What is the Normal Price For DIRECTV?

When you are looking at cable and satellite TV prices, no doubt you are easily confused as to what the real price is. Cable companies like Comcastare famous for running promotional deals that are good for one year, or sometimes even six months. Satellite TV companies have followed suit, offering deals for new customers for one year of service when you are a new subscriber. In this article, we will review DIRECTV’s real pricing structure, so that you know what you are up against after the promotional period is over.

The one package with DIRECTV that seems to stay fairly constant is the Family package. This is similar to the very low tiers of cable that you come across occasionally. The DIRECTV Family package is $29.99 a month, there are no discounts as a new customer, but you do get free installation and local channels.

The rest of this article will use the DIRECTV real pricing for 2010, although that fee structure won’t kick in for a few weeks. The Choice package containing 150 audio and visual channels is $58.99 a month. Locals are included, but DVR and HD service is not.

The normal price for the DIRECTV Choice Xtra package is $63.99 a month, again with local programming included, but DVR and HD service fees not a part of the package.

The all inclusive DIRECTV Premier package is $114.99 a month when looking at the regular price, and included here are 265 audio and video channels. The big selling point here is there are more than 30 commercial free premium channels from HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Encore and Starz.

The DIRECTV regular price for HD access is $10 a month, and that will give you the HD channels available in each package. The DVR price is $7 per month, and that is for each TV that you have a digital video recorder connection. Other normal DIRECTV charges include pay per view movies, which are usually between $5 and $6 each, though there are often two-for-one deals that come in your DIRECTV bill.

So there is a brief rundown of what DIRECTV pricing is after one year. Remember, as a new satellite TV customer you generally are committing to service for a 24 month period. That means you will be paying normal DIRECTV rates for at least one year after the promotion ends.


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