Why DISH Network Dropped VOOM HD

DISH Network’s recent decision to drop the VOOM HD channel network has certainly drawn plenty of criticism from viewers who claim they love VOOM and its 24-hour HD programming format. From a business perspective however, the move had to be made.

For those not familiar with VOOM, the concept behind the company was to create and all-HD satellite television provider. After struggling to carve out a subscriber base, VOOM was given new life by Echostar when the parties reached an agreement to have all of the VOOM HD channels carried on DISH Network.

Earlier this year, DISH Network realigned its HD packages, forcing subscribers who wanted VOOM HD to pay $20 for all 15 channels. Subscribers who wanted the dishHD essentials package could subscribe for $10 a month, and would only miss out on the 15 VOOM HD channels and a few additional channels.

Of course, VOOM did not like that move, as it would erode their subscriber base. The parties headed to court to fight things out, DISH Network claiming VOOM had not held up their part of the bargain by failing to invest in new programming. DISH certainly has an argument there, as one of the biggest complaints about the VOOM network is its constant repeats. DISH Network finally pulled the plug, removing VOOM earlier this week, claiming breach of contract.

DISH Network head Charlie Ergen has always taken a hard-line stance with programmers, and has always been willing to cut the cord first and pay his lawyers to work it out in court later. His decision here will probably mean the end of VOOM, as it can count cable operator Cablevision as its only customer.

The bottom line with VOOM is that it was a niche product, enjoyed by only a few in the grand scheme of things. Very few, if any new customers were making the decision to subscribe to DISH Network based on gaining access to VOOM HD. While it may have to field a few customer complaints about VOOM in the short term, the longer term view required DISH Network to clear out the old in order to bring in the new.


  1. Bad move Dish TV!! A lot of folks, including myself, really like Voom HD. I have a feeling that this is going to backlash big time on them.

  2. Voom was the signature that made Dish different than competition. I don’t see a valid reason for any new subscriber to choose Dish with fewer HD channels over DirectTV now.

  3. I will cancel my subscription simply because I cannot see Equator HD any more. What a beautiful channel you have thrown away – I never minded seeing the repeats.

  4. We will miss “Later…”, Glastonberry, & all the other *great* music on Voom. It kept us gray hairs young.

  5. I agree with everyone else that’s posted….VOOM is a unique package for Dish TV. And Equator HD is truly beautiful to see! Now it’s just the same old channels that other providers have, and probably for less $$. I’m looking at other programming options 🙁

  6. I went with Dish Network because it carried Voom HD. Rave, Equator, Gamespot and Monsters HD were all unique and great to watch, but now I get to see people talk politics or prepare food in HD—WOW! I’ll be leaving Dish Network soon.

  7. I really enjoyed the quirky programming on Treasure HD – treasure Divers, and I’ll Try Anything. Equator, too, Rush and Monster. direct has nothing like them. I’m dropping Dish.

  8. disney plays the same movies on all of its stations! how many times has THE PARENT TRAP played on ABC FAM and the Disney Channel ? now both in HD
    at least 70% of there programming are repeats fron other networks.
    dish should bring voom back or also get rid of the disney for the same reason

  9. I loved Gallery, Equator, the World movies, Zatoichi, the concerts, the collections, the operas, the unique things you could find on those channels. I feel betrayed. As soon as I can I will drop Dish Network.

  10. I just discovered that my VOOM channels were missing, and am in shock. If you think no one joined Dish because of VOOM, you’re wrong – that is exactly what I did. I particularly loved Equator and the Rave concerts. Now what separates Dish from other networks? – same old, same old. Like others, I feel betrayed and will be dropping my subscription as soon as possible. Goodbye!….

  11. I went through the channels twice today to find Equator, Gallery and Treasure that had somehow been dropped from my favorites list. Since there are some new HD programs I thought the channels must have been renamed. That brought me to the web to find out where they were. This is very distressing. I watched those channels all the time and some of my favorite programs are now gone. Good work, Dish.

  12. Very disappointing – at least 50% of what I watched/recorded was on one VOOM channel or another. Why do I need HD versions of all the channels I don’t watch? Do we really need fishing in HD? No reason to stay with Dish now, but will another network pick up VOOM?

  13. I will subscribe to Direct TV because of Dish dropping Voom. I am very angry that the best quality in programming has been dumped. I will not do business with them again, or recommend them to anyone.

  14. I have been a loyal subscriber of Dish for many years, but because of their move of dropping the VOOM channels, I will be discontinuing my subscription with them and will probably never give them any business again. I used to recommend them to everyone I knew, but now I will go out of my way to steer my friends to other providers.

    The VOOM programming was by far the best HD programming available.

  15. What a mistake I got rid of comcast 6mos ago and went with dish because of the voom network now that they got rid of it I’m going to have to go with comcast again what’s the difference now. why don’t they ask the customers what they want not what dish wants. Loosers !!!!

  16. What I really hate is how the media outlets that are publishing this dribble are saying that it is a positive move for Dish subscribers! Give me a break. If the silent majority that wants the new commercial-heavy, trashy programming that I can get anywhere (and with the $ of commercials should be getting free!), why has not one person left feedback in defense of Dish? Because, it’s B.S.

    I’m giving Dish a month to realize they did a boneheaded move and to settle their differences with VOOM. It seems Ergen was stupid enough to think cutting VOOM off cold-turkey was going to be a way to negotiate a better deal with them; what he failed to consider was the backlash of Dish consumer malcontent. This is only going to make it harder for Dish to renegotiate and bring them back at all which is an utter shame. What an audacious and stupid move – not only may Ergen sacrifice the brilliant programming of the VOOM network but quite potentially his own company. If I had stock in Echostar right now I would be dumping it faster than you can say Enron.

  17. Voon was the only thing I liked about Dish. I can get all the usual crap anywhere for a lot less $$. The Voom made it unique.

    Bye, Bye Charlie and Bye, Bye Dish, my $150/month is going elsewhere…

  18. Most of us “upset” customers had joined Dish BECAUSE of Voom, not because we loved dish, Direct actually has better software and equipment. I’ll giver a little while then I’ll go either were Voom is or back to Direct. Dish f****d up. They lose…….

  19. Equator was the best show that Dish had to offer as far as HD is concerned. This seems to be a slap in the face for the customer, no communication, no consideration of the reaction of taking VOOM out and giving crap back. Another great plan by our business leaders.

  20. Sorry Dish I will now drop you. Voom were the ones I liked best. Monster HD loved it even though I had seen almost every movie still loved it.

  21. I do not agree with the article. To me Voom has the best programming and clarity in HD. They should have made it part of a one price HD package. Once people experience the Voom channels with NO commericals, much better original content, they would fall in love with Voom. How can you sell it if you have to pay two premium prices to get it?

    If dishnetwork does not bring back Voom I will cancel our services. In addition I will make a personal campaign to make sure everyone one I know from now on does not use dishnetwork!

  22. Dishnetwork has made a huge mistake taking away their best programming. Voom was our favorite channels. I agree the new channels are weak! Do not use dishnetwork; Directv is a better buy.

  23. Iwill cancel dishnet until voom returns. $125.00 a month is staying in my pocket good luck dishnet you,re going to need it!!!

  24. I checked my recorded shows last night. I have 13 movies taped from Monster HD, a concert and a Jools Holland from Rave, 2 Episodes of Lost and an episode of Battlestar Galatica. You tell me if the Voom channels are “not as popular”. How about you remove 2 NHL Center Ice and 3 NBA and give us the top 5 Voom channels back. I would even pay a little extra particularly if Voom juiced up their programming a little.

  25. Niche?? Voom was a collection of niche channels, but the service as a whole offered something for everybody. The thing that’s really bad about this is that Dish pulled the plug the day after they announced 22 new channels which pretty much makes them liars on two fronts :

    1) The didn’t “add” 22 channels to their overall channel lineup. By removing 15 the next day, their lineup only increased by 7.

    2) They claim that they got rid of Voom to make room for the new channels, but the new channels and Voom were up at the same time.

    The only thing worse than Dish taking away a giant chunk of their HD lineup and replacing it with pseudo-HD crap is the way they’ve handled this whole affair. Their outright hostility to their customers is the reason they’ve been losing money like crazy. At this rate, they’ll continue to bleed cash until they eventually join Voom in the satellite graveyard.

  26. Like every one else here, I feel betrayed by Dish Network. The Voom programing had the most unique and intelligent programing anywhere. I especially dislike the manner in which the programing was dropped with no notice of the change, very badly handled. This will affect my choice of provider in the future.

  27. We checked you can get 300 channels the directv everything package which has hbo, showtime, cinemax, stars, plus the HD package, and DVR and right now the first three months of showtime, hbo, stars, cinemax, etc. are free! Thus the first three months is $56 a month then it goes to 91. Dishnetwork does not have that many channels and the cost of their everything package is a lot more!

    I am ok paying more if they brought back Voom but without it I can not see anyone staying with Dishnetworks at all! Wait I forgot they still have a lot of spanish programming but I am an American so I speak English. I guess dishnetworks will eventually just serve the illegal aliens here in the US? habla Espanol?

  28. VOOM was the value of Dish Network.
    This is disapointing. I will drop Dish Service just because I know I’ll find something better that won’t do this kind of errors.

    DISH, Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  29. charlie,you creep-thanks for canceling my voom channel-equator -my favorite program-i going to cancel your damn dish network-it sucks now !!!!!!!!!

  30. Like all of you i was a big fam of Voom, but voom was lagging in the new content. How many time can you watch Children of the Corn? or Zatoichi the blind swordsman?

  31. I don’t see how anyone could defend DishNet for dropping the Voom channels. I was glad to see a few reruns of some quality programming. Now we get to watch reruns of crap, woohoo! What goes around comes around. I’ll get off the DishNet wagon at the next stop please.

  32. Um.. I just discovered my freaking HD MONSTER channel is GONE!! Dish should give us a choice or at least let us know ahead of time! Added 22 HD channels but took away the 15 VOOM HD CHannels so they added 7 HD channels… Wanna beat out DirectTV give us ALL HD CHANNELS Possible… Then directv won’t stand a chance! Really pissed here as well… I want my VOOM back… and the new HD channels!


    Really Bummed about loosing VOOM – we were really excited to settle in for a night of watching RAVE – and what do we find – NO RAVE!!! and none of the other fun channels we enjoyed either!!

    REALLY PISSED here! I am going to start looking for a new provider right away!

  34. I moved to Dish from Direct to obtain Voom. Without Voom I’ll probably move back. Half my viewing had to be Equator and Gallery TV.

  35. dish ceo must think people don’t like to watch art,culture,fashion and the rest of the beautiful content of voom hd. It is a sad day when quality is replaced by trash. It is a dumbing down of tv. I am switching to direct tv if this is not rectified soon.

  36. I subscribed to DN because of the VOOM channels. My friends and I love watching RAVE and RUSH. It’s what made DN different. This is a very bad decision. I am exploring other options for sat. service.

  37. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED VOOM. It was the ONLY reason I chose DISH HD in the first place. I am disgusted, and I will be LOUDLY telling everyone I know, and all over the net to go with anyone other than DISH until they bring VOOM back!!! IF WE ALL PROTEST THIS LOUDLY ENOUGH, ESPECIALLY ALL OVER THE INTERNET, PERHAPS WE WILL GET VOOM BACK EITHER WITH DISH OR ANOTHER PROVIDER.

  38. DIRECTV – If you’re listening, add VOOM to your lineup, and you will add tens of thousands of FORMER DISH Network subscribers in a heartbeat!!

  39. Dropping Voom is enough for me to drop Dishnetwork. Rave, Gallery, Equator, etc were so over the top in their excellence that the replacements look even more trashy than they would have had we never seen Voom. Bring back Voom now.

  40. Voom was the reason I got Dish HD in the first place. They had great shows like Equator, Rave , Gallery, Rush, and Ultra. They have replaced these channels with a bunch of crappy substitutes. I am a long time loyal Dish Network customer and am really upset by this betrayal. I am also very angry that I was never even informed by Dish that they were dropping these channels. This is a very poor decision by Dish IMO, and a slap in the face to all there subsribers.

  41. Dish Network screwed me and many others. Although some of the VOOM programming was redundant, it still was one of the best choices for HD content. The Kung FU and Monster channels were the reasons why I remained with Dish after considering canceling last year. And what kept me from switching recently was GamePlay. Also, to be able to see some of the show from my childhood (Flipper, UFO, etc.) was fantastic. To second another poster’s comments – “I AM EXPLORING OTHER OPTIONS FOR SAT. SERVICE.”

  42. I just sent the following to the Dish Network. If I was lured to the Dish Network by VOOM, is not an implied contract to me as a customer broken? Don’t they have some obligation? I find it hard
    to believe that there are many people who really are willing to trade programs like the “700 Club” for VOOM. Even if I have to pay the $13/month for the broken contract, it is still a bargain against the actual premium even with the phony $10 discount.

    The only reason I subscribed to the Dish Network is that you offered VOOM. To use the vernacular. Your current programming sucks. Icalled you last night to cancel and was told I had six months left on
    my contract but after talking with the idiot of a CSR it turned out I
    had four months as of June 2. I intend to tell my bank not to honor
    any deductions from the Dish Network, to my debit account. By
    removing VOOM, it is my contention, that you broke the contract. The
    ten dollars discount for the deletion of VOOM is not worth the junk
    you replaced it with. After I advise my bank, I will officially
    cancel Dish. What you replaced VOOM with really stinks. Having seen
    blogs about the same complaint,it is not just me. I can get much
    more from DirectTV for much less. What also really angers me is the
    fact that I recommended the Dish Network to so many of my friends and
    they are now stuck with the crap that you have given us instead of the
    high quality programming and HD video from VOOM.

  43. Time for me to look for a new provider. No Voom, no reason to stay with dish network. I miss my Rave and MonsterHD. Please DirectTV pick up Voom and u are guaranteed me as a new customer.

  44. dish has given us just so so support but ignoring us and dropping VOOM HD their best HD channels and replacing them with crap! Now that is just the last straw! It’s time for me to shop for someone else!

  45. Like the other folks here, I am bitterly disappointed with Dish Network, to whom I’ve been very loyal. This extends to convincing others Dish was worth subscribing to over other providers. I went with Dish because of the Voom programming, and my bill for TV is higher because of it. While I do watch other programming such as Turner Classic Movies for example, the Voom channels were most of my viewing. I love such programs as Zatoichi, Dragons Forever, Shaolin Soccer etc, and the great Monster HD programming. Although I’m not a gamer, I did enjoy GameplayHD channel also. Love RaveHD, Filmfest, FamilyHD and such programs as Brian Sewell’s wonderful Grand Tour on Equator HD. I’m waiting to see what happens. If Direct TV pick the Voom channels up, I’ll sign up with them in two months when my contract with Dish expires. Dish can forget about my ever coming back and kiss my $90 per month good bye- not that they really care so it would seem.

  46. Boo….Voom was the kind of qwerky programing that made HDTV fun…and Commercial FREE! Not like the replacement packages….My wife loved Family and I loved Monster and Kung-fu, tho the programmiong did get repetitive…As soon as I can move to Direct TV, I will.

  47. There were two reasons to subscribe to Dish Network. First was in order to receive Italian TV (RAI); second was for VOOM-HD. If I could get RAI elsewhere, I would drop Dish entirely. Let Dish continue to expand HD to infinite mediocrity.

  48. I actually cancelled my subscription with Dish. I just switched to Driect, because they practically have the same stuff now. Voom is what made Dish so unique, now its just like all the other cable providers, except that most of them charge less for any service, not just on a monthly subscription biases.

  49. At least 50 or 60% of what I watched was on the Voom Network. I would even pay to have them back. Ultra was probably my favorite channel along with Rave, HD News and many of the others. They were by far, the crispest most beautiful HD quality on TV. To say new channels are replacing the shows on these networks is ludicrous. There is nothing added that is like them. Dish should find a way quickly to restore the channels. If Voom had promised new programming, clearly they didn’t have enough money to do so. It’s in their best interest to create new programming regularly, as with any channel. I understand from customer service they are making a list of the channels people are calling about because they are considering bringing some back. If you know people who miss these Voom channels, tell them to call.

  50. VOOM had something no other line up could ever claim … programming packaged as incredible design–graphics, camera, audio, etc. The remaining DISH offering is anything, but good design and short on content too. I’m out of here!

  51. This is ALL I watched on tv, my kids loved the hi def cartoon channel, and the classics like flipper and thunderbirds, I loved the gaming channel and Rave HD, there was so much VOOM had to offer, I’m already looking into directTV. I hope they feel this rip and burn, as dropping them like this without the option of paying more or doing something to keep them really chaps my hide. I gave Charter communications their crap back in the dish box when I gladly told the to kiss my – – – now I am feeling the same way about Dish.. It was good while it lasted. IT’s true, they have NO differentiating point, they are simply a satillite company now. I hope directtv does their homework and picks them up. This isn’t just a niche, this is a product differentiator.

    One other point, people are saying “when my contract goes up” that’s a bunch of crap, remember people, a contract goes both ways, PART of my contract stated I was going to be getting HD programming, honestly, VOOM was TRUE HD programming, they did not hold their part of the bargin. Contract Schmontrack… time to light up their phones and let them know how you feel!

  52. Bull*(!#! I WILL cancel when my 18 months is up. Dish sarted this bull when they cut out Court TV. The ONLY reason I went with Dish was because of the Voom. It was unique over Comcast, and Direct. Now, they have removed the last of the HD channels I chose them for, so there is no reason for me to waste $70.00 a month, when i can get the same shit from Comcast for $25.00 a month, and have MSNBC, TRU TV, Animal Planet HD, etc. which Dish seems to think are premium channels.
    Screw Dish. I let them know tonight. I’m tired of the constant changes, and for them to add 5 PPV HD channels in place of the lost Voom is BS. Like we won’t notice it. When I got Dish, there were 28 HD channels, and now, not including the 5 PPV, there are 23.

    I’m done with them.

  53. I watched 6-7 of the Voom channels on a regular basis. These type of unique programming is what set Dish apart from cable and DirecTV, now they are gone! I don’t watch a single one of the 20 “HD” channels Dish added to replace Voom. If I wanted to see a bunch of commercials then I can watch crappy network TV for free. My $137 a month is heading out the door Dish.

  54. I too am very dissapointed. Like a lot of others I was lured to Dish by Voom. Yea, there were repeats but you could always find something interesting WITHOUT COMMERCIALS! I work at an electronics store that has Cablevision and guess what channels we always use for demonstrating our HD TV’s? Yep, you guessed it, THE VOOM CHANNELS! As much as I don’t like cable I don’t have a choice anymore. Its time to cancel Dish and go back to cable where I can still watch my Rave, Monster HD, Voom Movies, Equater, etc. Dish, I hope this bites you big time in the behind!

  55. I am very disappointed with the decision to abruptly drop the VOOM programmng. I’ve been a DISH network customer for 10 years now. I’ve battled through a number of blunders that DISH has taken me through. This, however, is the last straw.
    I can no longer watch the “Ultra HD” with it’s fashions and mini series, nor can I watch the live concerts on “Rave HD”. With your decision to cancel VOOM, you’ve made my decision to dump DISH network very easy. You’ve now lost another long-time customer for good.

  56. Really a terrible move. The new channels are not really HD, since most of them show standard video under the HD label. Also, there’s duplication everywhere so the loss of the Voom channels is significant.

    I’ve started analyzing which other service to go to. This is now too expensive with no really justifiable added value.

    I have also been going back every day to see if the channels are back, because I’m in shock just thinking how top management miopia could not see what great programming they decided to kill.

    I hope this gets reversed real soon. Otherwise, I’ll be one more ex-Dish Network customer.

  57. You must be joking, VOOM was the only great programming DISH
    had – have you seen the junk DISH claims is equivalent, awful unwatchable commercial ridden dreck?

    If Charlie Ergen still had the call-in show, he’d get flooded with
    complaints, and he knows it. Shame on you Charlie, you
    gave us what we asked for and then took it away, how foolish of
    you. DISH, bring back VOOM or I’m leaving you for good.

  58. I hope Voom wins the lawsuit! especially when dish clearly manipulates the truth. They claim to be the leaders in HD, they claim to have added 22 new HD bringing their total to 80 HD. That is all false marketing hype twisting the truth. Here is the truth they only have about 40 HD as many channels are duplicated on 2-4 channels. There are only 7 new channels as they fail to mention they removed the 15 Voom HD. Most of their HD lineup is up converted and not true HD. Their picture quality has gone down. Here are a couple examples of the new channels, the weather channel and the cartoon network; come on dish whom even cares about those and there is no real difference in seeing those in HD? I’m going to cancel dish next month!

  59. Our 63″ plasma was in the shop for nearly a month. When it was delivered last week I turned on the receiver to find that the Voom channels were no longer there.

    Whenever I inquired with Dish their email reply was “Thank you for your e-mail. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Voom channels were removed from our HD channel line up. DISH Network continues to provide the best HD experience for our customers, and in doing so, we constantly listen to our customers and evaluate the channel line ups within our HD packages. At times, this requires us to replace the lower rated channels in order to provide room to expand our HD channel lineup with brand new channels. We are excited to be able to let you know that 22 brand new HD channels including The Weather Channel HD, Disney HD East, ESPNews HD and Cartoon HD have been added to the dish HD programming line up for you to start enjoying today. Watch for even more high definition channels over the upcoming weeks as DISH Network grows to over 100 of the best national HD channels in the coming months.”

    Does anyone know how to rate or give feedback on the HD line ups that they say they ?constantly listen to our customers??

    Did anyone receive notification that the channels were being dropped? Did Dish have any messages on the dropped channels as they’ve done in the past during contract failures?

    I still don’t understand the business model of advertisement supported shows needing premium subscriber fees for subsidies. Can’t premium providers charge enough to offer advertisement free channels?

  60. I too was very upset that Dish, rather abruptly, cancelled the programming that was unique and set it apart from cable and Direct TV. The propaganda that poured over their airwaves and emails explaining the change was an insult to viewers. It used to be that satellite provided viewers an alternative to the arrogance of cable providers. Now we are stuck with even brasher arrogance. Unfortunately, we must go through the misery of changing providers. Hopefully when the phone companies get into the business we can at least temporarily enjoy such unique programming as the Voom Network again.

  61. Slolearner,

    I am equally pissed at dish and believe me I can see the terrible low quality HD as I use a 7 foot projection system and the clarity has gone way down! VOOM HD was the clearest channels on the airwaves and I am going to cancel in July; probably will go to Directv for the price and slightly better amount of channels but I really miss Voom HD. There is now really no good TV option without Voom HD. I would not give dish any of my money since they teated us so terribly!

  62. Since Dish Network has decided to conceal the truth to it’s customers, where will we be able to keep abreast of this situation concerning Voom Network and Dish Network?

  63. The move Dish made to cancel Voom HD was a poor one. Voom HD had the better HD cameras and overall picture than anything Dish presently has.
    The Rave programs were the ones I have recorded the most. I show them to people who are debating
    whether to buy an HD TV. After seeing the quality
    they have all bought HD TV’s and all of them have
    signed up with Dish.
    The Dish ran away from the Voom. Bad Dish!!!
    Charlie get with program and listen to us.

  64. I upgraded to Dish HD in late May with the desire to get the VOOM channels as part of my package.No one at Dish informed me of this change,it was only after I checked all my HD channels did I realize they were no longer carried on Dish.Dish has me trapped in a 24 month contract (for upgrading dish to HD).Since I wasnt informed of Voom being dropped I feel I was lied to about programming,it comes down to the old “Bait and Switch ” method,get a person interested get them to sign ,then change things around.
    I auctually had a 32 inch HDTV that I took back until there is more HD programming available,what dish has now is hardly worth paying the 10 dollars extra a month,but with all The VOOm channels I would have gladly paid the 20 more a month to watch (even with reruns) HD programming without commercials. I have a 19 inch HDTV now(saving up for a bigger set this fall)and as far as that goes its fine until better programming comes along.
    Also Charlie Ergen remark on “Charlie Chat”on June 9th broadcast shows that he doesnt care about Dishnetworks Customers,he cares about contracts and isnt willing to nagotiate with anyone.Time to remove Charlie for Dishnetwork,dont you think..Charlie has mislead Customers before,if he had ant decency he would have allowed a Customer Vote on VOOM instead of just secretly removing the channels.Bad MOve Charlie.At this point I am looking at any legal way to get out of contract,any suggestions..

  65. A really bad customer service move for deleting VOOM. That was the whole reason ppl paid $20 instead of $10. Hopefully direct tv picks them up so I can drop you like a bad habit like you did VOOM

  66. The parasites at Dish are once again screwing customers. They dropped VOOM with total disregard to what we wanted and to the fact that a lot of their customers spent a lot of money to buy HD displays based on the availability of exquisite programming like VOOM had. Now we got a bunch of new channels that are commercial-ridden. I’m so mad I will disconnect dish and subscribe to DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!!

  67. it is quite apparent that the top dogs at dish network aren’t really concerned with the feelings of their paying customers. the new lineup of their hd programming is nothing compared to voom’s, maybe they should listen to their customers and add voom back to their line-up. I don’t know how many dissatisfied comments they have received from their paying customers but i’m sure they must have heard many of them. dish must also keep in mind how many comments that they don’t hear about from paying customers,those can be the ones that are most hurtful, because customers talk to other potential customers.

  68. Voom was an excellent network. Now that it is gone, I am switching to DirectTV. They don’t offer Voom (yet) but they have better packages for less money than Dish. The only reason I paid for Dish was Voom.

    I used to tell my friends about Voom’s innovative programming such as Equator and GalleryHD–imagine, being able to see famous paintings in such detail that you can view the artist’s brush strokes! That was a real innovation in television.

    I hope Voom works out a deal with the competition. It would be a shame to see such innovation die on the vine.

  69. I totally agree with all the VOOM lovers here.
    I’m very disappointed DISH removed programming that actually had intelligence and invoked thinking. There’s no reason to have HDTV anymore. It will all be the same crap that the big nets want to shove on us. Same as many things these days, there’s no alternatives. I’m glad I found this forum and hear from people that feel the same…but I have no hope VOOM will return.

  70. Can’t believe VOOM has been dropped. It was truly the only HD programming worth watching and the only reason I have so enthusiastically promoted Dish over the past years. Now that they charge more for programming that is no different than the other guys you can bet I will put just as much effort into telling others about the huge step backward Dish has taken in the world of HD.

    You just traded an amazing variety of commercial free programming with stunning image quality for commercial heavy, upconverted Disney HD, Tennis in HD, and Fishing in HD? That’s what your customers demand? Give me a break!

    Would’ve been nice to have been told that the programming I’ve been paying an extra $10 for for the past two months was gone and never coming back. Shame on Dish for continuing to charge for channels that no longer exist without even mentioning it to their customers. An extra $10 for ANOTHER hockey channel, ANOTHER basketball channel and a handful of other mediocre HD channels… I don’t think so. I’m taking my money elsewhere, maybe somewhere that can actually provide me with my locals in HD!

    I want my, I want my, I want my VOOM HD!!!

  71. Our family was broken hearted too about losing VOOM network as it had programing that we felt promoted world art, culture and relationships. When I called to complain I was told that polls had been taken and we lost. Hard for me to believe that the viewing public would rather have more HD sports, more xrated options and more ppv than these stations which were such a joy to watch. Fortunately I recorded a lot of the VOOM shows so now we only watch that. What do we need Dish for. VOOM was the main reason we bought our 52″HD TV. We are looking elsewhere as well. Thanks all for restoring my faith in TV watchers.

  72. I was shocked at the downgrade of quality channels, I immediately dropped the extra $10 for additionlly HD channels which now only include a few channels including a fishing channel, weak! I have never heard of a company taking away so many good channels before, they should lower their prices.

  73. It’s Bull S that they’ve removed Voom, they had some of the only good quality HD channels. This is very disappointing.

  74. Looks like Dish has shot themselves in the foot again. I subscribe to DirecTV now (after being a dish customer for 9 freakin’ years) and hoping DirecTV will be picking up VOOM.

  75. I too am very upset about removing Voom. That is why I have stuck with Dish, been customer for 8 years. But now there is no reason to not go to Directv.

  76. It’s an insult to loyal customers of Dish TV,telling us that Voom is being replaced with a better HD line-up. Better? For whom, DishTV; I thoroughly enjoyed Voom and yes, Voom did often repeat its programs but guess what, I got to enjoy Equator, Gallery, Monster, GameHD, all the more.

  77. Dish I am so disappointed with this change, I loved Voom, I contacted a Dish rep to complain, and was treated like my complaint meant nothing and that Dish did not care, I felt that they would discard my complaint like they discarded Voom?

  78. I’m Gone…can’t believe the comment that “DISH Network head Charlie Ergen has always taken a hard-line stance with programmers”!!! Ask him to read the books containing the philosophy of the worlds greatest retailer, one Sam Walton…..the customer is always right!!!!!!!! His company has been rather successful!! He was tough on suppliers(programmers) but remembered that “the customer is always right”.
    Well Mr. Ergen, you no longer have a competitive advantage…do you remember Pan Am Airlines, Penn Central, TWA and a hundred other companies that I could mention that thought they were bigger than their customers?? See Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. I miss the interesting programming from VOOM, especially the MONSTERS channel. – How could DISH make this kind of decision. We’re paying their salaries. – Don’t our voices count for anything?

  80. We really loved Voom HD especially the Treasure HD, Equator HD, Ultra HD, Rave HD, Rush HD, and the rest of the commercial free super clear HD Voom channels! We complained and dish did not listen, they had canned responses non human, and when we called they used blatant lies, they still said they were number one in HD? how is that possible when Directv has more HD? they claim they could not transmit Voom and their current HD; I looked at and they track the feeds and dish clearly was broadcasting all their current HD plus Voom before they dropped all of Voom HD.

    On a positive note we are saving $788 in the first year with Directv and then saving $216 the second year. American Express is providing $50 to switch to Directv prior to 7/31/08. We have had much better customer support, service, and installation quality with Directv, and the picture is slightly better! We still would change to another provider if they had Voom HD!

    I think all people whom loved Voom should cancel dish, and save money and show Mr. Charlie Ergen of dish network how much we dislike them removing Voom HD! Directv provides the same at a lower price and we are NOT about to continue to give money to such a poor company like dish networks!

  81. Nothing can replace the Voom network for it’s innovative range of programs. I subscribed to the Dish because of Voom and will leave for the same reason.

  82. This author is so out of step with reality. What is the point of writing this fact less gribble?

    The reality is, Dishnet made a very unwise decision to remove the VOOM channels. There is nothing left on Dishnet that compares to the VOOM programming. Hence I must say goodbye to Dishnet!

  83. i am like so many other Dish customers. We have been told if people complained enough Voom would be brought back. Dish customers have been lied to and strung along.Voom was unique. No other satellite company had anything close. I have called eight times and get different answers all the time. One girl did tell me they knew nothing about the Voom channels being removed until she got to work and found the script to read on her desk She said every called logged in that day were people outraged. Diah had made it very clear what their customers mean to them. I have wondered if those responsible for this don’t secretly work for Direct. I thought in today’s economy especially you would try to keep your customers instead of sending them to your competition. And by the way if anyone else from Dish tells me Chiller is a good substitue for Monsters HD I will find a way to jerk them through the phone. I am finishing my DVR recordings and them I am gone. I will never do business with Dish again and letting everyone I know about this.

  84. So upset over this. I just moved and did not realize that Voom channels were gone, now I really dont know what to do. Equator,Rush,Rave,Treasure, voom was the best and the ONLY reason I chose Dishnetwork over all other service providers.

  85. Add me to the list of people who ONLY subscribed to Dish because of the Vroom channels, specifically MONSTERS HD. Good bye, Vroom? Well, then, goodbye Dish too.

    Vroom was the only thing that made Dish worth paying for and the only thing that made it any different than any of the other services.

  86. If you folks at Disk Network had an eye for what the viewers want you would re-install The Equator Channel. The VOOM people have the very best HD recordings. When we wanted to show off our new SONY HD TV we dialed up a VOOM HD channel. When we discovered the Equator Channel we watched every episode – and did not mind re-runs. Dish should work with VOOM to produce more Equator quality and style programming. These programs were very informative and entertaining. Preferable to the run of the mill fluff that is everywhere. Dish Network has just dumbded down to the level of the other TV providers.

  87. I was going to switch from DirTV to Dish Network because they carried WORLD SPORT in HD, where I could watch La Liga in HD. Now there is no reason for me to switch. Bad move Dish Network.

  88. “While it may have to field a few customer complaints about VOOM in the short term, the longer term view required DISH Network to clear out the old in order to bring in the new.”

    The only problem is that it was out with the old unique Voom programming and in with HD clones of existing channels (most of which do not substantially benefit from a HD picture). No matter how you try to parse it, its less actual programming and more channel duplication. How sad.

    And while we are on it about programing that benefits from HD a little PBS HD action would be nice!

  89. We canceled dish and went to Directv due to their choice to drop Voom HD channels. Voom HD was the best and we still would cancel and move anywhere where Voom resurfaces in our area!

    We were paying about $130 a month and with the way dish treated us we would not want to give our money to them! We also convinced almost a dozen of our friends to do the same and so far we have eliminated close to $20,000 a year to dish and that is due to Voom being removed! eat that Mr. Ergen! Voom lovers were their highest tier customers and each Voom subscriber spends two to three times the money than their other customers.

    While Directv is a better quality HD clarity and channels we still are not happy since we are missing our Voom HD!

  90. Voom programing enticed me to get Dish a few months ago. By far, most of what I enjoyed watching
    on satellite came from VOOM programing. As a consequence of Dish’s fraudulent programing switch scheme , they will loose me as their costumer.

  91. I was so upset when I tried to get Gallery I sent an e-mail to dish. They never explained why it was removed from the lineup. The voom channels were my favorites.

  92. I’m a little late to this b*tch-fest, but I too am shocked and bummed. There are tons of soccer fans who LOVE the coverage of the Spanish league on World Sport. Now one of the US’s best players is on a Spanish team, Jozy Altidore, and Dish subscribers won’t get to see the show.

    Charlie blew this one.

  93. screw dish network! they now claim its called turbo hd, its nothing special, i only counted around 60 regular channels plus 20 or more off air hockey crap. yeah DISH NETWORK WAS STUPID TO DROP VOOM. they said compare scifi channel to monsters HD, how? scifi HD is only on from 7pm – 10pm like 10% of time in HD! what garbage, all of voom w as 24/7 in HD!!

  94. you took away the only reason to have satelite tv when you took away the voom networkbig mistake i a can get the stuff you now offer over the free airwaves rush and rave are the best channels out there.

  95. I CERTAINLY HOPE I’M NOT WRONG OR MISTAKEN ABOUT THIS – But I recently contacted DISH TV again about the VOOM programming – Monsters, Ultra, Rave, Equator, etc. – and I was informed that because of customer complaints and comments, etc., that while they are not bringing back the whole VOOM package, they HAVE chosen 4 or 5 of those VOOM channels/programming that people most wanted returned – such as Monsters, Equator, etc. to add to the DISH HD line-up.

    Please – everyone who is interested in and happy about this – call DISH TV and find out if they tell you the same thing, and if this information is accurate, we also need to give a big THANK YOU to DISH TV for listening to its customers.

  96. I’d say, let’s flood Dish Network email box by asking for them to bring Voom back— it will certainly keep it high-paying customers fully satisfied and retained. When I emailed them about how disappointed I was for losing the monsters, the kung fu, and the concerts in stunning HD, all they could offer is more and better programming — but, it’s mid september and I’m still waiting. Hey, when you fully enjoy a program, repeats are not an issue.

  97. My family has also waited long enough for the return of Voom. I miss Monsters and Rave and my children miss Animania. I cannot believe the garbage played on the other cartoon channels. Don’t they realize there are other ways to make children laugh than with the vile humor that embarrases me to have my kids watch in front of their Grandparents? Animania had a great recipe. By the way the next time I want to see the weather channel in HD I’ll look out my window.

  98. What was the difference between DishNetwork and the competition? VOOM channels!!! of course!! VOOM channels were the BEST of DishNetwork, especially Equator, Gallery HD, and News HD. That was the main reason for my family and I to subscribe to HD programming with DishNetwork. Now DishNetwork is as boring and tacky as DirectTV or cable. Even though dishnetwork ?replaced? the VOOM channels for 22 new HD channels, that?s like comparing oranges with potatoes. I know everything is money, but sometimes the respect for the viewers and the customers? good taste is more important. We need the VOOM channels BACK please!!

  99. Just two days after it converted 22 relatively low-interest channels to Hi-def (HD), Dish Network has stopped broadcasting the 15 specialty Voom HD channels. The channels, which Dish has long been reported as interested in dropping, include names like GamePlay HD, Treasure HD, Gallery HD, Rave, News HD, and other specialty programming.
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  100. Hey Dish, It’s been 5 months since you erased your advantage over all the competition. If you haven’t made a move to add Voom again by November 2008 I’ll be forced to take my monthly $130+ to your competitors. I hope the other subscribers on this thread have the guts to do the same.

  101. Monsters and Rave were the main reason why I decided to go with Dish. You guys also removed the NFL network from my HD package to a more expensive package. That along with the fact that I lose signal if a bird flies too close to the satalite has caused me to check out Direct. More HD channels for less, and hopefully a better quality signal. Dumb move Dish!

  102. I subscribed to Dish to get the Voom channels especially (rushHD). I was lied to by the salesman saying that yes it was in my package. I get it setup and nothing! googled it and found this out.. smooth move. I’ll drop you guys when my contract is up.


  103. Dish Networks reason for dropping VOOM is bull****. TBS, USA and TNT play the same movies over and over, why didn’t they get dropped, they suck anyway. It seems to me the problem was that Dish Network was greedy and tried to rip people off, wanting extra money from their customers to get VOOM. It looks like they tried to turn VOOM into another HBO or Showtime. It’s greed plain and simple. To hell with Dish Network, I hope DirectTV starts to carry VOOM. personally I liked Monsters HD, it played alot horror movies you don’t see anywhere else.

  104. If Charter Cable or DirectTv have any brains they’ll either start to carry Voom or start up some free HD movie channels like the ones Voom had. Something like Equator, Monsters etc… That would be a way one of the providers could get an edge on the other.

  105. Now Cablevision is dropping Vooms Gallery HD. I would be willing to move to get this kind of quality programming. Is the world that mediocre to let something like this go away. It greatly improved my quality of life to view what Gallery HD is offering.
    What can we do about this?

  106. Me and my 5 year old son watched Kung Fu HD on literally an everyday basis, despite the repeats. It provided a bonding experience unlike any I’ve heard of. I can’t describe the sadness both he and I felt when we switched on the channel to find that it was gone. I guess this is it though… I am outraged.

  107. Its really a shame that Cablevision dropped the Voom network from their lineup. We watched all of them all the time, their programs were some of the best on TV.
    Mr Dolan you should fire your managers who did this.
    We will also post this same e-mail on the cablevision website

  108. Terrible. What a let down. People spending all this money during these times to get HD televisions and you guys cancel VOOM. Why!!!! Oh Yeah. The mighty dollar. That’s all you care about. Not the customers. Not people. Just your wallets and fighting with corporations. I hope you all go out of business. I loved VOOM and it was great to all the Shaw Brothers Productions being put on Kung Fu Channel. my little Nephew thought Quinten was the first to do stuff like that until he saw the Shaw Bros. BRING BACK VOOM AND NO I WON’T PAY MORE FOR IT. COME ON YOU RICH FAT PIGS GIVE SOMETHING BACK FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!

  109. My cable company cablevision aslo dropped Voom, and now replaced great HDTV with USA channel and crapalistic Animalplanet! I am very dissappointed now that we wont be able to watch true HD,as the Voom networks where educational, entertaining and image and sound blew away regular american television!
    Not even Verizon offers voom, I will have to move to another country! It should be illegal that these cable companies monopolize the competition and what programs are offered. Bad BAd BAd move Mr. CEO of Crapplevision Inc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I too share the same concerns with DISH customers, I am with cable vision and they too dropped VOOM. I am very infuriated by their actions and wish there was something more I can do, but unfortunately not enough high-paying cable vision customers complained….I wish the Gov would step in and monitor how much of a monopoly Cable Network is becoming. Now, my Son and I can no longer enjoy coming home and watching the Kung Fu and Monster HD Channels because of these big Gurus making all the decisions for us and never taking into consideration all those loyal paying customers who totally enjoyed VOOM TV! Shame on DISH and Cable Vision.

  111. Now that Cablevision is shutting down Voom in the US,
    we’ll probably never see it or it’s like again….. unless
    we move to Europe… mediocrity here we come…. DISH
    can’t even give us the Smithsonian channel anymore….
    230 channels and nothing on! Another win for the greedy corporate masters!

  112. That along with the fact that I lose signal if a bird flies too close to the satalite has caused me to check out Direct. More HD channels for less, and hopefully a better quality signal. Dumb move Dish

  113. I can no longer enjoy coming home and watching the Kung Fu and Monster HD Channels because of these big Gurus making all the decisions for us and never taking into consideration all those loyal paying customers who totally enjoyed VOOM TV! Shame on DISH and Cable Vision.

  114. the reason i got dish was for voom. now im stuck with the contract. the kung-fu channel in HD!all of them are or were but still are great show in HD. now i hate tv dont watch nothing in hd so way am i still with dish. o yes the contract. go belly up for taking VOOM hd out.

  115. Please bring back VOOM – it was a main selling point for Dish. They had all our favorite channels – we watched Omelette and an Opera, Eye Over, RAVE, Monster, Kung Fu, Animation, and more. And what did Dish replace it with? Golf and Fishing – really? As if Dish really thinks this is any substitute! Give me my VOOM!!!

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