Reviewing the AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR

The U-verse DVR is an innovative device that has many cable and satellite customers considering a move to AT&T. What can the AT&T U-verse DVR do that your cable digital recorder cannot? How does the U-verse device compare to DIRECTV and Dish Network models currently available?

The main selling point of the Total Home DVR as it is called is its ability to work throughout your home. With the U-verse DVR, you can watch your recorded content on up to 7 other TV sets in the home. While there is not an additional DVR fee to do this, do keep in mind you need a U-verse receiver at the other TV sets, and these are $7 each.

What about the capacity of the U-verse DVR?   Most cable TV DVR boxes run from 80 GB to 160 GB, which usually means at most about 100 hours of standard definition content can be saved on the digital video recorder. The standard U-verse DVR holds 133 hours of SD, or 37 hours of HD content. If you subscribe to the U-verse 450 or if you pay the $10 a month HD technology fee you are entitled to the new, larger DVR. This U-verse DVR will hold up to 233 hours SD/65 hours HD programming. This larger DVR is fairly competitive when comparing its capacity to those offered by DIRECTV and Dish Network DVRs.

Now if you live in a crowded home where there is lots of competition for the TV, U-verse may have the answers for your family. One of the selling points AT&T is pushing is the fact that with U-verse you can record up to four shows at once on a single DVR. This blows cable and satellite DVRs away, as right now they can only do two programs at a time on one digital video recorder. As mentioned earlier, you can also play back any of your recorded content throughout the home, as long as there is a U-verse receiver hooked up.

Other features of the U-verse DVR are similar to those offered by cable and satellite DVR units. You and pause, rewind or fast forward through any content that has been recorded just like with a VCR. In addition, U-verse subscribers can record shows or entire series, as well as manage their DVR content through the remote control and on-screen menu. The AT&T DVR can also be controlled remotely through a hard wired internet connection or mobile phone.

A final consideration that favors U-verse over cable and satellite TV companiesis that they include the DVR in may of their packages. The U200, U200 Latino, U300, and U450 bundles all include the Total Home DVR in the base price. If you go with the U-100 or U-Basic packages there is a $15.00 a month DVR price tag attached. This pricing structure is extremely competitive with cable companies, as they usually charge anywhere from $10 to $18 per DVR device.   Satellite TV companies Dish Network and DIRECTValso charge for each DVR that you have in your home, so U-verse has an advantage in this area.

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