Tips On Finding a Great Deal With DIRECTV

When shopping for any service, everyone wants the best deal possible, and its no different with satellite TV. In fact, the top question we receive generally has to do with finding the best satellite TV deal through either DISH Network or DIRECTV. So how does one find the best DIRECTV deal?

One thing to look when looking for a good DIRECTV deal is the company selling you the service. Because DIRECTV is a $30 billion dollar company, they don’t just sell their satellite TV service through their own sales force, they have several re-sellers. Generally, you can find a better DIRECTV deal if you shop not just the satellite TV company itself, but also the re-sellers. Telephone companies and online retailers are two channels to consider when looking for a good DIRECTV deal.

Among these resellers are Verizon, the large telephone company that mainly services the densely populated states on the East coast. Verizon is starting to deploy their own video service, Verizon FiOS across the areas they serve, but it takes a while to upgrade the network to handle the capacity needed to carry broadcast television. If FiOS is not available in your area, Verizon will try to get you into a DIRECTV deal.

Another re-seller of DIRECTV service is Qwest. Similar to Verizon, Qwest is a telephone company serving customers in 14 Western states including Arizona, Colorado, and Washington. Unlike Verizon, however, Qwest does not have their own video service so there are several DIRECTV deals for new customers available through their sales channels.

Finally, AT&T the other large telephone company is currently in a resale agreement with DISH Network. While DIRECTV deals were formerly available from Bell South, ever since AT&T bought Bell South, they expanded their re-sale agreement with DISH Network to these areas as well. AT&T is similar to Verizon, in that they have their own service U-Verse that they are deploying throughout the areas they serve. They offer DISH Network in areas where U verse is not available. The AT&T-DISH Network satellite TV deal lasts through the end of 2008, so it will either be replaced with a new contract, or there is a chance AT&T will partner with to offer DIRECTV deals in 2009.

A second option and our recommended choice here at Dish Television for getting a great DIRECTV deal is going through an online retailer. DIRECTV designates the best of the best as Elite dealers, and Direct Sat TV is currently considered one of the preferred online retailers on the DIRECTV website.
Online re-sellers do not just take orders over the internet, they also provide toll-free numbers for potential customers to call if they want to place their order with a live human, or if you have questions about packages, pricing, local channel availability, or anything else related to setting up your new DIRECTV service. So why buy from an online retailer?

Take for example our recommended online dealer for DIRECTV deals, DirectSatTV.

DirectSatTV is in the business of securing new customers for DIRECTV, that is all they do, so they don’t have to worry about the rest of the satellite television business. They can focus 100% of their time and energy on you the customer, answering all your questions, and recommending the best possible setup for your situation. Because this is all they have to focus on, you can be sure of excellent customer service from start to finish. At times they also offer unadvertised specials, so you can often get a better deal than if you had set up with DIRECTV itself.

So getting the best in hi definition and sports programming really isn’t all that difficult. Simply click here for the best DIRECTV deal.


  1. What really sucks is if you are an existing Directtv customer and you want to get sunday ticket. Basically, all the deals go to the new subscriber. I’ve had Directtv for at least five years, bought Sunday Ticket every year, and yet Im having to pay through the nose for Superfan for the games in HD. Where are the Directtv deals for existing customers?

  2. I just was doing some research on Direct TV deals available here in Dallas and found out that they are doing their NFL Sunday Ticket deal right now. You can get 5 months free of the Premier package, basically everything. HBO, Show Time, Starz, and Cinemax for five months free. You also get all of the local channels and the regular cable channels with this Direct TV special offer for new customers.

    All you pay for is the Sunday ticket which is five installments of $59.99 per month. Yeah $300 bucks is pretty pricey for Sunday Ticket, but when they throw in the all inclusive Direct TV package along with it I have to say I was sold. So I’ll check out Sunday Ticket for the 2009 season, but hard to justify that cost for future years.

  3. This is by far the worst service, and customer service I have ever experienced. DTV has not been able to fix my service no matter how many times I call. I am disconnected. The protection contract is worthless cause even when they do fix the service it doesn’t stay fixed. DTV thinks that no one works for a living and all I have to do is sit around waiting to have someone walk me through the trouble shooting that I have gone through with, all too many times before. Once again out of 3 TV’s in the house I have one that works but the remote doesn’t. This is not rocket science guys….. What really pisses me off is that I can’t get any reduction in my fees when I don’t get the service I am paying for. I will proceed to start, continue, blogs and do whatever including filing FCC and BBB complaints. I recommend that anyone seeing this does not use DTV until they finally get some people that know what they are doing and get some people on the phones that know some basic business ettiquite that when they disconnect from you that since they ask you in the beginning what your # is they actualy have the brain to call you back. If I ran my business the way you do I would have no clients. Hey and you want to be paid promptly….amazing!
    And AT & T I would suggest that you don’t align yourself with this crappy company.

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