DIRECTV, DISH Network Score High Satisfaction Ratings

Satellite television providers DISH Network and DIRECTV have to be happy with the latest customer satisfaction numbers, which show higher ratings than cable TV operators.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index, (ACSI) is produced by the University of Michigan. This years numbers have DIRECTVat the top of the list, with a score of 68. DISH Network received the second highest score with a 65. The index tops out at 100, and measures the customers overall satisfaction with their pay television company.

DIRECTV was quick to crow about their score, issuing a press release to recap their numbers. The overall rating among all cable and satellite providers combined was 64. While DIRECTV came out with the highest score for any individual company, the highest score overall was a 69 for the “All Other “category which includes several smaller cable companies such as RCN and Cablevision. While DISH Network’s score was the second-highest this year, it was their lowest score DISH Network has ever received.

Big cable once again brought up the rear in satisfaction scores. Notable numbers included Comcast at 54 and Time Warner at 59, but the companies were moving in opposite directions. Comcast’s score slipped 3.6% from last year, while Time Warner posted a 1.7% increase.

Comcast tied Charter communications for the lowest score among providers. Comcast has struggled with its poor-service reputation, as integrating acquisitions over the past few years has been the priority. Comcast claims it has hired 15,000 “front line” workers in the past 18 months in order to improve service.

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