Satellite TV Package Review – The DISH Network Classic Silver 200

Update: Classic Silver 200 has been renamed Americas Top 200

A few months ago, DISH Networkrenamed their programming packages, switching away from the America’s Top bundles to names that match up with their Turbo HD packages. One such package is the DISH Network Classic Silver 200, which was formerly the America’s Top 200 package.

The Classic Silver 200 package includes all digital audio and video programming comparable to the DIRECTV Choice Xtra package. Right now, you can get a $25 discount on the DISH Network Classic Silver package, making it an affordable option compared to cable TV companies like Time Warner. So what all is included in this package? Here are a brief review of the DISH Network Classic Silver 200 bundle.

DISH Network satellite TV of course delivers signal to your home via a small satellite dish mounted on your home. You need a clear view of the southern sky, so even if you are in an apartment, you may be able to get the Classic Silver 200 package if you have a deck or balcony. From there, the DISH Network installer will provide service into your home, reaching up to four different television sets. Additional receivers are needed if you are getting more than two rooms hooked up, so be sure to verify the monthly charges for these extra satellite TV boxes.

With the DISH Network Classic Silver package, you will get all of the popular basic cable channels like ESPN, CNN, TNT and TBS. An added bonus for sports fans is the addition of the NFL Network to the Classic Silver 200 lineup, as the NFL and DISH Network recently reached a multi-year agreement to carry the station for several years.

Other popular channels carried on the Classic Silver 200 package include MSNBC, Speed, the Fox News channel, and Toon Disney. At the bottom of this article we have included a full list of channels in this package.

As mentioned earlier, there is a deal on the DISH Network Silver 200 package which offers a $25 discount for the first six months of service. This reduces the price from the normal rate of $47.99 per month down to $22.99 a month. What additional charges can you expect with this package?

DISH Network offers the lowest bottom line prices when comparing programming packages with DIRECTV and cable TV providers. So while the price looks great up front, be aware of charges for DISH Network local channels and DVR service. Right now, DISH Network charges $5 per month for local programming, which almost everyone wants. Additionally, while DISH Network will provide new customers with a new DVR or HD DVR when agreeing to a two year service agreement, you do have to pay extra for DVR service. This is currently in the area of $6 per month per DVR. Also if you need or want more than one DVR when setting up service, you will pay for that too. One nice thing is that installation is free for up to four rooms, as long as there isn’t anything extremely labor intensive in getting your satellite TV system setup.

The current makeup of the DISH Network Classic Silver 200 package is approximately 110 video channels and about 90 audio channels, of which more than 20 are provided by Sirius satellite radio. No premium movie channels are included in this package, but of course can be added individually or as packages.

Finally, most new DISH Network and DIRECTV customers are setting up service in order to get HD programming. With the Classic Silver 200 package, you also get the SilverHD package free for six months. If you continue with HD service after six months, the cost is an extra $10 per month. While cable TV companies like Comcast claim to offer “free HD” you can usually come out with a lower overall price with DISH Network when comparing with regular cable TV prices.

So how does the channel lineup look for this DISH Network package?  To review the current channels included, click here to see a complete list.  The channel lineup is subject to change, so check with DISH Network directly to stay current on package offerings.



  1. We changed  over to the 200 silver channel.I asked  if I could get a print out ofthe channels we would be getting now.Unfortunately they  show me the names of stations only,what we need are the NUMBERS!!! When we started out with you,that was all given to us without asking for it….Sincerely arnold Breskot

  2. I got this package a few months back, after comparing the Comcast rates I was paying vs Dish Silver 200 it really was a no-brainer. I love the DVR with Dish and the HD, so slick and quick, its like cable TV is stuck in the 20th century in comparison.

  3. I like this package. Much better than the Comcast digital cable package I just got rid of. I do miss some of the on demand from Comcast, but the HD DVR from Dish TV is just so much better. I do think I’m going to upgrade to the Classic Gold 250. Lots more channels and only a few bucks more per month.

  4. I compared the Dish Silver 200 against the Direct TV choice xtra package before making my decision. I was moving away from Time warner cable because their rates have just gotten out of hand.

    I ended up going with the Dish Network classic 200. They basically have everything Direct TV has at a slightly lower rate. I dont care about Sunday ticket or some of the other Direct TV options. What i did want is the best possible DVR without having to pay Tivo extra every month. I couldnt be happier with the Dish TV DVR, it is so much better than the TWC DVR i used to have. The price with Dish is right too.

  5. Dish Silver rocks…had Insight cable for about the last 5 years. Nothing to write home about with Insight. Once I got Dish Network, I basically doubled my HD channel count and reduced my monthly bill about $20 bucks. Cant beat that.

  6. Well I got the dish network silver package about a year ago and overall Im fairly happy. With the Dish Silver 200 I get almost every channel I want, no hbo or Skinemax, but hey you gotta pay more for the good stuff right! Im glad they didnt hike the price this year, I guess they changed the name to Americas 200. I do wish they still offered the HD only Turbo package, I would switch to that to save some cash. I could see Dish Network wasnt going to make much on the Dish classic silver turbo, so I see why they got rid of it. Ill probably switch to Direct tv though when the contract is over, as long as they have the SUnday ticket they are going to dominate Dish in the long run.

  7. Living in a area where cable does not not come to my door step. What is my best choice of getting the most TV channels for my money? I now have At&T phone with the dish. But am looking for alternatives.

  8. I too am looking for a folder with the Station n umbers for classic lineup and bundles available with numbers for my area. I am on gold plan dish satellite central Ontario.Received a folder with advanced and hd NUMBERS. no good TO ME. fRUSTRATED.Thank you for looking i nto this

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