How to Watch The Sunday Ticket Games on Your Cell Phone

So are you ready to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on your cell phone?

That will be your latest option for the 2009 NFL season, as DIRECTV has announced that subscribers to the Sunday Ticket plus Superfan package will have access via cell phone. Is the latest offer from DIRECTV just another option for subscribers, or is it designed to bring in new subscribers from Dish Networkand cable TV providers?

Time will tell. I can’t imagine people have been clamoring for the ability to watch NFL football on a 3 inch screen that won’t be of the highest quality. Delivery of NFL Sunday Ticket to iPhones and other mobile devices will rely on local Wi-Fi and 3G Networks, which aren’t of the same quality as satellite TV. On the other hand, access to the games through mobile networks may entice a few fence sitters who have resisted moving over to DIRECTV and the Sunday Ticket package because they don’t think they will get their moneys’ worth.

The NFL Sunday Ticket price is already sparking discussion, with the regular price for subscribers coming in at $280 for early bird sign ups. In addition, customers who want the Superfan package which includes HD and the new SuperCast addition will have to shell out another $100 for the 2009 NFL season. That brings the total bill to nearly $400 for complete access to all out-of-market NFL games. No doubt many hardcore NFL fans will bite the bullet and once again subscribe to the package despite tough economic times. Others though have balked at the high rate, saying enough is enough when it comes to the high NFL Sunday Ticket price.

The satellite provider is certainly betting that their exclusive NFL relationship will continue to lure in subscribers, as they renewed their contract for Sunday Ticket through the 2014 season. This year’s DIRECTV deal for new Sunday Ticket subscribers has not yet been released, but last year’s offer gave new customers access to the top of the line Premier package for four months with a new Sunday Ticket subscription.

Last year, DIRECTV offered live streaming of internet games to the customers computer, allowing access to out of market games via computer for the first time. While this year’s iPhone app will allow yet another way to watch games, subscribers of other cable TV and satellite companies will still be locked out. The SuperCast application will remain a DIRECTV exclusive , meaning if you have Dish Network, Comcast, or any other cable company you have to switch to DIRECTV first before even having the option of seeing games through these alternative channels.


  1. What a rip off for loyal NFL fans to find out that DirectTV is ripping them off even more by adding an additional fee to view their beloved games in hi-def is just wrong! In these seriously stretched tough economic times? Talk about highway robbery!

  2. Not fair???? Its called “pay tv” not over the air free. Pay tv is a luxury not a right, nfl sunday ticket is a double luxury, superfan is a triple luxury…theres no rip off if u want the price to go lower stop buying. No demand leads to lower prices..

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