NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV

DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package is back, with a great promotion for first time satellite TV customers.  Obviously the regular NFL season doesn’t start until September, but training camp starts in mid to late July for most teams, and the exhibition games start in August.

If you live in a cave, or absolutely hate football, here are a few details on the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket package.   The sports package is designed to give you access to every NFL game, week in and week out.  Generally, there are four or five games available via network TV, the Sunday morning and afternoon games, the Sunday Night game on NBC, and the Monday night game on ESPN.

Now if you live in the market where “your” team plays, you can almost always see your team play.  But if you don’t live in said market, you would have to make a trip down to the local watering hole to catch your team’s game.  Not anymore.  Since DIRECTV introduced the Sunday Ticket package a few years back, you can always see your team, from the comfort of home.

DIRECTVcertainly paid up for the right to the package, paying $700 million for exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday ticket package.  So you won’t find the package available on Time Warner, Comcast, or DISH Network.  While critics have decried this fact, it certainly has been a factor in making DIRECTV the largest satellite TV company in the United States.

While out of market fans comprise a strong base for the NFL Sunday Ticket package, there are other fan groups who consider the package a must have.  Fantasy football players have been flocking to the package, as it allows them to check in on their players at any time.  Another interested fan group is  of  course those who have a little action on NFL games.   They  love the DIRECTV Sunday Ticket package so they can see who ends up covering the spread.

What about price?  In the past, the NFL Sunday Ticket price has been around $250 per season, split up over four monthly payments.  It looks like this year’s price for existing subscribers will be bumping up against the $300 level.  Early birds can sign up now and get a $20 discount.

New subscribers though can make out like a bandit on the Sunday Ticket bundle.  Current promotions are offering the NFL Sunday Ticket package for $74.99 per month for four months, with a great add-on incentive. New subscribers signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket can get the DIRECTV’s Premier package free for four months. This is DirecTV’s highest end package, with 265 channels, 35 sports channels, and also free HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Free DVR service is also included for the first 4 months, as well as an upgrade to a HD DVR. This covers the first DVR unit only.

Throw in free DVR service, free installation, and an HD DVR upgrade and the current DIRECTV deal offers customers more than $600 in savings.  So if you have passed on the Sunday Ticket package in the past, now is the time to get your order in because this is the start of the busiest time of the year for DIRECTV.


  1. It will be interesting to see how much nfl sunday ticket goes up in the next few years. I think Direct will have to keep it fairly even this year, with the economy being so bad. But look out after that! With the new deal with the NFL, Direct tv has to figure out some way to collect back that 1 billion a year they will be paying the NFL. My guess? If they keep charging for the superfan package separately, we’ll be looking at probably $500 per subscriber for nfl ticket plus superfan.

  2. Anyone know the 2009 Sunday ticket price yet? I dont think they will have any room to raise the rate on Sunday ticket in this economy, but you never know. Too bad they dont give returning customers Superfan for free, it would be the least they could do considering Sunday Ticket is $300 bucks a season!

  3. Is there going to be a Sunday ticket deal soon? I have Dish Network, but after I heard Direct TV extended their agreement with the NFL, I’m gonna have to switch over. I only hope they are willing to do the same deal they had in 2008 for the 2009 Sunday ticket package.

  4. Is there going to be a good deal this year for Sunday ticket 2009 season? I want to get this for my boyfriend as an early Christmas present! But I dont want him to spend every sunday on the couch all day 🙁

  5. Direct TV really has us by the you know whats if you know what I mean. I got the NFL Sunday Ticket last year when I signed up as a new customer. So I got the first time customer deal where you pay about $50 per month for NFL Ticket, and you get the Premier package for free during the NFL Season.

    When the season was over, I downgraded to the Choice xtra package, which is about $40 less than premier. I figured there would be no way I would subscribe to Sunday Ticket again. But here we are a couple of months before the 2009 season and I am seriously considering the Nfl package again. With no other providers offering the Sunday Ticket, its almost like Direct TV can charge whatever they want and get away with it.

  6. I cant wait for Sunday ticket 2009. Basketball season is over, baseball is boring. I need my Sunday Ticket fix NOW! Yeah its expensive, but its the best money I spend on entertainment all year.

  7. The directv Sunday ticket offer for 2009 will be 5 payments of 59.99 with 5 months free of the premier pack and 5 months free if DVr and yes there will be a charge for super fan which this year allows u to watch games on pc and mobile phone. Looking forward.

  8. I have mixed feelings about the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Sure Direct TV is raking us over the coals by charging $300 plus another $100 for HD. On the other hand, I cant say that after each and every Sunday that I don’t feel like I haven’t got my money’s worth. With Sunday Ticket, I can have everyone over and watch all of the best games on Direct TV without dealing with tons of commercials like on the network. The mix channel and the Red Zone channel are so worth it.

  9. This is a pretty crazy price that Direct TV is charging this year. I hope people really think about it before shelling out this kind of cash. The NFl and their Sunday ticket package need to be more affordable for us hard working Americans.

  10. I think a Sunday Ticket discount is in order for loyal Direct TV customers. I’ve had Direct TV now for 7 years, and had Sunday Ticket for all 7 of those years. What do I get as far as a sunday ticket discount? Nothing! Oh sure I’ve heard “Just call them and threaten to cancel Sunday Ticket” But I shouldn’t have to do that! I’ve paid on time every year for those years, and paid a nearly $200 a month bill to Direct TV during each football season when I am charged for Sunday Ticket. Just give me a deal on Sunday Ticket without the hassle!

  11. Alex,

    I believe what Time Warner Cable is talking about is negotiation for the NFL Network channel, not the Sunday Ticket package. You are correct in saying the Sunday Ticket is only on DIRECTV.

    The NFL Network channel does carry about 8 live games during the second half of the season. They finally reached an agreement with Comcast, but not with Time Warner so you once again may miss out on the NFL Network if you are a TWC customer

  12. Time Warner keeps telling customers they’re in negotiation with the NFL for broadcast. Though it always fails, if you have exclusive rights, then how can they even negotiate?

  13. Old receievers don’t work for the NFL Package on Direct TV today. Did I miss the memo on this? This sux big time. I can barely afford the package to begin with.
    Bummer Dude!

  14. Why can’t Directv offer a smaller package? I don’t need to watch ALL the games. Give us a 1 team or maybe even a 3-4 team package. All I really care about is the Packer games. Who cares when KC plays Oakland…?? Or Tampa Bay plays Tennessee? Why do I have to pay for all the games when I only want to watch one?

  15. Well I took the jump and got Sunday Ticket this year. Of course as a new customer I’m on the Direct TV deal that they have, but after enjoying sunday ticket for 10 weeks now, I get why people pay $300 or more for this.

    I think they have sucked me in, I’ll probably pay for the Sunday Ticket 2010 season without hesitation.

  16. I think this will be my last season subscribing to Sunday Ticket. Yes I love it, but it just costs too much. Unless I hit the lotto before the 2010 NFL Season, Direct TV can kiss me goodbye as a Sunday ticket subscriber.

  17. Well its all good for the NFL and Direct TV. They both get paid, year in and year out. What about the customer? Specifically, us who live in high rise apartment buildings. How in the world are we ever going to get Sunday Ticket unless Congress steps in and breaks up this unfair arrangement. How is it that the most popular sport in America is cutting out a huge portion of their fan base by agreeing to only give this package to Direct TV. Hello? Can they not get that if it available through Comcast, DIsh Network, Verizon FIOS, etc that so many more people will buy it?

  18. I cant believe this Sunday Ticket ripoff still exists. Where is the competition? Why wont the NFL offer this through ALL providers. They would cash in bigtime, even if they offered it for $100 less than it is now. This NFL Sunday Ticket scam has to be stopped!

  19. I think this Sunday Ticket scam has gone just about far enough. I just found out that Sunday Ticket is going to be on DirectTV for another 5 years, through the 2014 season. What a joke. I know the NFL is all about money, and a billion bucks from DirectTV is certainly a lot of money. But not everyone can get a satellite dish installed! Hello NFL, lots of us live in apartments, how in the world can they justify cutting out at least 25% of the American population when it comes to getting the NFL package. Surely if this was available through FIos, Time Warner and any other provider then the NFL would make more money, grow their fanbase even bigger, and make more people happy.

  20. I think its the end of the road for me and Direct TV. I am going to go with Dish network in the next month or two. I love sunday ticket, but I just cant justify the expense anymore, and my wife just about strangled me when I got it this year 🙂 Anyway, too bad there isnt a Dish Network NFL sunday ticket package, of course at a lower price. Thats what we all need!

  21. Any chance that Sunday Ticket will be on Cox cable next year? I really dont want to go to Direct TV just to get NFL sunday ticket, but now that I live in Arizona I hardly get any of the east coast games that I want to see. Just too bad the NFL wont give Cox and the other cable operators access to the NFL package

  22. Great Article. I completely agree that DirectTV has some decent rates, but Dish is by far the better option. Did you know that there are satellite providers that actually are fairly competitive with both of these giants? if you dig around you can sometimes find even better deals.

    once again, thanks for the info.

  23. It will be pretty interesting to see how Direct TV handles things if there is a lockout in the NFL. I mean, they can’t charge people for a product that isnt even going to be on. Then on the other hand they have agreed to pay the NFL owners hundreds of millions for the rights to the games. Their stock could really be in the toilet if this thing doesnt get worked out soon!

  24. I think Buddy makes a great point. It’s in the NFL’s best interest to get this done with the players. They are losing MORE than just advertising dollars, they are losing product sales!

  25. First year with DIRECTV and man I have to say Sunday Ticket is the bomb. Certainly worth switching away from crappy TWC here in New York. I only hope they keep the price down like they did for current subscribers this year, don’t think I could afford to pay $300+ for football

  26. I hope Direct TV does like last year and offers Sunday Ticket for $199, that is about the right price for a family man to afford the football package.

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