Reviewing Several Comcast Triple Play Options

The Comcast Triple Play is a competitive package of cable TV, voice, and high speed internet service for primarily residential customers. In this article, we will take an in depth look at this Triple play package from Comcast, and review the pricing and promotional offers available from the company.

For 2010, Comcast has renamed their Triple play packages. They fall under the headings of the Starter XF triple play, the HD Preferred Plus XF triple play, and the HD Premier XF triple play. Those looking for value can get into the first Comcast TV package for just $99 a month. Of course this is an introductory price, good for the first 12 months of service, but is still a great value for first time Comcast TV customers.

With the Starter XF triple play, you will get about 80 Comcast TV channels plus On demand. The Comcast On demand platform will give you the option of starting thousands of different programs at a moments notice. This Comcast triple play package also included high speed internet access, though you either have to have your own cable modem or pay a $5 a month lease fee. This package also includes home phone service with unlimited local and long distance calling. Pricing goes up to $114.95 after one year, then to the normal price after two years. Normal pricing is currently at $129.99, but that will probably be higher in two years.

The Comcast HD Preferred XF triple play is a step above that basic triple play and will cost you an additional $40 a month. For $139.99, everything in the Starter XF is included, plus the following additions. Free HD is included, meaning no additional charge for HD channels or high definition equipment. More than 160 channels total are included, and premiums like HBO and Starz are also part of this Comcast Triple play. Faster internet speeds are also included, meaning either the 8Mbps or 16 Mbps downstream service depending on your area. The same Comcast voice plan is included when compared to the Starter XF. Pricing moves to $154.99 after one year, then to the regular price of $169.99 after two years.

The final Comcast Triple play package is the HD Premier XF package, and this comes in at a promotional price of $179.99. This all inclusive TV package is comparable to something like the Dish Network America’s Everything package, with more than 200 channels including all of the premium networks like Cinemax and Showtime. HD programming is also included, with the addition of the Comcast HD DVR without any extra fees. On demand is also included, with more than 17,000 titles available at any given time. Comcast Triple play pricing increases to $189.99 for months 13 through 24, then the regular pricing kicks in which is $199.99

Obviously one huge advantage Comcast has over satellite TV companies like DIRECTV  is that they can offer all of these services though their network. Satellite television does not have the ability to deliver voice service and internet speeds needed by consumers, so they have to partner with telecoms like AT&T and Verizon to offer their triple play.  Additionally, there are Comcast deals available now which offer up to $200 cash back in the form of a prepaid Visa card.  While cable television is usually more expensive month to month than the alternative, the Comcast Triple play makes it convenient for the customer with combined billing and customer service.

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