The NFL Sunday Ticket Superfan Package – What You Need to Know

With many NFL fans getting ready to shell out a few hundred dollars for the NFL  Sunday Ticket package, another question awaits, should I pay another $99 for the SuperFan package?

So what exactly is the Superfan package, and why do you need it?  Well you don’t need it, its not food, water, or shelter.  But as the typical NFL fan, you will probably want it.

This bundle is an add-on to the NFL Sunday Ticket package, you can’t buy it all by itself.  As mentioned, the stated price is $99, but depending on your negotiating skills, you may be able to get that lowered, or free, or some sort of other credit depending on your history with DIRECTV.  Some of the features in the Superfan package include:

NFL Sunday Ticket HD Games– OK this one is certainly a sticking point with a lot of DIRECTV customers who already pay the $9.99 a month HD access fee.The standard Sunday ticket comes in standard definition, and while the network games will mostly be in HD this year, you have to get Superfan to watch the rest of the games in HD.

NFL Sunday Ticket Game Mix– Kind of like sitting in the sportsbook in Las Vegas, with a screen full of monitors in front of you.Up to 8 games at a time are presented all in one screen.Easily switch the audio from your remote control to hear the game you want.The only problem is that the screens can be pretty small when so many games arepushed together in one screen, solve this by going out and buying a bigger HDTV.

NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone Channel– While a little bit of a roller coaster ride, this channel has become a favorite of fantasy football diehards, and those who hate the endless stream of commercials that continue to bog down NFL games.The Red Zone channel moves you from game to game based on where the action is.Anytime a team is in scoring range, usually within the 20 yard line, this channel takes you to the action.After they score, you are moved on to the next game where a team is threatening.No wasted time on excessive replays, kickoffs, and best of all, commercials.

DIRECTV Supercast– Good for traveling salesmen, I guess.This allows you to stream the games to your PC, anywhere in the world.Also plenty of statistics and scores are found here as well.Probably not one of the top features of the Superfan package.

NFL Short Cuts– A nice feature for fantasy players scouting out new talent.The Short Cuts replay each game without commercial interruption in less than 30 minutes.How do they do that?No commercials, and no downtime, interesting to think that each NFL game contains less than 30 minutes of actual play.These replays start at midnight ET Sunday night and stop at midnight ET on Tuesday.

NFL Sunday Ticket Mobile Highlights– This feature will send clips, stats, and scores to your cell phone.

So those are the highlights.  The lowlight of course is the cost.But if you figure the complete cost of the NFL Sunday Ticket plus Superfan is probably about the same as taking the family to one NFL game, you can see why it remains a popular product for DIRECTV.

If you are considering a switch to satellite TV service from a provider like Comcast, Time Warner, or Cox cable- new DIRECTV subscribers can get four months of free programming when buying the NFL Sunday Ticket package.


  1. highly offensive to me that i pay for HD and sunday ticket, but then i have to fork out more money to actually get sunday ticket in HD. way to nickel & dime your customers and create customer bitterness. i subscribe to directv ONLY because of their monopoly on out-of-town NFL broadcasts. as soon as i can find a techonological alternative (eg placeshifting) to get my broncos games in decent resolution, this is the kind of crap that will drive me away.

  2. Everyone who subscribes to Sunday Ticket needs to boycott the subscription until they agree to drop the fee for games in HD when you are already an HD subscriber. As mentioned above…total bullsh*t!

  3. I agree, I pay for sunday ticket and superfan just so I can watch my chargers at home and if I’m away I can watch online. Their prices are ridiculous and I’ve been a customer for years. Damn monopoly!

  4. This is crap, I was on hold 48min just to get customer service. I have the Sunday ticket pay for HD i wanted to stop my service completely $300.00 fee for that this is more than nickles and dimes. I think the NFL should do something it is them that is getting a bad name cant they do business with any tv service.

  5. Well this is my first full season with the NFL package and Superfan and probably will be my last. Sure I enjoyed having access to all the games, but it really tied me to the TV every Sunday. The wife is none too happy with my production around the house this fall and winter. It seems like you cant even leave on Sunday because you are paying an arm and a leg for Superfan plus NFL ticket, so you want to get your moneys worth. Direct TV has a great scam going here though, I can see why hardcore NFL fans have to have satellite and not cable.

  6. I changed over to Directv from my reliable cable company just to get the NFL Sunday Ticket. The price for this package is excessive in itself but if I now have to pay an additional $99 to view the NFL in HD, I’m changing back to my reliable cable company and I’ll watch the games from the local bar. You talk about price gouging!!!!!!

  7. Hey Steffan,

    Unfortunately the regional sports networks you speak of do block out almost all professional sports games outside of the “home” market. This is true not only for Sunday Ticket, but also for basketball, hockey, and baseball packages too. This protects the premium packages like MLB Extra Innings and NBA League pass so that people will buy them.

  8. I’ve got a question… I’m in Dallas and was thinking about getting the Sunday Ticket along with Superfan (obviously cuz I’m spoiled and like HD too much) so I can watch the Steelers and other teams. But I’m now paying $7/month for the Sports package that has various channels from Pittsburgh, California, Colorado, Arizona, etc. – wouldn’t customers still be able to watch the games on those channels instead of paying $300 for the Sunday Ticket (and they’d be in HD too). Sounds like that’s a decent loophole. Would that still be thrown in the blackout catagory??

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  10. I am officially dropping Direct TV, cutting the cord.
    I am going with the Fire Stick. Ordering from Amazon for $39.99.
    I am done with paying for TV, then having to watch so many commercials.
    It is out of control.

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