Russian Language Channels Available with DIRECTV Satellite

DIRECTV Russian programming packages are now available to satellite TV customers across the United States.  With a Russian TV package from DIRECTV, individuals and families can keep up on all of the latest news, sports, and entertainment from Russia.

So how do DIRECTV Russian programming packages work?  Currently, DIRECTV offers two different Russian packages, each designed to bring Russian TV home at a reasonable price.   The two packages from DIRECTV are RussianDirect and RussianDirect II.

The Russian programming packages from DIRECTV cannot be purchased on their own, you must first subscribe to a base DIRECTV package.   While most DIRECTV packages start in the area of $30 per month, there is an exception made for customers looking to subscribe to one of the DIRECTV international packages such as Russian Direct.   The allowance made is these customers can opt for the DIRECTV Basic package, which is just $9.99 per month.   Another cheap option is the DIRECTV Preferred Choice, which is just $19.99 per month.   Of course, if you want a wider variety of English channels along with the DIRECTV Russian programming, you can get something like the Choice or Choice Xtra package.

Once the base package is selected, the first option for DIRECTVRussian TV is the Russian Direct service, which is currently priced at $29.99 per month.  The RussianDirect package offers five different Russian television channels which are described below.

TV Nanny is a Russian language channel for children.  Russian speaking individuals wanting their children to progress in their native tongue will love this channel designed and programmed for kids.  Targeted in the Russian language at children between ages three to eight.

Vremya is a retro channel with programs from decades past.   Features celebrities, athletes, musicians and actors of times past.   Programs from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and the 1990’s; found on DIRECTV channel 2144.

Muzika Pervogo is the next channel available in the DIRECTV Russian programming lineup.  This channel features modern-day music from both the Ukraine and Russia.  Music videos, entertainment specials and entertainment from leading artists in both Russia and the Ukraine. Muzica Pervogo is currently broadcast on DIRECTV channel 2143.

Dom Kino is a DIRECTV Russian movie channel.   Features top movie of the past and present, all in Russian.  Also features Russian television series as well as features on those behind the movie making. Dom Kino is on DIRECTV channel 2142.

Finally, the last channel included in the Russian Direct satellite TV package is Channel One Russia Worldwide or C1RW as it as also known.    Channel One Russia is the most well known brand in Russian television.   Features the latest news from Russia, as well as documentaries, game shows, sports, and talk shows. This channel is found on DIRECTV 2140.

Now if you are interested in even more DIRECTV Russian programming, the RussianDirect II package is the top level package available for $45.99 per month. The Russian Direct TV II package adds two more channels, for a total of seven.

First, a recent addition to this package is “Vesti.” Primarily a news and information channel, Vesti is part of Russian Television and Radio, and offers the latest news, business, sports and cultural information from Russia.

Finally, the RussianDirect II package is rounded out with RTR Planeta, found on channel 2141. RTR Planeta offers a variety of Russian programming including documentaries, news, sports, cultural programs, and feature films.

DIRECTV’s Russian programming packages are quite different than the Dish Network Russian Mega pack.  It pays to compare Dish vs DIRECTV and look at the channels available in order to make the right decision.  Other providers like Verizon Fios and AT&T U-verse are also starting to offer limited Russian programming on an individual channel basis.  As you can see, there are several options available to get you into a DIRECTV Russian programming package.  Promotions are always going on with free installation and a free HD DVR.

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  1. The two packages could gain lot more profits for each individual as such. It will be very nice if this really works out fine.

  2. i have dish connection for russion package htb-3, htb, dtv, ctc-7 and other channel. But i want latest russian movie package upgrade. plse tell me. where I contact.
    I am in lucknow, up, india. Plese all provider.

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