AT&T U-verse Package Review – The U200 Option

Many who have traditionally subscribed to cable and satellite television are now considering another option. That choice is AT&T U-verse service, and it is being quickly deployed in the areas served by the large telecom company. One package that is competitive with most cable TV offerings is the U-verse U-200 package. Lets briefly review the U200 bundle and what it offers when compared to cable and Dish Network.

The AT&T U-verse U200 is comparable to your typical digital cable package that would be offered by Comcast or Time Warner. The U-200 price for 2010 is $67 a month, which is a $3 increase over the 2009 price. With this bundle, you will get most of the major cable networks along with the local channels available in your area. News channels like CNN, Fox News, and Headline news are included. Sports channels include ESPN, ESPN2, and your local sports coverage from ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX are also part of this U-verse bundle.

If you are comparing U-200 against cable TV, the best thing to do is call your local cable operator or go on their website to get a price quote. Make sure to find out what the regular price is after any promotional period so you can compare accurately. Typically, cable companies offer promotional rates for a period of 6 to 12 months before raising the price to regular rates. Currently, the U-verse U-200 is not discounted for new customers, but instead they offer a cash back incentive. Depending on the other services you order from AT&T, you can get cash back from the company in the amount of $100, $150, or $200 dollars. Promotions change frequently, so it is a good idea to look for current U-verse coupon codes if you are going to order the service.

If you are comparing the U200 against satellite offers from Dish Networkand DIRECTV, then here are the comparable packages. The DIRECTV Choice Xtra runs about $64 a month, and also includes about 200 channels total. The Dish Network America’s Top 200 also has about the same number of channels as the U-200 package, and is regularly priced at $52.99 a month. One thing to consider if you want high definition is that both satellite TV companies charge $10 HD access fees, and with Uverse you will also pay $10 a month for HD. Only the U450 package offers HD within the package price.

One nice thing about the AT&T U-200 package is that DVR service is included in the price. Generally, you will pay around $7 to Dish TV or DIRECTV for DVR service, and even more to most cable television companies. The U-verse Total Home DVR is a unique device that allows you to watch recorded programming on different TV’s throughout the home. There are additional charges though for U-verse receivers that are hooked to the other sets in your home.

Overall, the U-200 package from AT&T U-verse is a strong contender. If you are looking for multiple services, check into the AT&T U-verse triple play which also includes high speed internet and voice service, either your home phone or wireless service. Oftentimes you will be able to get a package with one company that will save you money when buying communication services separately.


  1. we pay 150.00 per mo for tv and internet{we have no landline}why do we have to pay 7 dollars for ea box?didnt have to do that with comcast.time to start looking around for some better prices for us.we cant justify it and our pockets certainly cannot.
    john anothy coury

  2. Why do I have to pay 7.00 for an extra receiver box ?
    I have DISH TV and don not pay for an extra receiver. I have two receivers because I have two TV’s that are in two different rooms. My wife has her own TV and I have mine. am considering switching to U-VERSE TV. I already have U-VERSE INTERNET I lie the 200 package. Send me the TV schedule for the 200 package I need to compare it with my ISH schedules.

  3. I spoke to 4 customer service reps about down grading from u verse 300 bundle to a u verse 200 bundle. I was treated poorly. one rep told me that the price decrease would only be a nine dollar difference. what a bounce of crap. I can not afford the $217.00 monthly charge because of an increase in my monthly medical charges, and a decrease in my pension payments. I see what the real deal is, if I wanted an up grade there would be no problem. I was put on hold, then disconnected 4 times. this is leading me to the point of changing to another service. I will not give up!!!!

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