Arabic TV Channels Through DIRECTV

One of the great things about  DIRECTV is the wide variety of foreign language programming that is available. While cable companies like Time Warner, Comcast, and Cox communications usually offer extra Spanish programming packages, what if you are interested on something unique such as Arabic programming?

Fortunately, DIRECTV has foreign language programming from around the world, including five Arabic language channels, available across the United States. With an estimated 1 million Arabic speaking individuals living in the United States, satellite TV companies no doubt want to cater to a potentially large market like this. So how does a programming package including Arabic channels work with DIRECTV?

First, if you are interested in satellite TV, make sure your home fits the requirements. If you own your home, make sure you have a clear, unobstructed view of the southern sky for the dish to pick up signal. If you live in an apartment or condominium, you may still be able to subscribe to DIRECTV if you have a private balcony, again that faces south.  Also be sure to review the Dish Network Arabic TV option as well before making your final decision.

You first have to subscribe to a base package with DIRECTV. This choice can be any of the regular DIRECTV packages, such as the Premier, Choice, ChoiceXtra, or Family programming package. These start at $29.99 per month. However, if you are primarily interested in the Arabic channels, DIRECTV offers some lower tier packages that you can subscribe to and then add the Arabic package.

The lower priced packages are as follows. The DIRECTV Basic package has 22 channels, mainly shopping and religious channels, and it is only $9.99 per month. The Direct TV Preferred choice has 58 channels, and includes quite a few of the popular basic cable channels like CNN and ESPN. This package is currently $19.99 for new customers for the first 12 months of service, reflecting a $13 a month discount.

Now once you have your base package, you can then add on the DIRECTV Arabic progamming. The current price for this package is $25.99 a month, and includes the following five channels.

The ArabicDirect programming package includes:

DIRECTV Channel 2102 is the Rotana Cinema Channel. The Rotana Cinema Channel is a leading movie channel in the Arabic world. Playing from a wide library of Arabic-language films, the channel also features the latest cinema news and entertainment programs.

Direct TV Channel 2103 is the Rotana Zaman Channel. This network featurs digitally restored movies from the past. Classic Arabic movies are main focus, as this network reaches millions of viewers not only in the Middle East, but around the world as well.

DIRECTV Channel 2104 is the Rotana Moossika Channel. The Rotana Moossika hhannel is an Arabic entertainment channel that also features variety programming. Programming found here includes music videos, concerts, and other musical entertainment.. Rotana Moossika claim the largest Arabic music library in the world, and promotes some of the top entertainers from the Arabic entertainment world.

DIRECTV Channel 2105 is the Orbit Arabic Series channel. This network is the first 24-hour Arabic thematic channel in the Arabic world. It plays Arabic TV series from the Middle East on a continuous basis. The Series Channel delivers all sorts of programming, including drama, comedy, and historical biographies.

Finally, the last Arabic channel from DIRECTV is Orbit Al-Yawm on DIRECTV Channel 2106. Orbit Al-Yawm is an original Arabic variety and entertainment channel, producing and broadcasting 35 hours or more of live Orbit productions per week. The channel features social, cultural, and educational programming designed for the whole family.

Overall, DIRECTV provides a great way for Arabic speaking audiences to keep in touch with their culture via DIRECTV Arabic programming.


  1. aloha……
    I am looking for arabic channels package in the area of kauai-hawaii….please let me know what programs you have ?..and if you can install it in the island of kauai….?
    thank you and mahaloo

  2. The DirecTV arabic package is so much better than what I used to have with cable. They had 2 channels, thats it! Thanks Directv for keeping us in touch with home.

  3. I’ve been doing some research and it would seem as though Dish network offers close to double the number of arabic channels ( a much larger variety including news, movies, music, etc.) for 5$ more package price. I’m a directv subscriber myself but this is going to be the motivating factor in me switching service providers I think.

  4. DN have 21 arabic channels including movie channels, news, arabic episodes, egyptian, lebanese, etc. But DTV offering only 5 channels for almost $30 + I have to subscribe for channels I do not watch and pay more money. It sucks. Get more arabic channels and reduce your subscription fees, either I will call you GREEDY.





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