Korean Channel Options Available on DIRECTV Satellite

If you or someone in your family speaks Korean as your first language, you have probably been disappointed with the lack of Korean programming available in the United States. If your local cable TV company carries even one or two Korean channels, consider yourself lucky. But there is an alternative, which is the option of selecting a DIRECTV Korean programming package.

Of course both Dish Network and DIRECTV offer Korean satellite TV packages, so the smart thing to do is look at both providers and what they offer before jumping into a contract. With DIRECTV, they generally want you to commit to a 24 month agreement, so be sure the Korean channels offered match up with your expectations.

Before we review the DIRECTV Korean channels available, you should be aware that a base package is required first before adding on a Korean language bundle. This is a little bit of a disadvantage when comparing to some of the more popular offers like the DIRECTV Mas package or the Chinese programming packages. It can be fairly affordable to get started though with something like the DIRECTV Basic bundle.

This International Base package is just $12.99 per month, then you can add your preferred Korean channels from there. While there aren’t many channels in this package, it is the best way to go if you are mainly interested in the Korean programming and don’t want or need lots of English channels. Now if there are some in the home who want lots of English programming as well, the next offer is the Preferred Choice base package, which is $19.99 a month for the first year. This will give you more than 120 English channels, then you can add a Korean package from there.  After the first year, the regular prices moves up to $32.99 per month.

So what exactly is available when it comes to DIRECTV Korean programming? Two packages are available, which are the Korean Direct and the Korean Direct Golf package.  Both have the following five Korean language channels.

MBC is on DIRECTV channel 2081.  This Korean broadcast network offers 24 hour a day programming with variety shows, childrens programming, and popular dramas.  This channel was the most watched Korean channel in 2002, and also features popular documentary programming.

SBS Plus is on DIRECTV channel 2084.  This channel offers the best of Korean “Halliyu,” the latest cultural happenings.  Here you will enjoy favorite classic and current dramas, original programming, as well as movies.

SBS can be found on DIRECTV channel 2080.   This 24 hour Korean TV network offers plenty of information and entertainment.   Typically you will find a unique mix of variety programming, popular dramas and the latest news from Korea.

YTN  or Yonhap Television News is the CNN of Korea.  Offering news 24 hours a day, you can always keep up on all of the latest in current events from both Korea and the rest of the world.  YTN is found on DIRECTV channel 2082.

CTS is on DIRECTV channel 2087 and provides 24 hour a day Korean Christian programming.

These five channels can be ordered under the Korean Direct package for $26.99 per month.  If you want more Korean programming, you can go with the KoreanDirect Golf package for $31.99.

The Golf Channel addition brings plenty of competition from around the world.  The latest news, original specials, and instructional tips are also offered.   Highlights and live play also are featured, with a focus on tournaments from around the world.

Another option for those interested in Korean language programming is to add the package to one of the main DIRECTV bundles.  Options like the Choice package or the Premier bundle provide your family with hundreds of channels at an affordable price.


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