What Are the Normal DISH Network Prices?

If you are contemplating a switch to satellite TV from your cable television company, you need to have an accurate picture of what the normal DISH Network prices are going to be. The reason for this is that both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer promotional pricing to new customers, which are advertised heavily on TV and in the mail. During the first year of service, you get a lower rate as an incentive to switch over to these companies.  Thereafter, you are then charged the regular DISH price, and you don’t want to have sticker shock when this happens.

The good thing for 2010 is that DISH Network has kept their 2009 pricing structure intact in most areas. They have renamed their packages, and there are some higher charges for additional DVR devices, but if you only have one HD DVR then the pricing shouldn’t be much different then last year. For those looking at their cable bill and comparing it to Dish TV, then here is an overview of the normal pricing for satellite.

First up is the DISH Network America’s Top 120 package, which is normally priced at $39.99 a month. An additional option is the America’s Top 120 Plus, which adds in the regional sports networks in your area. For this option add another $5 a month, which brings your normal price to $44.99 a month. Local channels are also included in the normal price.

The America’s Top 200, which was formerly called the Classic Silver 200 package, will cost you an additional $13 per month. That brings the Top 200 regular price to $52.99 for more than 150 video channels plus around 50 CD-quality digital audio channels.

The America’s Top 250 was the Classic Gold 250 in 2009. This year’s version comes in at a regular price of $62.99 a month. Pretty much all of your basic cable channels are found here, plus a few Encore movie channels. If you are interested in commercial free movie channels, then the top-level DISH Network package is your best choice.

The America’s Everything package retains the same name for 2010, and sports a slightly lower price. This package is priced at $99.99 for everything in the America’s Top 250, plus more than 30 premium commercial-free movie channels. While the price dropped a bit from last year, it no longer includes DISH Network DVR service which will cost you another $6 a month.  By comparison, the top DIRECTV package will cost about $115 this year, so DISH Network holds a nice price advantage over the competition if you are interested in an all inclusive TV bundle.

What other pricing considerations should be factored in if you are considering DISH Network?  If you want access to HD content, there is an additional $10 a month charge. Most cable TV companies do not charge for HD, but their HD channel selection is usually less than Dish TV.  As mentioned already, there is a $6 monthly fee for DVR service, and there are additional charges for each receiver or additional DVR device you have.  Overall, Dish TV  is still the low cost provider of satellite TV service when compared to DIRECTV.  They area also usually  lower than cable TV companies when comparing the DISH Network regular pricing against regular cable rates.

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