NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV

DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package is back, with a great promotion for first time satellite TV customers.  Obviously the regular NFL season doesn’t start until September, but training camp starts in mid to late July for most teams, and the exhibition games start in August.

If you live in a cave, or absolutely hate football, here are a few details on the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket package.   The sports package is designed to give you access to every NFL game, week in and week out.  Generally, there are four or five games available via network TV, the Sunday morning and afternoon games, the Sunday Night game on NBC, and the Monday night game on ESPN.

Now if you live in the market where “your” team plays, you can almost always see your team play.  But if you don’t live in said market, you would have to make a trip down to the local watering hole to catch your team’s game.  Not anymore.  Since DIRECTV introduced the Sunday Ticket package a few years back, you can always see your team, from the comfort of home.

DIRECTVcertainly paid up for the right to the package, paying $700 million for exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday ticket package.  So you won’t find the package available on Time Warner, Comcast, or DISH Network.  While critics have decried this fact, it certainly has been a factor in making DIRECTV the largest satellite TV company in the United States.

While out of market fans comprise a strong base for the NFL Sunday Ticket package, there are other fan groups who consider the package a must have.  Fantasy football players have been flocking to the package, as it allows them to check in on their players at any time.  Another interested fan group is  of  course those who have a little action on NFL games.   They  love the DIRECTV Sunday Ticket package so they can see who ends up covering the spread.

What about price?  In the past, the NFL Sunday Ticket price has been around $250 per season, split up over four monthly payments.  It looks like this year’s price for existing subscribers will be bumping up against the $300 level.  Early birds can sign up now and get a $20 discount.

New subscribers though can make out like a bandit on the Sunday Ticket bundle.  Current promotions are offering the NFL Sunday Ticket package for $74.99 per month for four months, with a great add-on incentive. New subscribers signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket can get the DIRECTV’s Premier package free for four months. This is DirecTV’s highest end package, with 265 channels, 35 sports channels, and also free HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Free DVR service is also included for the first 4 months, as well as an upgrade to a HD DVR. This covers the first DVR unit only.

Throw in free DVR service, free installation, and an HD DVR upgrade and the current DIRECTV deal offers customers more than $600 in savings.  So if you have passed on the Sunday Ticket package in the past, now is the time to get your order in because this is the start of the busiest time of the year for DIRECTV.

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