Comparing Satellite TV Against Charter Cable Service

Charter cable is one of the big players in the United States today. But while big cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner cable seem to be in the news quite a bit, Charter cable seems to fly under the radar. That may be due to the territory covered by Charter, which is generally more in the mid-to-small markets cities. What should you look for if you are comparing satellite TV vs Charter cable?

Price is of course a primary consideration, especially as many Americans are still struggling in a down economy. Charter cable does follow in the footsteps of their big cable TV brothers, in that their cable TV rates are fairly high once you get past any promotional specials. Charter cable TV rates vary from area to area, so its best to either call or visit the Charter cable site to get specific rates for your area.

Satellite TV rates have also gone up in the past few years, but overall remain between 10 to 20% lower than Charter TV prices. Promotional offers from Dish Network and DIRECTV can usually get you into a satellite TV package for around $40 a month for the first year. Be aware though that both companies require a 24 month commitment as part of the Dish TV package, so you want to be sure you can live up to that otherwise you may face an early termination fee.

Comparing satellite TV HD vs Charter HD is also important if you have recently gone out and bought either a plasma screen or LCD television. Both Dish Network and DIRECTV charge an additional $10 a month fee for HD channels. While they also claim to have between 140 and 150 HD channels, the actual count is closer to 100 once the pay per view and on demand HD channels are removed. Still, satellite HD is far in front of Charter high definition. Your mileage may vary with Charter HD depending on the area, but consider yourself lucky if you can get 50 HD channels with Charter cable TV.

Another consideration when comparing Charter vs satellite is whether you have a place for a satellite dish. If you are a homeowner, then usually a satellite TV installer can find an acceptable place to mount the dish facing the southern sky. But if you live in an apartment or condo, things can get sticky and you may only have one choice – Charter cable. Some areas served by Charter are facing additional competition with AT&T U-verse and Verizon Fios deploying new technology to compete against cable.

A final factor when comparing Charter to satellite TV is the Triple play bundle. Satellite providers don’t really have an answer when it comes to providing high speed internet and voice services. The Charter Triple play can offer you multiple services at a discounted bundled rate, something you may want to factor in when comparison shopping.

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