The Comcast DVR -Does It Match Up With Satellite Models?

With over 25 million subscribers, Comcast is the largest cable television company operating in the United States today. If you are already a Comcast subscriber, or possibly comparing Comcast against satellite TV, you are probably looking at their digital video recorder as an option. Lets briefly review the Comcast DVR and what it can do for you.

A few basics are in order if you are new to digital video recorders, or DVR units. Comcast DVR boxes, like DIRECTV and Dish Network DVR units can do a number of things which will help you enjoy your television more. For example, if you are watching an important game like the Super Bowl, you can pause or rewind TV at any time. That way if everyone needs a snack break or wants to see a replay, you can simply do that at any given time.

Currently, Comcast offers two different units based on the type of TV you have. The Comcast HD DVR is $15.95 a month per device, and of course will record all of the high definition and standard definition content for later playback. The hard drive on this unit is 160 GB, which translates into 20 hours of HD or 90 hours of SD. If you are looking for more space, you may want to consider a satellite TV DVR, as they are currently larger as far as hard drive capacity.

The other Comcast DVR is strictly for customers with a standard definition TV. This SD DVR has an 80 GB hard drive, which will allow you to record 45 hours of content. Right now, the monthly fee for this box is $8.95 a month per device in your home. Both the Comcast HD DVR and the regular unit allow you to record one show while watching another, or you can record two shows while viewing a previously recorded show.

Another feature Comcast has built into their HD and SD digital video recorder units is the capability to program the box to record your favorite shows on a regular basis. Using the series recording feature through the on screen menu will save first run episodes of your favorite shows. You can also use the same menu to record all shows of a certain series, even the repeats if you need to catch up on past episodes.

While the Comcast DVR is certainly a handy thing to have, it is a bit expensive when compared to DIRECTV DVR service, especially the HD model. DIRECTV offers their digital recorder service for $7 a month, so as you can see you will be paying about $9 more per month with Comcast for basically a device that does the same thing. Comcast does have a separate on demand setup, whereas with DIRECTV you have to download content on to your DVR if you are using their on demand service.

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