Chinese Packages Available on DIRECTV

DIRECTV offers both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese television programming from the Far East. An advantage to subscribing to satellite TVis the ability to get channels from around the world. Both satellite providers offer various foreign language packages. One such foreign language package offered by DIRECTV is Chinese programming.

For Chinese speaking individuals living in the United States, there is no better way to keep in touch with the culture and news of your home country than subscribing to a Chinese language programming package. DIRECTV makes it easy on the customer, offering free installation and either low-cost or free equipment in order to connect customers to Chinese programming.

This is a big difference when compared to cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast, which may only offer Chinese programming in a few markets. Combine that with HD and DVR service from DIRECTV, and you have a combination that can’t be beat.

The nice thing about the DIRECTV Chinese Language Programming lineup is that there are multiple options, those being the Jadeworld programming package and the Mandarin Direct III service. This means the customer has some flexibility in choosing the Chinese channels that will be of interest. Chinese TV programming through Direct TV can then bring you closer to your home. Mandarin and Cantonese programming packages are affordable, and provide entertainment value for the whole family. Those with children especially appreciate the opportunity to educate and inform the kids with their Chinese traditions, culture, news and language. The great thing is that this can all be done from the comfort of home.

So what options does DIRECTV offer as far as Chinese language programming? How does it stack up with Dish Network Chinese programming? As mentioned earlier, two packages are available, the Mandarin Direct III service, and the Jadeworld programming package.

The Jadeworld package is available as a stand alone package from DIRECTV, meaning no additional programming package is required. Here are brief highlights of the 5 channels available in this package.

TVB 1 and 2 are basically the same channel, with feeds catering to different parts of the United States.

TVB1 caters to the East coat viewers, while TVB2 programs shows for the West Coast audience. The programming itself includes news from Hong Kong, as well as variety shows, TVB dramas and series, entertainment shows, as well as cartoon and travel shows. So while the programming is basically the same on these channels, the timing caters to different US time zones.
TVBS is primarily a news channel, which broadcasts live from Taiwan. In-depth news coverage is presented throughout the day, with some additional variety thrown in. Other shows include popular talk shows, dramas, variety and travelogues. The next channel in the DIRECTV Jadeworld package is the TVB Entertainment network. Featuring an extensive entertainment lineup TVB airs Asian blockbuster movies from past and present. Top Asian movie stars and along with variety programs and music concerts are part of the entertainment offerings. The latest entertainment news and celebrity features are also included.
Finally, the Jadeworld package is rounded out with CCTV-4. This network includes programs that reflect China’s history, politics, culture, economics and people. CCTV-4 brings you back home to China. The Jadeworld package from DIRECTV is currently priced at $36.99 per month.

The second offering from DIRECTV as far as Chinese language programming is the Mandarin Direct III service. This package first requires a subscription one of the DIRECTV International Base channel packages, either the DIRECTV Basic for $9.99 or the Preferred Choice for $19.99 for the first 12 months of service. The Mandarin Direct III package is $19.99 per month additional, and includes the following five channels.

First up is the Phoenix North American Chinese Channel. This channel has its primary focus on the latest news, current affairs,and financial market updates. Other programming includes variety shows, and dramas from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan including Good Morning China.

The Phoenix InfoNews channel is s the first foreign satellite channel delivering independent financial news and current affairs in Mandarin Chinese 24/7. Programming includes financial reports from around the world, live coverage of breaking news and relevant commentary on news from the Chinese perspective.

The third channels is CTI Zhong Tian. This network includes a wide variety of programming, features include up-to-the minute news programs and features, financial reports, and variety shows which include entertaining programs.
Next is TVB8, featuring news, talk shows, films, and more. Family programming is the focus here, as TVB8 offers shows from both China and Hong Kong for Mandarin-speaking audiences of all ages. Chinese viewers can catch the best TVB dramas of past and present, including series and sit-coms. TVBS broadcasts live from Taiwan. The same channel as included in the Jadeworld package mentioned earlier.

So as you can see, Chinese programming from DIRECTV is a great thing for those wanting to keep in touch with their native language and culture.


  1. Thanks for the excellent review. I’ve been trying to figure out what the differences were in these Chinese language packages from Direct TV and DISH network for a week and all I have found is conflicting and confusing information.

    Now I know what directv chinese package to hook my parents up with!

  2. So is the chinese package from directv better than dish network? Everyone is my community has the DISH network Great wall package, but after looking at this, it looks like DirecTV offers more for the money.

  3. Go with Great wall, much more variety and selection that directv. DirectTV is better for sports, but i’ll take dish for international any day, espec the chinese packages

  4. Right now if you subcribe to Direct Tv you’ll get $50 international minutes free. Also who ever refered you will get $20 as well.

  5. yes its right Chinese programming from DIRECTV is a great thing for those wanting to keep in touch with their native language and culture.

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