DIRECTV Raising Rates Next Month

Update: 2010 DIRECTV Price Increase

DIRECTV customers will have an unpleasant surprise starting next month, as notice has gone out that a DIRECTV price increase will happen soon. March 4th is the specific date that DIRECTV will be raising rates. So why is DIRECTV raising rates at this time? With the DIRECTV price increase cause customers to begin looking around at competitors like Dish Network and Comcast?

The DIRECTV price increase will affect mainly customers who have already had DIRECTV service for more than a year. DIRECTV offers discounted prices, and also recently offered a “Lock in your price til 2010” to new customers. Existing DIRECTV customers will see the following price increases.

The DIRECTV Choice package will move from $52.99 to $55.99 per month, a $3 dollar increase. This entry level package has 150 video and audio channels, and is comparable with most basic cable lineups. The DIRECTV Choice Xtra package will be increasing in price from $57.99 to $60.99, again a $3 increase. This package is comparable with most digital cable lineups, and has over 200 audio and video channels.

The DIRECTV Plus DVR package is next up, and will move from $62.99 per month up to $65.99 a month. This is basically the Choice Xtra package, with DVR service included for an extra $5 per month for the first DVR box. The next package on the food chain is the DIRECTV HDDVR bundle, which is currently $72.99. This package will be increasing $3 to $75.99 per month, and basically includes everything in the Choice Xtra package, DVR service, and of course high definition channels.

One package that is escaping the DIRECTV price increase is the Family package. This basic lineup consisting of 45 family friendly channels will remain at $29.99 per month. This is probably a good move by DIRECTV in order to entice some of those that will be affected by the upcoming digital transition, keeping a basic package available for around $30 a month.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the all inclusive DIRECTV Premier Package. Currently priced at $104.99, this package will be increasing $5 to $109.99. This package includes basically everything, from all of the major cable TV networks to premium movie channels like HBO and Starz. Comparable to the Dish Network America’s Everything package, the DIRECTV Premier package offers great entertainment value for the monthly fee charged.

DIRECTV International programming packages will also see an increase in rates. DIRECTV Spanish programming is of most interest to many subscribers. The DIRECTV Mas Basico will go up $3, from $29.99 to $32.99. DIRECTV Familiar Ultra will go up $3 as well, rising from $54.99 to $57.99 per month. Finally the DIRECTV Mas Lo Maximo, which is the equivalent of the Premier package in Spanish, will move up from $104.99 to $109.99 per month.

DIRECTV Chinese programming packages will also increase. The popular DIRECTV JadeWorld package will be bumped up $3 from $36.99 to $39.99 per month. Premium movie channels services like HBO, Starz, and Showtime will increase by $1 per month as well.

So how does the DIRECTV price increase compare to the recent increases by competitors Dish Network and Comcast? The Comcast rate increase was pushed through in November of 2008, and was on par with what they had done over the past few years. Dish Network raised rates earlier this month, and while some packages only went up $2-3 bucks, others went up between $8-10 a month. Among these were hefty hikes on the new Turbo HD packages, making up for low package prices when introduced in 2008.

Overall, while the DIRECTV price increase will not create any new satellite TV fans, it is about in line with competitors in the marketplace, and to be expected considering the increased programming costs that have hit all cable and satellite distributors. Smart shoppers will continue to compare satellite vs cable TV, and also consider their local phone company in the area to be sure they are getting competitive pricing.


  1. What I find surprising about the Direct TV price increase is the timing. Dont these guys realize their subscribers are struggling to make ends meet? I guess the greedy CEO’s like Chase Carey just want to make more bonus money. Of course Dish Network and Comcast aren’t any better. Its just sad you cant find an affordable cable or satellite TV company these days.

  2. It should not cost more to bring HD channels to subs. There pulling it off other satellites just like the SD channels. I dont see how that should cost more, and most of the HD channels are not true HD anyway, seems a waste of money

  3. I can tell you that I’ve only been a subscriber for six months and my rate increase on my March billing. I also did not receive any notice of the increase or an opportunity to lock in my old rate.

  4. Direct tv says nothing about there price hike like they dont tell you are under contract for two years when you get a dvr with there service and get find almost 500 bucks if you leave early.You only get one dvr to record movies on they tell you if you want another dvr to record in another room they cant be sure if they order one it will be the same type as the one they installed.Comcast has a great on demand you can get on as many tvs as you have.Direct tv has on demand that you have to record movies and wait tell they come on they wont help you install your on demand service they expect you to do it SO ALL YOU CAN DO IS RECORD FORGET ABOUT EARLY SHOWINGS OF MOVIES.COMCAST IS WAY BETTER AND BETTER HD SHOULD OF STAYED WITH COMCAST DIRECT TV IS THE WORST I HAVE BEEN WITH OUT OF THREE SERVICES.COMCAST IS THE BEST DISH NETWORK NUMBER 2 AND DIRECT TV I SHOULD OF NEVER WENT TO.

  5. I’ve a relatively a new subscriber for 4 months and my rate was also increased on my March billing. Their rate promotion does seems to be misleading about having a certain rate for a year.

  6. Had Direct since 1999, starting out at $25/month. Now with the upcoming increase I have to draw the line. Maybe enough subscribers disconnecting will get their attention. I am pulling mine this coming month. Can get enough HD TV from my FREE amplified antenna system with a 30 foot tower in place! Direct has turned most channels into regular TV reruns anyway!

  7. Noticed the increase in my Paperless bill today when taking care of it in my check book. Promptly called and asked where was I notified of this increase since I received paperless bill. Placed on hold and then advised in January email notice for January paperless bill. Checked that and there was NO notification. I also took exception with the rate promo and year stuff. Guess I need to read my contract with a fine tooth comb. Also plan on filing complaint with BBB and FCC regarding increase without notification to this consumer.

  8. I think directtv is going overboard with these price increases. It used to be that directtv prices were at least 30% lower than the cable TV company, no matter which one you had. now directtv is significantly higher than dish network, and almost expensive as comcast. Not sure if I will stay with them much longer in this economy.

  9. Darcy has it right. These Direct TV execs are making out like bandits. Chase Carey and john malone are millionaires and billionaires respectively. But they have to soak the directtv customer for even more cash.

  10. C’mon people. Directtv is a business, just like any other in America. They are here for one reason only, to MAKE MONEY. If they aren’t doing that, then they arent doing their job, which means people lose jobs. Look at AIG, GM, Ford, Crysler, etc. Direct TV provides a great product at an extremely affordable price overall.

  11. 6 months into contract, DIRECT TV raised my promo rate which was supposed to be LOCKED IN for 1 year. THAT is breach of contract and FRAUD! I’m not going to stand for it. Who does Chase Carey think he is?

  12. My bill for the CHoice package was supposed to be $34.99/month. I have now had my service 42 days and the total bill is $190.70. They have all of these hidden fees and charges that they do not tell you about up front. The discounted price that they promise you the first year is not really the price they quote when they call. They tell you you have to wait 2 months for that to kick in. Then to top it all off, when they over charge you, they also overcharge you in taxes. When they offer you credits, they do not include the extra you paid in taxes for the escalated bill. can we say fraud??? Tax fraud?

  13. When I originally switched to DirecTV from Dish Network about four years ago it was for one reason. HD. DTV was the undisputed champion of HDTV. They had the most channels at the time and had the best technology. SInce then the only thing that has got my interest is the HD Tivo (which I have). The problem I have is that many local sporting events are shown in HD but Comcast is the only carrier that provides them. (FSN and Comcast sports net HD). As much as I have always said that I would never go back to cable, especially Comcast, its beginning to look a whole lot more appealing if DirecTV continues to raise rates and doesn’t give me any programming to show for it. I mean they can’t even carry TNT or Starz in HD.
    As for the compression, I haven’t noticed a terrible loss in quality, but then again most of my HD watching is OTA signals.

  14. I dont think the latest direct tv prices are that far out of line, but what I do have a problem with is the NFL Sunday ticket prices. I called to find out what they cost, and while they dont have the 2009 sunday ticket prices out, they quoted me last years rates. It was nearly 400 bucks for Sunday ticket plus superfan which you have to have for the HD. I dont know how they will make money on that this year, too many people are going to say no to those prices

  15. With so many DirecTV rate hikes, are they even better than cable? I remember about 10 years ago the first time I signed up for DirecTV, it was like 40% lower than my cable bill with Cox. But now, it seems like there isnt any difference in price between cable TV and satellite TV.

  16. My Direct TV bill keeps going up and up….I called the Direct TV customer service number and they were of no help. Couldnt explain charges, fees, taxes. I think its about time for me to drop my Direct TV subscription and try out Comcast for a while…

  17. Overall, i think Direct TV rates are still better than any cable TV company. I’ve had Time warner and then Comcast in Denver where i live now, and I finally decided to go with a Direct TV deal I got through Qwest. What I found is that I get more HD, more channels, and a better DVR for about $10 less than comcast. Cant beat that.

  18. hey maybe someday someone will invent a magicjack for internet & TV & charge just $20 a year but until then if you want the goods you’re gonna pay the price no matter where you go. So you may save a few bucks here & there likely losing quality & service in the process. Or you just shell out the cash & grin & bear it & feel blessed that you even have a place to live & watch your tv because think of all the homeless & starving children in africa who don’t! ComCast Rules! Caller I.D. on my TV amazing! What’s next? Video calls through my DVR & a webcam? Bring it on baby I’ll be 1st in line to buy all the services you’re selling!!! Sweet!

  19. I’ll tell you what, anyone who has the option of Directtv should consider themselves lucky. I just got my comcast bill and there is a notice of a rate increase. i cannot believe how many times Comcast has raised my bill. I live in an apartment where a satellite dish wont work, and I would die to have Direct TV, Dish TV, Uverse, anything!

    I am almost to the point of dropping Comcast and just doing without. Uverse says they will be here sometime next year, but they have already delayed from this year. The second Uverse is live in my area I will be jumping all over that. NO MORE COMCAST!!!!!!!!

  20. AVOID THIS COMPANY. I am mailing in a payment for an invoice I received for $300.00. I am VERY UPSET about making this payment. I was a customer who never paid one payment late. I had to call them a couple of times because the box they gave me broke. They NEVER told me that everytime you call to activate a box your contract renews itself. BUNCH OF LIERS AND DECEITFUL PEOPLE. They are charging me for their crapy boxes that never worked. I am NEVER going to use this company again and I am on a mission to tell all of my friends, family and as many people as I can of how much this company cheats and lies to their customers.


  21. I just returned to DirectTV to find out that they have discontinued Versus. Since Cycling is my main sports interest I am S______ . I am paying right around 100 per mo for TV, locked in for 2 years, And can’t watch my favorite sports event, The Tour De France. I wish someone know how to contact someone to complain to.

  22. Yes, they raised the rates. No, they don’t have Versus. But I’ll tell you what. They are MUCH more pleasant and professional to deal with than Communistcast. We moved in to our new home in September. I called DirecTV to install the satellite and Comcast to install the Internet on the same day. DirecTV was here and finished by the time the Comcast tech even got here. THEN, to top off the experience, the Comcast guy’s truck was REPOSSESSED on my driveway!!! I’d much rather deal with professionals than amateurs – and Comcast is definitely a bunch of amateurs!

    $3 is NOTHING compared to the $15 or so my former cable bill went up in the 2 years I had Comcast. Too bad Verizon doesn’t have Fios in my area or I would boycott Comcast all together.

    I’m entirely happy with my DirecTV service, the rates are ok, but the service definitely outweighs the alternative options!

  23. I can’t disagree, I returned to DirectTV after only 2 mo with Comcast. If I was A foot, or basketball fan, I would be just fine. If you like hockey, Indy cars or cycling. You are out of luck. Is this the forum to reach them?

  24. I gather the rate increase is to take into account that they have dropped the very expensive Versus coverage. Versus is one of less than 10 channels (plus local channels) that I want. They offer 250 channels and most are garbage, plus movies (which I am not interested in). The cost of this stuff as soared out of control. I think we need some federal government regulation of these cable and satellite tv companies. The satellites are using the airwaves and that by itself should be sufficient to make regulation possible and necessary. How much do these media company CEOs need to take home anyway. Are they trying to make more than the wallstreet robbers?

  25. This looks like site for veting out frustrations with DirecTV…is there any way out? When I called up, DirecTV executive informed me that they are free to change its prices to even 1000 USD per month and no one can stop them. Simply ridiculous customer service. I am going to cancel the service, even if it means paying cancellaton fee of 400 USD.

  26. I have a 24 months contract with DirecTV, first twelve months with discount rate is over and I just received notice they will increase my rate to $68. With twelve more months to go, there ain’t much I can do.

    For those that are looking for new cable service, need to beware of this kind of contract requirement.

  27. I have a friend with Comcast, and I of course am with DTV. They both suck for prices now, but at least DTV is good for picture quality. I agree as I was originally an early adopter of DTV when the prices were really really low, but after working in Europe for a while and coming back, it was a shock enough as it was (Sunday ticket was over 4x what it used to be…gahhh). Oh well. I can’t go back to cable with the picture quality being what it is, even on the “HD” channels. It’d be different if I didn’t have a nice Samsung LCD, but now….

  28. For anyone considering Direct TV, if you sign up now, you can still lock in the prices from 2009. I was hesitating to go with them after reading about the latest price hike. I gave them a call to work out all the numbers. Basically, there is a two year contract, but the first year has a steep discount. If you sign up before the deadline in February, they will give you a bill credit when the price increase goes into effect, so you can get the regular $26 a month discount, plus the savings of $3 to $5 a month depending on the Direct TV package you have for 2010. Just be aware that once 2011 rolls around, you will lose your first year promotional discount, your 2009 price lock, and probably face a regular price increase for 2011…Yikes! Anyway even factoring all of that in, Direct TV will still be less than what Comcast is charging me so I made the switch to satellite.

  29. Cancelled my Directtv last week. Just in time. Tired of paying $80 a month for one receiver. Bought a ROKU instead and subscribed to Netflix for $9 a month. Between that and my rabbit ears, I’ll survive.

  30. with all the paid programming bs!!! on directv how can they justify increasing costs! my bill jumped from 85 for choice package only to 116.00 a month in 2 freaking months. They heard a few cancelations of some channels as a result.

  31. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had the biggest package since I got DirecTV in November of 2007. My original rate was $111 a month including all my taxes and DVR fees. I just got my new bill…$135 including tax in a little over two years. And I honestly don’t care how much it costs to get out of their stupid contract that I accidentally and unknowingly renewed last Feb. when we moved. I’m calling to cancel tomorrow. I still don’t understand how you can be under “contract” but they can raise rates like that.

  32. And then they go & take away channels without notice like they did a few years ago when Starz was part of the Total Choice package .

  33. Second raise in a year. Now after 11 years, will cancel service, PERIOD.

    Have enough free TV from my antenna and tower. HD coming in great on that and free!

  34. i have had up to here with direct tv its been a whole month and still no installation every time i call they tell me ill call u back or were workin on it. This has to have been the worst and rudest company buy far i wouldnt recommend direct tv for nothing. i then called dish network and got the lowest rates in the satelite industry and great customer service on top of that now this is a satelite company i would recommend thanks dish f u direct tv.

  35. plsssssssssssssss don’t subscribe or even think about it, they are awful people, they don’t respect their offers and you can’t reach anything with the customer service because they are programmed to say certain things. when i started my service i had a 5 month promotion which they didn’t respect and in Dec. they said anyone watches 4 movies on demand will get 2 for free, so i did and yet we are in March and i didn’t receive any dime. I really can’t wait till the end of my agreement to switch providers .

  36. I’ve been with direct tv for ten years and i,ve come to the breaking point. These rate increases are out of line, there was no prior notice. I will be switching to dish network next month.

  37. I feel upset and frustrated. I subscribed a 2-year contract of Chinese channels for my parents and just paid $32.98 ($12.99 for basic and $19.99 for mandarin Direct) for 6 months before they hike the price.
    This is my first time subscribing TV services. The agent did not tell me that the price could change during 2 years. I thought intuitively that since i wouild have to pay penalty if i terminated the service before 2 years, the price should stay fixed. As i recall now, the procedure of the whole thing is crooky. The agent did not mention the price raise before installation, and he handed you documents to sign after installation. Who would read that lengthy document at this point? Who would back up the subscription at this point? I signed the document without thoroughly reading it, so i’m trapped. I’m so regret that i subscribed it. I still have 17 months to go and i have to pay them $340 if i terminate now. If someone have a good way which can make me walk out of this contract without penalty or keep my old rate for 2 year, please share. Thanks.

  38. Fed up altogether! I have direct tv. I have been with them for about 10 years. I have the lowest package there is, and I started out paying about $25.00 a month and I am currently paying $67.50. AND FOR WHAT? To watch the same old shit everyday, every week, every month. Same old reruns over and over again. The only way you can watch something different or current is on the pay per view channels and HELLO that coast EXTRA ($4.99) every time you use it. I’m ready to give up tv altogether the only channels I watch anyway or fox, cbs, abc, cw, lifetime, and syfy. Lifetime and syfy has been playing the same old movies over and over again for YEARS! As far as cable, dish, ect., I think they are all pretty much the same. ALL OVER PRICED! Who can even afford these prices now days? Granted if you were getting something for your money other then just reruns all the time, then maybe it would be worth it. Of course as long as people continue to pay these outrageous fees, they are going to keep taking your money. I am DONE! I can still catch the news with a pair of rabbit ears and when I want to watch a movie, I’ll rent one ($2.99). It will be a whole lot less then $67.50 a month and it won’t be a rerun!

    STEVE good luck cause dish is going to do the same thing to you that direct tv has done. They are all the same in the end.

  39. and now they raise the rate again! funny how it coincides with the Oprah channel. F that. I’m done with them

  40. We went ahead and cancelled Direct TV on the count of us having to cut back on expenses that were not necessary. Also because D TV was charging us high for not so good programming and those dam loud “volume raised” commercials. I got mad one day and pulled the plug.

    Scince then, we’ve gone with Netflix streaming from our home computer to our Wii game box which is connected to our living room TV and we’ve gone back to watching the “free” Tv in our local area. Best move we’ve ever made. We’re now paying $8.00 a month for Netflix and all the movies we can stand with absolutely no annoying commercials. A victory for the little man.

  41. Enjoy your service but very disappointed in the rate increase. We are watching more loud commercials than tv programs. What control and greed the networks have. I dont want to watch reruns all summer long. We Americans only talk and complain with no action to follow. We all should cancel and see what happens, but they know not all will, but some will. Doesn’t it seem that keeping price low would draw just as many or more customers. There should be a ceiling on profit. Another thing, their promotions are deceiving. They never tell you what the cost is after the 12 months. I truly appreciate the service, but not the greed and deception. We should be able to pick the programs we watch and not have to take all the channels we cannot possibly watch. I have been with Direct TV a long time and am very unhappy with the increase and the control that the networks have. Thanks Direct TV and Networks (hate your loud commercials. Your many commercials and loudness do NOT cause or encourage me to buy the products) Future looks pretty dim, but you all go ahead and enjoy your riches, I will survive.

  42. Sure is funny how last week I turned the TV on and directv had changed. I thought it was pretty cool the new way it looked. Little did I know not even a week past and I got the news they were raising my bill by 4%. The letter says nothing about the new face of DirecTV. Instead it said that the networks were all raising their price by 10% and direct was only going to raise my rates by 4%. Ya right I don’t believe it. Then when I called to see if I can remove some of my programming. They said with a lower package I have to pay for HD now. $10 a month. They told me about a year ago as long as I had my package bundle I never have to pay for HD again. They are liars I’m going to call around and see about dish TV and our local cable company. They sort of have me because we cannot get any reception with an antenna where we live

  43. This is getting outrageous, I cannot believe how much my DirectTV bill has gone up in the last three years.
    Comcast is looking fairly good at this point, but I just don’t know how much they will go up after the one year deal ends. I have to do something though, DirectTV is killing me!

  44. I’ve been with Direct TV since 1992 or 1994—can’t remember. I love it! It has given me hours of viewing good programming, but as a senior. I’m not liking the extra raising of the monthly fees. The State of IL now is considering raising the taxes on television viewing and I’m afraid I’m going to have to re-think my Choice PKG. I’ve tried the local cable, which by the way was a farce, but now I’m noticing that there are so many duplications of shows that just sorta fill up the Guide and as far as HD goes, my tv has just as good viewing reception as some of the HD channels. I’m hoping Direct TV re-thinks its view on charging more on the monthly fees.

  45. Direct TV customer for six months and they just raised the receiver cost with no notice. I had Dish Tv for five years and they never raised my receiver cost. I really regret going with Direct TV. I guess their “contract” only obligates the consumer and I am wondering how many more times in the next 18 months they are going to pull this crap. I will never recommend Direct TV to anyone.

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