French Channels Available on DISH Network Satellite

If you live in the United States and speak French, no doubt you realize there is little selection from your local cable company when it comes to French programming. The satellite television alternative though can bring home plenty of content with DISH Network French programming packages.

DISH Network French packages allow you to add on to one of the regular Dish TV bundles at an affordable price. You can either add the full French lineup from DISH Network, or add channels on an individual basis if you have a specific interest.

The French Bouquet programming package is the main offer from DISH Network. This foreign language bundle contains five different channels all broadcasting 24 hours a day in French. Here are a few of the details on the channels offered in this package.

Afrotainment Movies is found on DISH Network channel 751. This channel delivers high quality films and TV shows produced in Africa. Films from Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry are available, and programming in both English and French is presented.

Eurochannel on DISH Network channel 752 is next up. The best of Europe can be found here, including movies, documentaries, and top series. Movies from France, Germany and Italy are featured, many with English subtitles. At least half of the movies presented are in French.

TV5Monde can be found on Dish channel 731. This channel feature French programming from Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and of course France. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, viewers can keep up to date with the latest news, current affairs, movies and sports including live French League Soccer.

EuroNews is the next channel in the DISH Network French package, and can be found on channel 784. This channel could be considered the European version of CNN, as it covers the latest breaking news. EuroNews is offered not only in French, but also in Russian, English, Portuguese, German and Italian. In addition to the latest news, business coverage, top sports stories, and lifestyle programming are also included.

Trace TV is the last channel in the French package, and is on DISH Network channel 735. This 24 hour a day channel is dedicated to French entertainment, particularly the music industry. TRACE TV offers 700 plus music videos each week, and also features top music award shows.

The DISH Network French package is priced at an affordable $19.99 per month, or you can get a bit of a discount if you pay annually, with the price being $219.89. The French programming package can be added to any base DISH Network package, or if you don’t want that you can simply add local channel access at $9.99 per month and get the French Bouquet on its own.  Other specials on DISH Network offer free installation and a free HD DVR to qualifying customers.

Overall, the DISH Network French package offers programming in your language that you can’t get from your local cable TV company, and offers an alternative if you don’t want to go with DIRECTV.


  1. Hello Annie,
    Checking the DIRECTV site, I do not see any French programming packages, looks like your best bet is going with Dish Network if you want TV5 monde

  2. did anyone watch the sub-titled movie on dis network mar 12thfriday night it was so good but I don’t know the name of it—HELP!!

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