Review of DISHLatino Programming Packages

DISH Network has the widest selection of Spanish language channels available. All of these packages are under the DishLATINO heading. So what exactly can DishLATINO offer to Spanish speaking customers?

There is certainly a wide variety of Spanish programming available in these bundles. Gone are the days when only a handful of channels were available. Channels and programming in Spanish include movies, variety shows, sports, novellas, music, music, and game shows originating from all over the Latin American world. Base DISHLatino packages today start at the low price of $27.99 per month. With the number of spanish speaking people in the United States increasing, you can be sure both DISH and DIRECTV will continue target this market with excellent programming options.

The base bundle from DISH Network is the DishLATINO standard package. Priced at $27.99 per month, this package offers 35 channels, all broadcast in Spanish. There are no English channels in this entry level package.

One step up is the DishLATINO Plus package. This offer is $5 more, and at $32.99 a month offers some English channels in addition to the 35 Spanish networks. Nine English channels are added here, including popular cable networks such as TBS, USA Network, and AMC.

The next package up is the DishLATINO Dos. At $39.99 a month, this package is comparable to the America’s Top 200 deal. Here you will find everything in the Plus package, and then add another 150 English stations. All together, there are 195+ stations in DISHLatino Dos, but be aware that many are audio stations.

Finally, the king of all Spanish language packages, appropriately titled DishLATINO Max comes in at the top of the charts. DISHLatino Max offers 220+ channels total, 35 Spanish plus English and music channels.

All of the DishLATINO packages can add either local channel or DVR service. Local channels are $5.00 per month extra where available. A DishDVR subscription is generally about $6 per month, but well worth it of course.  Customers considering a Spanish satellite TV package will of course want to compare what is available with DIRECTV Mas before signing the two year contract required by either provider.

Below is the current lineup of Spanish networks that are available with DishLATINO.

Canal Uno Internacional
CD-Fiesta Mexicana
CD-Latin Styles
CD-Latino Pop
CD-Miami Mix
CD-Viva Mariachi
Centroamérica TV
Cine Latino
CNN en Español
De Película Clásico
De Película
Discovery en Español
ESPN Deportes
Fox Sports en Español
Gol TV
MTV Español
Telefutura Este
Telefutura Oeste
Telemundo Este
Telemundo Oeste
Toon Disney
TV Azteca
TV Chile
TV Colombia
TV Española International
Univisión Este
Univisón Oeste

DishLATINO from DISH Network, premium Spanish language packages that are cheap yet reliable.


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