Comcast Deals -What You Need To Know Before Subscribing

If you are in an area served by Comcast cable, no doubt you have seen their commercial on TV or heard them on the radio. The latest Comcast deals are being pitched by the dynamic duo of Shaquille O’neal and Ben Stein, as they rundown the latest Comcast offers. But if you are doing a little comparison shopping with DISH Network and DIRECTV, how do Comcast deals measure up?

If you are looking for a Comcast deal which just offers cable television, they are out there, but better deals can be found if you bundle services. Comcast of course wants their customer to subscribe to at least two of their services, if not all three with a triple play bundle. With that being the case, they offer deeper discounts for new customers who order TV, internet, and home phone service.

The big Comcast deal for 2010 looks to be on their XF Triple play packages. Right now, they are offering a $200 gift card with the Comcast HD Premier XF Triple play package. While that package name is a mouthful, the $200 prepaid Visa card is going to be tempting for those looking for either a new cable TV company, or those moving into a Comcast area for the first time. One thing with these Comcast deals to do is look at what all is involved so that you know exactly what you will be paying.

The HD Premier Comcast deal comes with a price tag of $179.99 a month for the first year, then $189.99 a month the second year. The normal price is $199.99 a month. To get the $200 cash back, you do have to agree to Comcast service for two years. This is definitely a top end package, it includes hundreds of cable channels including premiums like HBO and Starz. A Comcast HD DVR is also included without any digital video recorder fees. Comcast high speed internet service is included, as well as Comcast unlimited phone which lets you call anywhere in the United States.

If that Comcast Deal is a little too much for you, then you can take a step down and still get a $150 Visa card back. The HD Preferred Plus XF deal offers a triple play bundle for $139.99 a month for one year, then it goes up to $154.99. Not as many channels are included, though you do still get HBO. The regular price on this package is $169.99 a month.

Now if you are looking for a cheap Comcast deal, then the Starter XF Triple play is probably your best bet. This package is value oriented, and while it doesn’t include a cash back component, it comes in at around $100 a month. The Starter XF Triple play still includes Comcast High speed internet and Comcast Voice. The $99 a month price is good for one year, then goes to $114.99 the second year. Normal price for this Comcast offer is $129.99 a month.

In review, the Comcast deals being offered are competitive with satellite TV deals from both Dish Network and DIRECTV. Just read the fine print and be sure you can meet your terms of the contract if you go with one of the Comcast deals that require a commitment.

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