannot understand since none of the additional eleven channels work on my TV. I find the offer of additional channels a joke since they don’t work. I am seriously considering looking for any option to Directv with this promotion that leads to zero. I cannot open or access the channels promised or cited. It is very frustrating-surely you, Directv, can do better.

  26. Thanks for the “over 10” free movie channels for three months, but it would be nice if you told us where they were and the actual starting and eding dates of the gift.

  27. I just received your thank you loyal customer card and went to web site to see what channels we get free. It would have been much more simple to state what channel # and channels such as encore western etc. on the card. what about people who have no computers! The web site also very vague. Thanks for the free gift but next time please state channels on card. Also state when service begins and ends. I got card today and these channels have been available 2 weeks and I didn’t even know it. Missed 2 weeks free veiwing. should have been notified of date in advance.

  28. Yes, the so called free channels for being a loyal customer is a hoax. I cannot find out how to get these channels. It is pure B.S.

  29. typing in gets you nowwhere. so much for over 10 additional movie channels. good thing I have Netflix.

  30. When… Yes, When will I be able to replace the Dinosaur HD DVR that you guys push on us while we keep hearing, this year, end of the year, close to Christmas in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and yada, yada, yada, only to hear, not yet, soon now, and oh ! It’s going to be packed with sooooo much features it will blow you away… Just give us (me) the dam TIVO HD DVR, and quit hanging the dam carrot in front of us, geeze ! The only thing better than TIVO, is sex, (sometimes). Just give us the dam TIVO unit an quit aggravating us (me). The only reason I let go of my TIVO was because it was not HD. And, when you have a 60 inch HD screen, it’s a crime not to have HD. Sooooo quit blowing smoke up our DVR, an give us the dam TIVO HD DVR unit already !! In this lifetime………………..Soon !!

  31. I called awhile back in reference to the first or second “thank you” card we received informing us of our 3 free months etc as the web site basically lead no where other than urging one to sign up for an upgrade from existing plan. The phone call ended basically with the same conclusion. What I’m now interested in finding out is what was the point in the first place on behalf of Direct TV? I read all the comments from other customers who received the same misleading card and can only come to one conclusion which is all the time, effort, energy and MONEY Direct TV spent on “thanking” customers cost Direct TV a huge PR problem. Does anyone actually respond to any of these inquiries? Oh, one more thing, contrary to your records, we have been subscribers to Direct TV for longer than you’ve given us credit for. We have three receivers and do enjoy our existing package however not so much the misleading mailing. Care to respond? Please do so in writing or in any form of communication!

  32. Like all these people who are writing to you, i cannot find the free movie channels you are offering. Please make sure you do nto charge me for these additional channels after the *free* period has ended. I did not ask for the additional channels, cannot find them, probably wouldn’t watch them anyway, and will not pay for them after the “thank you” period has ended. I wouldn’t mind a response to this inquiry.

  33. To whom it may concern

    I have been with directv since June 2005. I recieved a letter we had free gift, and that I could view the channels. I know encore is on but I would like to see the other channels because encore are old movies and alot of repeats, I appiciate the gift. Thank you and God Bless You.

    Mr & Mrs E. Guardian Jr

  34. It’s the same old come on. It seems to me your company doesn’t care a thing about it’s faithful, prompt paying customers. It’s all about greed isn’t it? Your free gift of a movie is also a rip off. You want us to pay for it than reimburse it back in a few months. For your info free means you pay nothing, zilch, nada,zero,.

  35. when are you going to quit “Promising” and just do it. for months now you have told us we are getting Hallmark Movie Channel. SHUT UP & DO IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Cannot find listing of “3 Free Months of 10+ More Movie Channels with Choice Ultimate” that was high lighted in your THANKS card received in late Oct 2011.Please advise .

  37. I got a card that said I have 3 free months of over 10 additional movie channels. But I’ll be darned if I can find them or figure out what they are. Your card says to go to to view the additional channels but I can’t find them!!!!!

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