DIRECTV Mas Programming – What All is Included?

DIRECTV is upping the ante in the battle for Spanish language customers by expanding their DIRECTV Mas lineup.

DIRECTV Mas, the company’s combination of English and Spanish programming is designed of course to reach an estimated audience of between 40 and 50 million Spanish speaking customers in the United States. Described as a package of “exclusive Mexican Programming” with news, sports, movies, variety and educational programs from across Latin America, the DIRECTV Mas package will put more pressure on DISH Network.

DIRECTV is increasing the number of channels in the Latino package to 45+ Spanish language stations, and 230 English channels at the top level Premier package. According to DIRECTV, this 18% more Spanish language programming than any other competitor. In the past two years, Direct TV Mas has added the following channels to the Spanish lineup:


Cine Nostalgia

Foot’s Cool

Discovery Familia

Televisión Dominicana



Azteca América

Azteca México

ESPN Desportes

DIRECTV Mas service incorporates different channels from all over the Spanish speaking world including Spain, the Caribbean, as well as additional Central and South American countries. The service now carries 7 channels of programming directly from Mexico.

DISH Network has been the leader in signing up customers via their DishLATINO package. With DIRECTV’s recent expansion of their Spanish language programming, it looks like DISH Network has yet another fight on their hands in the battle for subscribers.


  1. I love Directv mas. I had cox in san diego for about 6 months. Between the high billing and the poor picture quality, DirecTV mas has been a godsend. I only with I could get high speed internet along with my DirecTV mas, but I have to get DSL insteadhot

  2. Whats really cool about the Directtv mas package is that you can get all the english channels too for the same price. like the Lo Maximo package is about 110 per month, while the Directtv premier package costs the same! So basically you can get about 50 spanish channels for free with Directtv mas, even if you don’t speak Spanish!

  3. i’m trying to look a number of you’r company and can’t find any number to call people so canyo send me you phone number and area code please thank you

  4. If you get the Direct TV Mas service now you can pay for Sunday Ticket and get the all included Direct TV Mas package for no charge. Its free for five months.

  5. Is it possible to get the IFC Channel, TCM, comedy channel, etc., in barcelona, Spain? What would it cost and what do I need to do to get these channels? Thank you

  6. Liza,
    Unfortunately you won’t be able to get Dish Network or DIRECTV service in Spain. The way their satellites point you can only subscribe in the United States. Your only option would be to check with providers in Spain to see what they have to offer, or look for options online to view your favorites.

  7. Hola es posible tener direct tv mas en españa con todos los canales que pone en USA y si no es posible que canales se podra ver aqui en españa mas preciso en Sevilla

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