Filipino Channels Available Through DISH Network Satellite

One of the best things about satellite television is that you can subscribe to foreign language programming. No matter where in the world you come from, DISH Networkand DIRECTV offer terrific packages that bring programming to you in your native tongue. This hold true with the DISH Network Filipino package, which offers programming in the Tagalog language in the United States.

So why consider the DISH Network Tagalog language package? While many cable companies carry plenty of Spanish language programming, even Chinese in some parts of the country, you won’t find much Filipino programming on cable. With either DIRECTV or DISH Network, you have access to this programming in your language, and best of all it is affordable. No need to spend and arm and a leg to get quality Filipino TV, no matter where you live in America.

DISH Network international programming allows you to either subscribe to a stand alone Filipino package, or add the package to one of the DISH Network packages like the Classic Gold 250.  Most folks first get an English package, as many in the home already speak English or are in the process of learning the language. The main DISH Network Filipino package is the Pinoy Mega Pack, which is offered for $24.99 a month. Lets consider the 7 popular channels in this package.

GMA Pinoy TV heads up the Dish Filipino package, and airs on channel 717. This channel broadcast top Filipino programming, including top rated shows. Pinoy TV caters to the whole family, offering the latest news, variety shows, sitcoms, soap operas, and talk shows from the Philippines.

RPN USA is found on DISH Network channel 715 and carries a variety of programs. This Filipino language channel features travel, lifestyle, drama, and comedy shows. RPN USA also brings top rated shows from the Philippines to the United States.

DZBB is GMA Network’s AM radio station in the Philippines. One of the top rated AM stations in Manilla, no video is offered here, but the content certainly keeps you “on the ground” with the latest from home. Broadcast on Dish channel 722.

VIVA TV can be found in DISH Network channel 713, and is broadcast from Manilla as well. This 24 hour a day Filipino channel feature the latest and best movie selections. Other programming includes concerts, music videos, sports, and TV series.

NBN America is up next, and can be found on DISH Network channel 714. This is your top source for news and sports in the Tagalog language. Coverage of the Philippine Basketball Association can be found here, along with boxing and motorsports as well. Filipino news and political coverage can be found here as well.

GMA Life TV is on channel 720 and is the second international channel from GMA. Here you will find programs featuring the Filipino people and lifestyle.

DWLS is the final channel found in the Pinoy Mega Pack and is on DISH Network satellite TV channel 723. This is an audio station, and broadcasts Barangay LS, an FM radio station. Formerly known as Campus Radio, popular songs and Filipino music head up the programming.

Now if you don’t want or need all of the channels in the Pino Mega pack, there are two alternatives which cost less. First, the GMA Pinoy pack is $19.99 per month, and offers four Filipino TV channels. DWLS and DZBB, the two audio channels are included, as are GMA Life TV and GMA Pinoy TV. The Viva Pinoy pack offers three Filipino TV channels which are NBN America, Viva TV, and RPN USA. This package is $16.99 a month on a stand alone basis. If you subscribe to the DISH Network Classic Bronze 100 or higher, you can get this Filipino bundle for the discounted price of $11.99 a month. Right now, there are not any Filipino channels available on an a-la-carte basis through DISH Network.

As mentioned earlier, all of the DISH Network Filipino packages are available in conjunction with the standard DISH Network packages. While Filipino programming is not yet in HD, Dish does offer more than 100 English HD channels at this time. You also can get a free DISH Network DVR as a new customer, simply pay $5.98 a month for DVR service. If you do select the stand alone Filipino package, there is an additional $9.99 a month charge for DISH Network local channels. So how does DISH Network Filipino programming and pricing compare to the DIRECTV alternative? Check back soon as we review the DIRECTV Filipino package options.


  1. You would aquire many more Filipino if you carried the TFC. TFC is the reason that I had to leave Dish. TFC is the reason I am being held hostage to DirectTV. My wife and every other Filipino I know watch TFC. In fact, I would bet that 90 to 95 percent of Filipinos have Direct TV for this reason.

  2. I would love to switch to Dish and the TV on the go is great but as long as they don’t have TFC I am stuck with DireTV. A shame.

  3. We just had Dish installed today because one of their representatives misled my mom into believing they had TFC. Once installation was finished and we realized that there were less channels than what we had with DirectTV, my mom complained. the technician apologized and informed us that we had 30 days for free disconnection if we were unhappy with their service. my mom called their customer service and that’s where the trouble started. the first representative didn’t know which channels they had so my mom asked for a supervisor. the supervisor then rudely told my mom that it would cost us $400 to disconnect because of early contract termination (even though the representative earlier said that we had 30 days to cancel without a fee). the supervisor then threatened to automatically bill the fee to the credit card my mom was using and when my mom said that she would block that transaction, the supervisor said that they’d have a credit and collection company deal with us and the icing on the top was when the supervisor HUNG UP on my mom! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE DISH NETWORK!!! my mom called back and after 2 hours on the phone and alot of frustration on her part, she ended up talking to the executive department which agreed to terminate our contract without a fee. you may have alot of channels over DirectTV but the way you deal with your customers is a shame. i’ve searched alot of sites regarding why TFC isn’t on DISH (some dating back to 2003) and they keep telling their customers they’ve gotten alot of requests but til now you still don’t have it…and your agents suggested to my mom that we should wait until you get it on your network since you’ve gotten alot of requests. i wonder what year that’ll be?!

  4. Directv is an abusive copnamy which I worked for them for 4 years.they chargercustinera alot of money for their programming,but they don’t pay fair to their technicians.they don’t give u rights and they squezze u very good to get everything out if u.I never had very bad problems with them,but I remember Thatu used to showed up to work very scared not feeling job security,due to actions and tactics they always use to scare u of loosing ur job.

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