Can You Get DIRECTV In Your Condo or Apartment?

Many cable TV customers have been asking recently, can I get DIRECTV at my apartment?  The answer to that may require a little investigation, but in many cases the answer is yes.

For many years, those living in apartments, condominiums, and townhomes had to settle for their cable TV provider, whether it is Comcast, Time Warner, or whatever other cable television company served their particular area. Some with private decks and balconies have been able to put a satellite dish out there and then hook up DIRECTV service. Recent rulings by the FCC have changed the game in favor of satellite TV companies like DIRECTV and DISH Network.

If you live in an apartment or condo complex, and you just can’t stand the thought of missing out on the NFL Sunday Ticket package this year, the first thing to do is check with your landlord or management company and ask about DIRECTV. Many properties have been pre-wired to share a single dish system already. These situations are usually found in larger, multi-story apartments and condominium complexes. In these cases, either one or more DIRECTV satellites dish systems have already been installed on the roof, and then signals are sent to a central location inside the building. Now if your landlord does not have a shared system, you can inquire if you can have your DIRECTV dish mounted either on the roof if it’s close to your apartment, or on the building itself if there is space available. This is where things sometimes get sticky.

Landlords usually don’t like seeing a satellite dish stuck to the side of their building. If they refuse, you still have one option. If you have a deck or small patio that faces south, you can have the dish mounted on the railing out there.

The consideration here is whether that area is a private deck or balcony. As long as it is not shared, you can usually do whatever you want with that space. Another easy way to check things out is to simply walk around your apartment or condo complex and look at your neighbors deck areas. If you see several satellites systems set up, there is nothing preventing you from setting up your own DIRECTV dish for your apartment.

To avoid delays with getting your system installed, the technician may require you to provide an installation permission form, which basically says your landlord, homeowners association (HOA) or apartment manager is OK with the satellite dish installation. If you run into a situation where those in charge give you a hard time regarding a DIRECTV satellite dish installation, check the FCC website, as there are now rules that do not allow unreasonable restrictions against having a  satellite TV dish installed in private areas of your residence.


  1. This is really good advice for getting Direct TV in an apartment. A friend of mine had an extremely difficult time getting Direct TV in his apartment, but finally was able to by putting it out on his deck. I don’t get why landlords give such a hard time about putting a small satellite outside of an apartment.

  2. before reading this article my views and thoughts were different. Amazingly the article changed everything in my mind.

  3. response to michael–people object to a “small” satellite because when they are installed all over the property, hither and yon on balconies and patio fences, on poles in flower beds, etc. the place looks trashy.

  4. Your local cable company has a monopoly on your business. It also controls what channels you get.

    It’s unfair and should be illegal.

  5. This is good info on fighting with your local HOA for Direct TV. I had to battle them for five months, but finally with a little help from my local FCC office, I was able to get Direct TV installed at my condo. My husband will be so happy when Sunday Ticket time rolls around!

  6. Although this is a great article, unfortunately i didn’t find the solution for my problem.
    I signed up for Direct TV last week, and when the technicians came in,they said that its impossible to install the dish in my apartment because it was facing north!
    They suggested to install it in the roof although it will take alot of wiring, but the management of my building said no to that!
    I will miss most of the European soccer season because of that!
    I hope they make dishes that can go through buildings soon, at least before i switch my apartment after my lease is up!

  7. Some people say moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do. I guess even helping family move house can be stressful without Direct TV.

  8. The writer of the article is not being truthful in all aspects. The FCC rulings are great as everyone knows where they stand. However certain companies installing dishes do not stick to the FCC Ruling nor do they tell their customers the rules, rather they leave it up to the owners to tell the customers. Very few, if any, owners of apartments will allow dishes in roofs or out in common property. Why? It means cabling needs to be run all over, imagine the roof with 23 or 30 dishes inside or even on the outside, all people will get access to roof space with its safety and privacy issues. Lets say someone falls off the roof, falls through the ceiling into someones apartment, puts in peepholes to someones apartment, falls over cabling on the ground, the dish falls off on someone head and the list goe on – who would be sued?? The owners of course have the biggest pocket. If I was an owner I would not allow it wither.

    • what apartments do you stay in? Im trying to cancel my direct tv and they said it will have to be somewhere the servcies are not offered to get out of my contract.

  9. I just wish I could get Sunday ticket for my boyfriend through Time warner. We live in a high rise and it doesnt look like directtv is every going to be an option in our apartment here in New York

  10. Useless advice for apartment renters. I tried to get DISH. Had the installer come out. Time Warner has a monopoly on the wiring so I have to get a cable that runs from the satellite on the patio to the TV in the living room. The cable prevents the patio door from closing all the way. Obviously not an option. As expected, the landlord won’t let the installer drill a hole through the wall and install a plate (allegedly all professional looking). Even if I could have that done, I am then looking at wiring running from the living room, through the apartment to the bedrooms unless the landlord would let him drill through another wall (again, professional-looking with plate and all).

  11. i plan on moving into an apartment complex. So i asked about Direct TV since i am with them for the next 12 months, and he said NO. Now i have to tell him about FCC and Direct TV lets see what he says now.

  12. I finally got Direct TV. Landlord say i can allow attach on balcony or Roof. I have one question. after I ready to move how to unmount from roof? Do I need get Direct TV company come out to Unmount from roof to take with me. or Should I just use on balcony Rail? Hope that help me which better.

    P.S. I do love Sunday Ticket 🙂

  13. When will the Direct T.V. folks get smart and come up with newer, sophisticated dishes so that those of us that live in condos or apartments could install them in an attic or upper room? Then, perhaps we wouldn’t have to put up with all of the neatnicks who object to the eyesores that they claim these attennas create for their precious environment. Maybe Direct T.V. could come up with a wireless system or disguise them to look like sunflowers or flamingos; maybe that would satisfy all of the do-gooders!

  14. Could not get ATT Direct TV Phone Internet package. Management said property owners will allow no more dishes. Even after getting extra insurance and the previously required $200.00 deposit. The dishes here are not un attractive they are out on the grass on poles by windows facing southwest Time Warner is more expensive and have monopoly on all other services here my opinion.

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