DISH Network Raising Rates on Packages

Update: DISH Network 2011 price increase

DISH Networkis greeting their customer base this February with a hefty price increase which Price Increasemay have customers looking to DIRECTV or other cable TV providers. The Dish TV price increase takes effect today, though the news first broke back in December of last year.

So how will you be affected by the price increase on DISH packages and programming? Lets take a look at how DISH Network has arranged its pricing for 2009.

First, DISH Network has eliminated the package names that have been around for years, such as the Americas Top 100, or AT100 as it is often referred to. Gone as well are the America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250, and the America’s Everything Pack. DISH Network has renamed these packages to match the Turbo HD names that came out last summer. Here is how the DISH Network packages transition.

America’s Top 100 is now the DISH Network Classic Bronze 100. This package is moving up from $32.99 to $34.99. With local service it moves from $34.99 to $39.99. Price increase of $2.00 a month. Add $10 per month for the Turbo HD Bronze addition.

America’s Top 200 is now the DISH Network Classic Silver 200. This bundle is increasing in price from $44.99 to $47.99 per month. With local channels, it increased from $49.99 to $52.99 per month. Overall an increase of $3.00 over 2008 prices. Add $10 for the Turbo HD Silver package.

America’s Top 250 is now the DISH Network Classic Gold 250. The base package increases from $54.99 to $57.99 per month. With locals, the price of $59.99 goes up to $62.99 per month. Overall, prices increase $3 a month for the 250 channel lineup. Add $10 for the Turbo HD Gold package.

Lastly, the all inclusive DISH Network America’s Everything Pak is renamed the Classic Everything Pak. This was $94.98 last year, and will be $97.98 in 2009. With local channels, the price increases from $99.98 to $102.98. Overall, a $3 per month increase here. Again, the Turbo HD Gold addition can be had for another $10 per month.

One area where DISH Network is making up some lost ground is on their DishDVR Advantage packages. Last year, DISH Network made a big deal over the fact that they were freezing prices on several of their packages. In actuality, they only held the line on the DishDVR Advantage packages, and the Dish Family package. But DISH Network is making up for that with this year’s price increase.

The DishDVR Advantage Classic Bronze will move from $39.99 a month up to $44.99 a month, a $5 increase. DishDVR Classic Silver will increase from $49.99 up to $57.99 a month. Finally, the DishDVR Classic Gold 250 will increase from $59.99 up to $67.99 a month. Thus the Silver and Gold DishDVR packages will both increase $8 per month. So DISH Network customers may have enjoyed lower prices in 2008, they are basically being hit with a double increase in 2009 to make up for DISH Network’s lost revenue, and to bring prices more in line with DIRECTVand cable television.

If you are one of the new subscribers to the DISH Network Turbo HD only packages, you will also encounter a price increase. Turbo HD Bronze is jumping $5 per month, from $24.99 up to $29.99 a month. Turbo HD Silver customers will see their prices move up from $32.99 to $39.99, an increase of $7 a month. Finally the Turbo HD Gold package will increase a whopping $10 per month, from $39.99 up to $49.99 a month. Turbo HD came into the market last summer with extremely low prices for the all high definition channel lineups, but those low prices are quickly disappearing. Rumors of new HD channels have been floating across message boards, but nothing has come of yet for the new Turbo HD packages.

As far as good news, while there isn’t much, current DishLATINO customers won’t feel as much pain. Several Dish Latino packages including the DishLatino Plus, DishLatino Dos, and DishLatino Max will actually decrease slightly if you already have local channels, but will slightly increase without local channels. The pricing is actually the same with or without locals for most DishLATINO packages, so customers may as well sign up for them.

Premium movie channels also remain fairly stable with the latest DISH Network price increase, with HBO going up a buck, and no change to Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime.

Overall, the price increases look to be standard for the course, as Comcast, Time Warner, and DIRECTV all are doing the same. 2009 will certainly be difficult for both satellite TV companies, as DISH Network and DIRECTV fight to maintain and grow their respective subscriber bases. The one disappointment for DishDVR and Turbo HD customers is that their great 2008 rates have basically been thrown out the window.

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