DIRECTV kicks off the beginning of the 2008 NASCAR season with the Daytona 500 this Sunday, February 17th.  The season also kicks off with several enhancements to the NASCAR HOTPASS service, only available on DIRECTV. The major upgrade to this year’s NASCAR HOTPASS service is the DIRECTV upgrade to high-definition broadcasting at all 36 races.  Standard definition is also available.  

Five channels of NASCAR coverage will be presented during each race, one covering the race, and four channels featuring different drivers and their communication with the pit crew.   Different drivers will be on each week, with the following drivers featured at the Daytona 500:

#20-Tony Stewart from Joe Gibbs Racing
#24-Jeff Gordon from Hendrick Motorsports
#29-Kevin Harvick from Richard Childress Racing
88-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. from Hendrick Motorsports

Another upgrade in this year’s HOTPASS coverage will be the addition of 13 audio feeds from different drivers.  These will be accessible from the main national broadcast, giving NASCAR fans the ability to access audio on 17 different drivers total.

The NASCAR HOTPASS is regularly priced at $109 for the full season, or $19.99 per race.  Special introductory rates are available to new DIRECTV customers.  To see the broadcasts and additional channels in high definition,  DIRECTV HD equipment is required, along with the monthly HD access fee of $9.99.


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