Finding Beijing Olympic Coverage on DISH Network Satellite TV

DISH Network is covering the 2008 Olympic Games in a big way, announcing a broadcast partnership with NBC Universal that will include 24-hour coverage on two HD channels.

The two channels will be NBC Olympics Soccer channel, and the NBC Olympics Basketball channel.DISH Network will broadcast the HD Basketball network on channel 98 and the HD Soccer Network on channel 99.Each of these channels will show HD Olympic competition in their respective sports 24 hours a day in HD.Content will repeat once, as 12 hour blocks will play on a repeat loop to total 24 hours total.

Quite a bit of additional coverage will also be available to both DISH Network and Direct TV customers.The official start to the 08’ Beijing Olympic Games will be on Friday August 8th, though some preliminary action in team sports has already begun.The following NBC-Universal networks will air programming as follows:

NBC HD will air 225 hours of HD
USA HD will air 165 hours of HD
CNBC HD will air 95.5 hours of HD content
Universal HD will air 379 hours of HD content

Additional 2008 Beijing Olympic coverage will be broadcast on MSNBC, Oxygen, and can provide you with current programming schedules.

DISH Network will also offer plenty of Video On Demand (VOD) titles created by NBC Olympics.Similar to the video on demand offerings available on DirecTV, two dedicated HD channels are available, free VOD and NBC-Universal’s multi channel distribution platform. Overall, the total number of hours DISH Network is offering its subscribers is more 800.

DISH Network will additionally offer customers NBC’s foreign language coverage from Beijing.Mandarin (Chinese) and Korean language coverage will be offered for approximately six hours per day for each language.


  1. Now that I know the story I will cancel our DISH subscription as well. Our main reason for enduring the pains we have been through with this company was VOOM and programing like EQUATOR. Sometimes it has to be about “just doing what can make you better”. Customers count!

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