The DIRECTV Choice Ultimate – A New Option With Movie Channels

The latest DIRECTV promotional offers were introduced earlier this month, and as part of the revamped offer there is a new package available. The DIRECTV Choice Ultimate package is now available to both new and existing satellite TV customers. Lets take a closer look at this satellite TV package and see what it has to offer.

This new package from DIRECTV takes the popular Choice Xtra package and adds in about 11 new channels. If you are not familiar with this package, here is an overview of the Choice Xtra bundle. Over the past year, this package has become extremely popular in that it offers over 200 audio and video channels at a price that is cheaper than most digital cable packages. One thing was missing though, and that was access to commercial free movie channels.

That has been solved to some degree with the Choice Ultimate package. For $5 more per month, you will get access to 11 commercial free movie channels in addition to the 200 plus channels in the ChoiceXtra package. Here are the channels included:

Encore Action
Encore Drama
Encore East
Encore Love
Encore Mystery
Encore WAM
Encore West
Encore Westerns
The Movie Channel -East
The Movie Channel -West

So you unfortunately won’t find any of the big name premium channels like HBO or Showtime. On the other hand, it is nice to have access to at least some movie channels that are uncut and uninterrupted. This new package lines up well with the Dish Network America’s Top 250 bundle, which is priced at $62.99 a month as the regular price.

The DIRECTV Choice Ultimate package is priced at $68.99 a month, $5 higher than the Choice Xtra package. New subscribers to the package can get a $29 a month discount, bringing the price down to a very reasonable $39.99 a month for the first year. If you are wanting HD access with the Chioce Ultimate package, add another $10 a month to the price.

DIRECTV is also now offering two HD upgrades with the Choice Ultimate and Premier packages. While in the past you could get one HD DVR, you would have to pay an upfront charge if you wanted another HD receiver. Now you can get both an HD DVR and an HD receiver at no upfront charge with the latest DIRECTV deal. This is a savings of $298 total according to regular DIRECTV retail pricing.

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